Best Indoor Trampoline For Autism (2024)

You must have heard people saying that trampoline is packed with many medical benefits. But one thing that’s generalized by all is that their benefits are limited to physical fitness only. Conversely, this is not the truth.

Have you ever heard the name rebound therapy or trampoline therapy? It’s a form of therapy where your mind and brain diseases are catered with jumping on a trampoline. That’s why many people have lately trusted trampolines for treating their autistic kids.

Ashleigh Willis, a famous Neuroscience Ph.D. candidate, has done a lot of research and proven the advantages of trampolines for children with autism and ADHD.

One of my friend’s kids is autistic, and I did help him in finding the safest indoor trampoline for autistic kids.

I have been helping multiple people get the right trampoline for their autistic kids. With this article, I will help you too.

Top 5 Picks:

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Clever 7ft Trampoline with Enclosure Net

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Though safety has always been the top priority of parents wanting to buy a trampoline for their kids, it gets even more important when you want a trampoline for your autistic child. The manufacturer of this trampoline is Crosslinks Company. This brand gives utmost importance to safety.

As a brand, it believes in providing convenience to users through its products. All the Clever 7ft trampoline features will loudly speak about how much importance they have given to safety.

Quick Features

  • Safety Pad
  • Heavy-Duty Trampoline
  • Springs
  • Safety Net
  • Zipper
  • Spacious

Premium Safety Pad

To provide your children with comfort and softness, the Clever trampoline comes with a safety pad. The safety pad is installed above the springs and works to ensure that your child doesn’t get injured.

For autistic children, maintaining balance on a trampoline is relatively hard. So these safety pads save them from injuries if they fall on the trampoline.

Heavy-Duty Trampoline

The frame of the Clever trampoline is heavy-duty. All the raw materials used in the manufacturing of frames are high-quality.

This is done to ensure that the trampoline lasts you for a longer time. Additionally, thanks to its heavy-duty construction, the trampoline will remain stable no matter how much your kid moves around.


Usually, autistic children don’t let go of things too easily. If they are having fun with something, they would never want to leave it.

The galvanized springs of the trampoline make sure that the trampoline remains sturdy. These springs can withstand your child jumping on the mat for a long time without bending.

Safety Net

Another interesting feature of the Clever trampoline is its safety net. As mentioned earlier, safety is the top priority of the manufacturers.

That’s why they have covered the trampoline with a high-quality net from all sides, so your kid doesn’t fall from it due to misbalancing.


To add more to your child’s safety, the trampoline also features a zipper. Not only is the zipper too sturdy and strong, but it also goes to the end of the net.

This way, your child will not be able to get out of the trampoline independently. You get the entire control to decide when to let the child into the trampoline and when he can leave it.


Autism adds a feeling of discomfort to the children’s lives, and they start feeling suffocated in less wide areas. To combat that, you get a lot of space on the Clever trampoline. Your kid can now enjoy the trampoline as much as he wants without feeling bad.

What do I like about the Clever 7ft Trampoline?

  • The trampoline is pretty affordable.
  • Its sturdy springs can hold your kid for long hours
  • A safety pad adds to the comfort
  • The enclosure net along with zipper is perfect for your kids’ safety

What don’t I like about the Clever 7ft Trampoline?

  • The trampoline is a bit hard to assemble

For parents who want the safest trampoline for their autistic kid and are looking for a trampoline that is made keeping child safety in mind, the Clever 7ft Trampoline is the best fit. It’s a reliable trampoline, and the zipper allows you to relax while the kid is having fun.

JUMP POWER Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline With Net Combo

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More and more parents realize that trampoline is a better way to treat autistic children. Though it doesn’t act as a complete treatment for your kid’s mental illness, it has some great advantages. Your kid will learn stability by jumping on the Jump Power rectangular trampoline.

For autistic children, balancing on a surface is too hard, and with a trampoline-like the Jump Power one, your kid can eventually learn that.

Quick Features

  • Safety Net
  • Top Ring
  • Stability
  • Certifications
  • Easy Assembly
  • Stability Handle

Strong Safety Net

Usually, parents feel concerned and can’t gather the courage to leave their autistic children alone. Trampoline is a great source of fun for them; falling from it can sometimes cause serious injuries.

