Best 12ft Trampolines – 2024

You must have heard all the fuss about trampolines these days. More and more people are deciding on getting a trampoline for themselves. The only concern of most people wanting a trampoline is the lack of enough space.

As per experts, the most suitable trampoline size is 12ft. I remember the first trampoline I got for myself was also the same size, and I was the happiest after getting it.

Due to being equipped with multiple benefits, the 12ft size trampoline has a considerable demand. That’s why you can’t quickly get your hands on it. Also, with so many options in the market, you can’t find the right one for you quickly.

To lift the burden off you, I have noted a review of some of the best trampolines of the concerned size for you.

Cheapest Trampolines  Ratings  
Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline Net Enclosure 4.6/5.0 View Latest Price
SereneLife ASTM Approved Trampoline 4.8/5.0 View Latest Price
SONGMICS Recreational Basketball Hoop 4.2/5.0 View Latest Price
JUMPZYLLA Trampoline Recreational Trampolines with Ladder 4.0/5.0 View Latest Price
Bounce ASTM Approved Rectangle Trampoline 3.9/5.0 View Latest Price

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline Net Enclosure

On entering the trampoline market for the first time, one name that will hear the most is Skywalker. It’s one of the most popular trampoline brands in the market.

The skywalker brand has the same place in the trampoline industry as that singer in the sewing industry.

Its trampolines have all the cool features and are the best-looking trampolines too. The Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline is also an incredible trampoline by the brand.

It is one of the best sought-after trampolines from the brand and is loved by all users.

Quick Features

  • Budget Friendly
  • Weight Limit
  • Height
  • Rust Resistant
  • No-Gap Technology
  • Stability
  • Enclosure Net

Budget Friendly

Most of the feature-rich trampolines on the market are generally expensive. A considerable sum of money goes into getting these trampolines.

Sometimes you feel so bad for investing too much money into them that you forget to enjoy them fully. With the Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline, you can enjoy yourself fully as it’s affordable.

Weight Capacity

Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk comes with a weight limit of around 200 lbs. It means that roughly three to four children can quickly jump on the trampoline simultaneously.

The trampoline’s considerable weight limit makes it sturdy to inhibit jumpers from falling off the trampoline surface. As a safety measure, it’s still better to remain relatively below the actual weight limit of the trampoline.


Recently multiple users have started complaining about hitting the ground while bouncing on the trampoline.

This generally happens when your trampoline mat is not at a good height from the floor. Fortunately, you will not face this issue on the Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline. It’s because the frame is around 35 inches above the ground.

Rust Resistant

The Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline comes with 72 springs made from good-quality steel. They are made from galvanized steel to keep the frame and the springs from rust.

So now you need not worry about the trampoline condition no matter what the weather conditions are.

No-gap technology

The no-gap technology is patented for skywalker trampolines. The Jump n’ Dunk 12ft skywalker trampoline also has no gap between the frame and the net. It’s done to ensure that the jumpers don’t fall from the trampoline by getting stuck in the hole.

Ever since this technology was introduced, there has been a significant reduction in falling incidents from the trampoline.


Two things that cause a significant increase in the stability of a trampoline are the w-shaped legs and t-sockets.

On the Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline, you get both. Its legs are w-shaped to keep the frame firm on the ground. To add more to the frame stability, you get a t-socket for reinforcing the portion and joint connection at the enclosure.

Enclosure Net

Besides being stable and durable, the Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline is also safe. It comes with a high-quality safety enclosure net.

To reduce the risks of injuries, the net surrounds the trampoline from all sides, leaving no space. You can also remove the net if you want.

Some good things about the Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline

  • The trampoline is quite budget friendly
  • You can assemble the trampoline pretty quickly using the manual guide
  • It comes with a safety net for safety
  • The w-shaped legs and T-sockets make it a stable trampoline

Some bad things about the Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline

  • You won’t get a ladder with the Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline

SereneLife ASTM Approved Trampoline

You can now add fun and excitement to your life with the SereneLife ASTM-approved trampoline. Though 12ft trampoline measurements can save a lot of space, the SereneLife trampoline goes a step ahead. It is known to be a compact and lightweight trampoline.

The users who don’t want to go through a lot of hassle while setting up their trampoline or moving it need to get their hands on the SereneLife trampoline.

Quick Features

  • Safety
  • Handlebar
  • Comfort
  • Foldable
  • Easy Assembly
  • Weight Capacity
  • Durable


If you don’t want to believe in the claims of trampoline brands and want solid proof, the SereneLife trampoline has got that for you.

ASTM approves it for being a safe and reliable trampoline. Due to all the safety features, the trampoline is enriched with; it makes a great choice for children.

