10 Must-Try Trampoline Games For Adults

10 Must-Try Trampoline Games For Adults

Remember when you were a kid, and the trampoline was the go-to spot for ultimate backyard fun? Ah, the thrill of bouncing high into the sky and the joy of those silly games!

Fast forward to adulthood, and most of us have retired from trampoline glory to sit on the sidelines, sipping our coffee and watching the kids have all the fun. But hold on a second—why should kids monopolize this gravity-defying joyride?

In this article, we’re going to toss aside the notion that trampolines are just kiddie playgrounds. We’ll delve into a world of trampoline games specifically designed for adults—games that not only bring out your inner child but also serve as an enjoyable way to get fit.

Why Trampoline Games Aren’t Just for Kids?

Physical Health Benefits

The image of trampolining might evoke thoughts of kids’ birthday parties or young gymnasts in training, but there’s a whole world of health benefits that adults can tap into. For starters, did you know that just 10 minutes of bouncing on a trampoline can burn as many calories as a 30-minute jog?

It’s a low-impact exercise that’s easier on your joints compared to running or weightlifting. Plus, it engages a wide range of muscles, helping to improve your balance, coordination, and core strength.

Mental Health Perks

As adults, we’re often mired in the stresses and responsibilities of life. But a trampoline offers a sort of mini-escape, a way to bounce off the stress (literally!) and boost your mood. The act of bouncing can increase the release of endorphins, your body’s natural mood lifters. It’s like a dose of happiness with each leap into the air.

Making Exercise More Engaging

Let’s face it, the typical gym routine can get pretty monotonous. Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts can find themselves in a workout rut. This is where trampoline games come in. The element of play turns exercise into a fun activity rather than a chore. Whether you’re dodging a ball in mid-air or racing to complete a trampoline obstacle course, you’re more likely to forget you’re exercising and just have a blast.

The Social Factor

Beyond the personal benefits, trampoline games provide a unique social experience. In a world where adult interactions often revolve around work or serious discussions, trampoline games offer a refreshing return to playfulness and friendly competition. Invite your friends over for a game of Trampoline Dodgeball or enjoy a fun date night bouncing around; either way, you’re building social connections while staying active.

Safety First

Before we launch into the sky-high excitement, let’s touch down on something critical: safety. After all, the fun stops the moment someone gets hurt. Here are some quick safety measures to consider:

  • Check the Trampoline: Make sure your trampoline is in good condition, with no rips, rust, or broken springs.
  • Keep It Clear: Ensure the trampoline surface is free of any objects like toys, bags, or other debris.
  • One at a Time: While many games involve multiple players, only one person should be jumping at a time to prevent collisions.
  • Stay in the Middle: Always try to jump in the center of the trampoline where it’s safest.
  • Safety Gear: Depending on the game, you may want to wear additional safety gear like helmets or knee pads.

Remember, the best game is a safe game.

Competitive Trampoline Games


  • The Rules: Imagine dodgeball, but on a trampoline. Two teams stand on opposite sides of the trampoline with a softball in hand. The goal? Dodge the ball while making sure it hits the opponent.
  • Number of Players: You’ll need at least four players, two on each team, to get the game going.
  • Fun Twists: To spice things up, introduce more balls into the game or create penalty zones where players have to perform a trick if they get hit.


  • How to Play: This one-on-one game is all about balance. Each player stands on one leg and tries to knock the other off balance, without using their hands. The last person standing wins.
  • Safety Gear: Considering the risk of falling, helmets and elbow pads are recommended.
  • Why It’s Fun: Gladiator is a test of strength, balance, and strategy, making it a well-rounded game that will have you bouncing back for more rounds.

Fitness-Focused Trampoline Games

Trampoline Yoga

  • Poses and Sequences: Believe it or not, many classic yoga poses can be adapted for a trampoline. For example, Downward Dog becomes a whole new experience when you’re elevated. Sun Salutations take on a slight bounce, adding a dynamic layer to the movements. Even balance poses like Tree or Warrior can be more challenging and fun on the trampoline’s shifting surface.
  • Why It’s Beneficial: The unstable surface can intensify your focus, deepen stretches, and increase your core engagement, giving a whole new dimension to your yoga practice.

High-Flying Pilates

  • Traditional Pilates Adapted: Pilates already focuses on core strength and balance, two elements that are naturally intensified on a trampoline. Exercises like the Hundred, Plank, and Pilates Push-Ups can all be adapted to the trampoline.
  • The Added Perks: The added instability makes each Pilates exercise more challenging, while the trampoline’s forgiving surface is easier on the joints, offering a unique combination of intensity and comfort.

Team Games

Trampoline Volleyball

  • Setup and Rules: All you need is a volleyball and a net that can be stretched across the middle of the trampoline. The game plays out much like traditional volleyball, with each team trying to hit the ball over the net without letting it touch the trampoline.
  • Why It’s Fun: The trampoline adds an extra layer of complexity and excitement to regular volleyball. Imagine the kind of high-flying spikes and saves you can make!

Hot Potato

  • Children’s Game, Adult Twist: Remember Hot Potato? Well, this time we’re adding a grown-up spin. The game starts as usual, passing an object (like a small ball) quickly around the circle while music plays.
  • Making It Challenging: Here’s the twist—every time you catch the “potato,” you must do a trampoline trick before passing it on. Fails or fumbles mean you’re out. The last one standing wins!

Simon Says

  • The Classic Game with an Adult Twist: We all remember Simon Says from our school days, but who says it can’t be just as fun now? Add adult-oriented tasks like “Simon says do a yoga pose” or “Simon says perform a somersault” to make it more challenging and hilarious.
  • Why It’s Great: Simon Says on a trampoline is not just entertaining but also an excellent way to challenge each other’s coordination, memory, and even physical ability, making it a win-win for fun and fitness.

Musical Bounce

  • Rules and Setup: Think musical chairs, but bouncier! Set up speakers nearby and when the music plays, everyone bounces. When the music stops, you have to freeze. The last person to stop bouncing is out.
  • Why It’s Perfect for Parties: Musical Bounce is an excellent ice-breaker and super entertaining for all involved. Plus, you get the extra cardio from all that bouncing!


From the heart-pounding excitement of Dodgebounce to the zen-like focus of trampoline yoga, there’s a trampoline game for every adult. Whether you’re into fierce competition, seeking a unique way to stay fit, or just looking for some good old-fashioned fun, trampolines offer a world of possibilities that go far beyond kid stuff.