That’s why the Jump Power rectangular trampoline comes with a safety net, and it covers the trampolines completely from all sides, leaving no gap between the poles and frame. This way, you can feel safe leaving your child in it.

Top Ring

In addition to surrounding the trampoline with a strong enclosure net from all sides, the trampoline manufacturers wanted to do more.

The trampoline has a top ring or rectangular frame for added safety. The ring keeps the net in place so that it doesn’t move even a bit when your child wildly moves around on the mat.       


The Jump Power rectangular trampoline also features four wide legs. These legs provide the trampoline with support and keep it stable.

No matter how much your child jumps on the mat or falls on it, the frame will not wobble even a bit.


A small fraction of people out there doesn’t believe in any claims. The only thing that could convince them is proof. It can be practical demonstrations or certifications.

The Jump Power rectangular trampoline is certified by the Safety Council of America as being the safest.

Easy Assembly

I have heard many people saying that bigger trampolines are harder to assemble. But my experience is completely the opposite. I find small trampolines much harder to assemble.

But that’s not the case with the Jump Power rectangular trampoline. It’s easy to assemble this trampoline as it comes with an easy-to-follow manual guide.

Stability Handle

The main purpose of the autism trampoline is to indulge some skills and enhance the motor skills of your kid. You get a stable handle on this one by making the children learn new things and allowing them to balance themselves on the mat.

This is equally beneficial for adults and children alike. You can repetitively try and teach your child to hold the handle whenever he feels like falling on the mat surface.

What do I like about the JUMP POWER Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline With Net Combo?

  • The strong frame of the trampoline provides your child with a robust base
  • Its wide legs are known for stabilizing the frame
  • The top ring keeps the net in place, ensuring your safety
  • It comes with 60 springs for comfort

What don’t I like about the JUMP POWER Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline With Net Combo?

  • The trampoline doesn’t come with a ladder

If you want a trampoline that’s certified for its safety features and can be kept both in indoor and outdoor settings, the JUMP POWER Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline With Net Combo is the best buy for you.

On the contrary, if you only care about your child’s safety and no certifications really matter to you, the Clever 7ft Trampoline is the one you can go for.

Fashionsport Trampoline with Basketball Hoop   

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If, in addition, to helping your autistic child get better, you also want to add fun to his life, the Fashionsport Trampoline makes the best choice for you. The trampoline has all the features that make it a great choice. Be it a sturdy frame, a safety net for added safety, or a huge diameter, it has it all. 

Quick Features

  • Stability
  • Lightweight
  • Rust Resistant
  • Basketball hoop
  • Weight Limit
  • Design


Fashion sport trampoline is highly stable. The frame of the trampoline is too heavy-duty to keep it stable. Additionally, it comes with 3 legs with a round bottom.

Due to this, the frame of your trampoline doesn’t wobble or shake no matter how intensely your child moves around on it.


Buying a trampoline that can be set in both outdoor and indoor settings is a good thing to do. With these trampolines, one major issue is that they are hard to move around.

The Fashionsport trampoline is the perfect indoor/outdoor trampoline, and thanks to its low weight, it can be moved around easily. This movement will keep your autistic children from getting bored.

Rust Resistant

It’s hard to repeatedly invest money in the trampoline as trampolines are not too affordable. To save you from spending a huge sum of money on replacing the trampoline within a short time, the Fashionsport trampoline features a rust-resistant frame. You can keep your trampoline wherever you want without worrying about getting rusty.

Basketball Hoop

One thing that will play an important role in developing motor skills in your autistic child is to keep him engaged in different activities.

Though the trampoline is a good activity, you will get much more than that on the Fashionsport trampoline. It comes with a basketball hoop, attracting your autistic child’s attention.

Weight Limit

The weight limit of this trampoline makes it a suitable product for kids and adult people alike. Fashion sports trampoline can bear a weight of over 99kgs.

This means you can even stay with your kid on the trampoline if you can’t compromise his safety even a bit.


To make the trampoline more fun and exciting for your child, the Fashionpower trampoline comes in multiple designs and colors.