Handle Bar

Balancing on a trampoline is arduous, especially if you are a beginner. SereneLife trampoline comes with a handlebar. You can easily adjust the handlebar to different heights depending on your size.

Grabbing the handlebar, you can stand and balance on a trampoline mat conveniently.


Comfort is an essential factor and is something most users want from their trampoline. Regardless of your purpose for getting a trampoline to add fun to your life or initiate a weight loss journey, comfort is needed to stay consistent.

Thanks to the foaming pad spread over the trampoline surface; you can jump comfortably on it for a long time.


The value 12ft trampoline is easy to store and saves you a lot of space. Unlike trampolines that take up too much space in your backyard, It will take up a negligible area. You can keep the trampoline both indoors and outdoors.

When not in use, the trampoline can be folded, and you can easily store it anywhere at your place. Due to its compact size, the SereneLife trampoline is easy to be carried around with you.

Easy Assembly

Unlike most large trampolines requiring too much time and effort to assemble, the SereneLife trampoline is too easy to make.

Being moderate in size, it doesn’t need too many screws. That’s why the assembly time is significantly reduced. Due to the manual guide you get in the box with easy-to-follow instructions, its assembly gets even more accessible.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the SereneLife is far more than other trampolines of the same range. It features a weight limit of 220 lbs.

It means that you can enjoy jumping on the trampoline along with two other children. The trampoline’s weight limit is too high considering its compact design and size.


Due to the high quality of raw materials used in making the SereneLife trampoline is pretty durable. Several other features of the trampoline, e.g., weather resistance, UV protection, and a waterproof mat, make it last you an even longer time.

Some good things about the SereneLife ASTM Approved Trampoline

  • The trampoline is too safe and reduces the chances of injuries
  • It comes with all the tools needed for assembly
  • You get a weight limit of 220lbs. on the SereneLife trampoline
  • It is compact and portable so that it can be carried around easily

Some bad things about the SereneLife ASTM Approved Trampoline

  • The delivery process is a little delayed and is not too protected

If the durability of a trampoline and its compact size are the two things that matter the most to you, the SereneLife ASTM Approved trampoline makes the best purchase for you.

On the contrary, if you have a limited budget but can’t compromise on any feature, the Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline is the right fit.

SONGMICS Recreational Basketball Hoop

Songmics is a German company and has loyal customers all across the world. Ever since its beginning, the brand has been making good quality products. By remaining trustworthy and true to its customers, it has established a vast user base for itself.

Songmics is not just limited to trampolines but is famous for other ventures too. You get everything from fantastic jewelry to outdoor equipment at this brand.

That’s how versatile and flexible the brand is, and so are its products as the Songmics recreational basketball hoop trampoline.

Quick Features

  • W-Shaped Legs
  • Jumping Mat
  • Safety Pads & Hoop
  • Ladder
  • Weight Capacity
  • Warranty
  • Certifications

W-Shaped Legs

Before getting on a trampoline and bouncing freely over it, they want to be sure if the trampoline is safe for them.

For a trampoline to successfully bear your weight and provide an excellent bouncing experience, it must be stable. The SONGMICS trampoline is challenging due to the w-shaped legs holding it firmly to the ground.

Jumping Mat

The quality of the jumping mat is a huge determining factor for your overall experience on a trampoline. Everything else seems trivial if the mat is good quality and gives you a great bounce.

Far from it, if the mat is of terrible quality and doesn’t give you the necessary freedom you want, you won’t enjoy it. Thankfully the jumping mat of the SONGMICS is too flexible and gives you a fantastic bounce.

Safety Pads & Hoop

For enriching the SONGMICS trampoline with safety and filling your bouncing experience with comfort, the trampoline comes with safety pads.

These pads are all over the trampoline surface, so you don’t get bored and look forward to bouncing on it. You also get a basketball hoop with a trampoline for increased fun.


Most prominent companies have stopped giving a ladder with their trampoline. This burdens the user as he not only has to pay a lot of extra money but also needs to do the research all over again.

With the SONGMICS trampoline, you get a high-quality ladder that gives you a luxurious feel. You would feel relieved even while climbing on or off the ladder.

Weight Capacity

The trampoline has a weight limit of 375lbs. and has the highest one compared to other trampolines of the same size. It allows two adults to jump simultaneously on the trampoline.

Teenagers can also enjoy and have fun on the trampoline with their friends.


What if, after spending a considerable sum of money on a trampoline, you start seeing problems with it within the next few days?

To avoid this and save time and money, the SONGMICS trampoline has a warranty period of 30 months. You can now get the parts of the trampoline replaced because of rust and other such concerns.


Solid certifications and proof also back the SONGMICS trampoline. It is certified by ASTM and GS. Both these institutions believe it to be a trampoline fitting the safety standards and reliable for protecting the jumpers.

Some good things about the SONGMICS Recreational Basketball Hoop Trampoline

  • The trampoline is made using high-quality raw materials
  • It comes with a 30-month warranty period
  • You get the shipment of the trampoline relatively earlier
  • The basketball space adds more fun for the jumpers

Some bad things about the SONGMICS Recreational Basketball Hoop Trampoline

  • The delivery misses out on some pieces at times

If you want a trampoline that doesn’t only look strong and reliable but performs that way too, the SONGMICS Recreational Basketball Hoop Trampoline is a good buy for you.

For budget buyers, the Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline and the SereneLife ASTM Approved trampoline for people wanting portability are the best purchases.

JUMPZYLLA Trampoline Recreational Trampolines with Ladder

Buying a trampoline online has a considerable risk involved in it. Though the world has digitalized a lot today, and most of the shopping and purchases are made online, you still would have your doubts when getting a trampoline.

This includes that the trampoline doesn’t look the same as it was in the pictures. Why is the quality not as good as you were expecting? What would you do if the trampoline was not as comfortable as you wanted? For all these problems, getting a trampoline with a high warranty period is better.

The Jumpzylla Recreational trampoline is one such trampoline with an extensive warranty duration along with some other splendid features.

Quick Features

  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Zipper
  • Bounce
  • Round Trampoline
  • Padded Foam
  • Stability

Soft & Comfortable

User experience is the main focus of the brand Jumpzylla. They try to manufacture all their trampolines keeping user convenience in mind.

That’s why, when making the Jumpzylla trampoline, they focused on providing comfort to users. When I jumped on the trampoline for the first time, it felt like I had stepped on a cloud.


It features a waterproof mat to keep the trampoline safe from spilled drinks and rainwater. Though you still need to take all the necessary measures to protect your backyard trampolines, it doesn’t need to be too intense as with other trampolines.

Keeping the trampoline outdoors won’t do much damage if there is a minute rain outburst.


The JUMPZYLLA Trampoline has a safety net to ensure extra safety for the kids. But the brand doesn’t feel enough relief after installing the net.

They took the safety further and included a double zipper on the net. You can now decide when to put your children over the trampoline and when to take them out.


The JUMPZYLLA Trampoline has an exceptionally fantastic mat quality. It gives a tremendous bounce quality.

The main reason most people buy a trampoline is to enjoy a great bouncing experience. They want to perform all kinds of flips over the trampoline, which is possible with the JUMPZYLLA Trampoline.

Round Trampoline

Being a round trampoline, the JUMPZYLLA Trampoline makes an ideal choice for young children. It provides them with a controlled bounce.

Due to the circular shape, the children will be drawn toward the center of the mat surface. This inhibits them from falling off the trampoline surface, thus keeping them safe.

Padded foam

Everything from the springs to the poles and the mat is covered with padded foam on the trampoline. It’s done to cause a significant reduction in the injuries that can happen from falling over the trampoline surface. The padded foam spread over the mat will also provide a comfortable bouncing experience.


A stable trampoline is usually preferred over others that are not too stable. Generally, a trampoline’s significant amount of stability comes from its legs.

If the legs are robust and keep the frame firm to the ground, your trampoline will never move, no matter what you do. The JUMPZYLLA Trampoline comes with four legs that make it exceptionally stable.

Some good things about the JUMPZYLLA Recreational Trampoline

  • You get a luxurious ladder with the trampoline
  • For easy installation, it comes with installation DVDs
  • The bounce quality offered by the trampoline is exceptional
  • The thick waterproof foam protects it from liquid stains

Some bad things about the JUMPZYLLA Recreational Trampoline

  • It’s not as durable as other similar trampolines

If you want a trampoline that provides a great bounce and is equipped with all the comfortable and soft features, the JUMPZYLLA Recreational Trampoline makes the best choice for you.

Conversely, if your requirement is a budget trampoline, you can get the Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline, or the SereneLife ASTM Approved trampoline.

The latter is compact and portable too. SONGMICS Recreational Trampoline is a great pass time as you can play other sports too on it.

Bounce ASTM Approved Rectangle Trampoline

Here is another affordable trampoline for you. It comes among the very few backyard trampolines that don’t stay behind any other trampoline when it comes to features. But this trampoline cannot be a burden on your pocket.

The high-quality manufacturing of the trampolines makes them stay with you for much longer. You won’t need to look out for other similar trampolines as soon as you get them. It will save you from confusion and precisely provide you with what you need, e.g., a great bounce.