You can get a wide range of colors in this and some pretty net enclosure designs. If you know your kids’ favorite color, it’s better to get the trampoline in that.

What do I like about the Fashionsport Trampoline with basketball hoop?

  • It has a huge space to jump on.
  • You get a safety enclosure net with the trampoline
  • The trampoline is available in multiple designs and colors
  • The basketball hoop adds to your fun on the trampoline

What don’t I like about the Fashionsport Trampoline with basketball hoop?

  • The legs of the trampoline are not too durable

If you want a trampoline for a special child which will last you for a long time without wearing out, the Fashionsport Trampoline with a basketball hoop is the one you can go for.

Conversely, the JUMP POWER Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline With Net Combo makes the right choice if you want a trampoline proven safe. The Clever 7ft Trampoline also makes a safe trampoline choice for you.

LANGXUN 60 Trampoline with Strong Net (Hoop & Other Games) 

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The Laungxun brand is among the few trampoline manufacturers who take their customers’ feedback seriously. The company has been continuously improving all its products for the better. Due to this, customers can now easily rely on all the products they manufacture.

The Langxun trampolines have also become pretty famous among users, and they now blindly buy all the Langxun products and never have to regret it later on.

Quick Features

  • Reliable
  • High-Quality
  • T-Sockets
  • No-Gap
  • Customer Service
  • Bounce


Reliability is one feature of the LANGXUN 60 Trampoline with Strong Net that makes it stand out among all other trampolines.

The parents wanted to get a trampoline for their backyard to help their autistic child blindly put their trust in this trampoline. The trampoline is extremely safe, thanks to its strong net enclosure and stability.


You must have heard a lot of companies claiming that their trampolines are the best. Some companies do prove their point via certifications and official verifications. But the Laungxun brand is a bit different. The company has made a huge claim about the quality of its trampoline.

As the company claims, If the users can find any trampoline that’s better than Langxun in terms of quality, they can refund the entire amount.


For providing your autistic children with extra support and stability, the LANGXUN 60 Trampoline with Strong Net features T-sockets.

These sockets keep the frame together, and the screws remain perfectly fastened. Because of these firm sockets, your trampoline’s frame won’t move even an inch from its place.


In addition to lining the trampoline with a high safety enclosure net, the manufacturers have made sure to take care of the gap. Most trampolines feature a gap between the mat and the poles. Numerous cases have been reported where users get seriously injured by falling from the trampoline.

The main reason for their fall was their feet stuck in the gap, which is why you won’t find any gap on the trampoline.

Customer Service

As mentioned earlier, the Laungxun brand is famous for its extra customer service, and the company even designs all its trampolines keeping the customers’ needs in mind.

If you face any problem during assembling the trampoline or if some issue arises, customer support will help you. 


As you will get a trampoline for your autistic child, there is no point in investing in a trampoline with a huge bounce.

Instead, you need a trampoline that has a moderate bounce so your kid doesn’t get hurt, and the LANGXUN 60 Trampoline with Strong Net is best for this purpose.

What do I like about the LANGXUN 60 Trampoline with Strong Net?

  • The trampoline is pretty reliable and safe
  • It comes with a strong enclosure net for safety
  • Customer support service is quite incredible by the company
  • The no-gap technology prevents your child from falling off the trampoline

What don’t I like about the LANGXUN 60 Trampoline with Strong Net?

  • The manual guide misses out on a lot of instructions

The LANGXUN 60 Trampoline with Strong Net makes the perfect buy for you if you want a reliable trampoline backed by a team of professionals. The trampoline has incredible customer support service, so it is never a bad choice.

On the other hand, if safety matters for you, the JUMP POWER Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline With Net Combo and Clever 7ft trampoline needs to hit your backyard. You can get the Fashionsport Trampoline with a basketball hoop for durability.

ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline with Adjustable Handle 

One major concern of parents regarding trampolines is their storage. Though giant trampolines are hard to store and take up a large space in your home. But this shouldn’t be the case with mini trampolines. These rebounders are specially designed to fit both indoor and outdoor settings.

So, there needs to be a way for efficient storage, right? Luckily, the ANCHEER trampoline has a foldable feature, making it one of the easiest trampolines to store, along with some other incredible features.