Quick Features

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Bounce Quality
  • Cost
  • U-shaped legs
  • Customer Service
  • Warranty

Easy to Assemble

The Bounce 12ft rectangular trampoline is relatively easier to assemble. The best is that you won’t have to spend extra money on all the assembly tools.

All the tools needed for putting together the trampoline come in the box. Watching the videos, you get the trampoline and easy instructions in the manual guide, and you can assemble it in no time.


Another exciting feature of the Bounce trampoline is its sturdy frame. You will feel the strength of the structure even while assembling it. Once the entire trampoline comes together, you can jump on it and feel how secure and robust it is.

The sturdiness helps provide you with the confidence needed to jump around freely over the trampoline surface.

Bounce Quality

As the name suggests, the trampoline is known for its exceptional bounce quality. You don’t need to put a lot of force to be able to jump high in the air.

Just a little pressure and the trampoline will throw into the air like a balloon. It is of great help to athletes and gymnasts.


While reading all the features of the trampoline, the first thing I thought of was its high price. I was super sure that the trampoline was going to be highly expensive.

But contrary to my expectations, it is pretty affordable. You wouldn’t regret spending the money on the trampoline even if it didn’t fulfill your expectations. So, there is no risk involved.

U-shaped legs

Considering the price in mind, I wasn’t expecting the most from the Bounce trampoline. But I was shocked to see the amount of effort the brand has put into making it stable.

U-shaped legs support the frame. These legs, in addition to keeping the frame firm on the ground, provide you with the stability you want.

Customer Service

One thing about the brand Bounce that’s most appreciated is its customer service. I have personal experience with this and trust me, the people at the brand treat you with the utmost request.

Once some problem arose with my trampoline, I contacted customer support in complete panic. They calmed me down, listened to my concern, and solved it in no time.


We all want our purchases to be backed by warranties, especially when they are huge. The Bounce trampoline comes with a warranty period of over 7 years.

You get 3 years replacement warranty on the mat and all seven years on other parts of the trampoline.

Some good things about the Bounce trampoline

  • The trampoline is quite reasonably priced
  • You get an exceptional bounce quality on the trampoline
  • Its assembly is relatively more accessible compared to other similar trampolines
  • The brand is known for its outstanding customer service

Some bad things about the Bounce trampoline

  • The mat is not too durable and can reportedly sag with time

For those who want a good bounce quality, both the Bounce trampoline and JUMPZYLLA Recreational Trampoline are perfect. There is a massive fight between the Bounce trampoline and Skywalker Jump n’ Dunk trampoline concerning affordability too.

Conversely, no trampoline comes even closer to the SereneLife ASTM Approved trampoline. For added features and fun activities, the SONGMICS Recreational Trampoline always comes at the top.

How To Buy The Best 12ft Trampoline? – Explained Guide

Getting a good 12ft trampoline for yourself isn’t a piece of cake. You need to do a lot of research, look around the market and find a trampoline that fits all your needs well. But generally, some features make up for a good trampoline of this size.

Weight Limit

As trampolines are a long-term investment and no one has got the time and money to get one, again and again, it’s essential to check for the weight limit for the first time. It’s better to get one with a high weight capacity as you will need it at some point in the future, if not yet.


A trampoline needs to be stable and equipped with some extra features adding to its stability. You can get a trampoline coming with wide legs, safety pads, thick padded foam, and bent legs for this purpose. Getting a heavy-duty frame can also make a huge difference for you.


As 12ft is not massive, it’s essential not to spend too much money getting a trampoline of this size. Regardless of the features, you are getting, the overall feel, or all other factors, there is no need to pay much for a trampoline of this size. Spending a little extra time on your hunt is better than spending extra money.


Is a 12ft trampoline big enough?

12ft is a reasonable size for a trampoline. Though it’s not as big as a 14ft or 15ft trampoline, you still get enough space for three or four children to enjoy comfortably over its surface.

How many springs does a 12ft trampoline have?

A 12ft trampoline generally comes with around 60 to 75 springs, but no fixed number exists. It also depends on the trampoline’s shape.

How much weight can a 12ft trampoline hold?

A 12ft trampoline can easily hold anywhere between 200lbs. to 450lbs. of weight.

What’s next?

Now that you know what you want and have some great recommendations, it’s time to take action. Set out in the market or place an order for your dream trampoline immediately, as they can stock out soon.

Let me share my favorite trampoline with you to give you a little energy boost. I like the Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline Net Enclosure the most due to its no-gap technology.

Though some other features of the trampoline are also equally good, this feature is patent to it. I always appreciate the pioneers of any field, and the Skywalker brand has introduced the no-gap concept.

Get your hands on your trampoline now so you can share your personal experience with me, too—best of luck with your purchase.