Quick Features

  • Handle Bar
  • Spacious
  • Foldable
  • Medical Benefits
  • Durable
  • Weight Limit

Handle Bar

To help your autistic child balance on the trampoline, the ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline features an adjustable handle. Depending on your child’s height, you can easily adjust the handle.

The handle is more beneficial for children jumping on the trampoline for the first time. It’s equally beneficial for autistic children as they maintain a balance on the trampoline surface with the handle.


The ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline With an Adjustable Handle has a large surface area to jump on comfortably.

If you have two children, the trampoline makes the best choice for you. The huge diameter of the trampoline allows your children to jump freely all around the trampoline without feeling suffocated.


Being foldable, the ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline is too easy to store. You can keep the trampoline anywhere you want, and it won’t take up a lot of space.

It also makes the trampoline a good option to be carried around with you. You can keep the trampoline with you whenever you are off on a trip so your child can enjoy thee too.

Medical Benefits

In addition to providing many benefits to autistic kids, the ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline is packed with other medical benefits too.

The trampoline jumping mat is designed to strengthen your muscles, and all the parts of your body feel relaxed after jumping on this autism trampoline.


The raw materials used in making this bungee rebounder are all great quality, making it a durable trampoline.

Unlike other trampolines, you won’t notice any wearing off in the ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline a long time after getting it.

Weight limit

The ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline has a weight hold of up to 220 lbs. It adds to the overall stability and safety, making it the safest indoor trampoline for autistic kids.

Additionally, if you want to spend quality time with your child, you can do so while jumping on the trampoline with him.

What do I like about the ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline with Adjustable Handle?

  • It has a high weight limit, i.e., 220 lbs.
  • Being foldable, the trampoline is the easiest to store
  • The trampoline is too durable
  • It comes with multiple medical benefits

What don’t I like about the ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline with Adjustable Handle?

  • The spring quality is not the best

The ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline With Adjustable Handle is an impressive trampoline with many medical benefits. For people wanting to improve the physical health of their autistic child along with their mental health, it makes a good choice.

Conversely, the JUMP POWER Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline With Net Combo and Clever 7ft Trampoline make the right choice for best safety measures. LANGXUN 60 Trampoline with Strong Net is perfect for excellent customer service, and the Fashionsport Trampoline with basketball hoop is second to none in durability.

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What to Look for in the Best Indoor Trampoline for Autism?

When you hit the market for buying a trampoline for your autistic child, there are multiple things you need to consider. Here are some things that make the best trampoline therapy for autism.

Safety Features

Safety needs to be your top focus as your autistic child needs extra care to keep safe on a trampoline. Never go for a trampoline that lacks a safety enclosure net and zipper, and getting a trampoline with a stable and sturdy frame is even better.


Trampolines are quite expensive, so when getting one for your child, it’s important to find out how long it will last. There is no use in getting a trampoline that starts to wear off after a short while. Check for all the parts and ensure they are all high-quality and durable.


Autistic kids usually love to move around the entire trampoline surface. Unlike other children, they might move randomly, and if your trampoline shakes, they may feel insecure. Check the trampoline yourself and ensure that the frame is too stable and doesn’t shake easily.


Are trampolines good for autism?

Trampolines are an excellent way for your autistic child to release stress and anxiety. Normally these children don’t get the opportunity to vent their anger.

Jumping on a trampoline will help them feel relaxed, and it also helps in developing motor skills in these children.

Can Indoor trampolines be saved for an autistic child?

Yes, trampolines act as a form of therapy for these children. They get to enjoy and learn at the same time. There is a term called rebound therapy used for this.

Why get a trampoline for an autistic kid?         

Trampoline is the best medium for them to release their stress. They will get to vent out all the anger they never get because of less communication with others. These trampolines are also good for their physical health.                                                                                                   

Winding it up!

Autism is not easy to handle, but like your kid who is too special, you need to treat him especially. And the best thing you can do for your child is to provide him with the best environment.

These trampolines made especially for autistic children will facilitate you with that.

The Fashionsport Trampoline with basketball hoop is one of my top favorite trampolines. It features a stable frame with three legs at the bottom. You also get a basketball hoop with the trampoline to keep your child happy and busy.

This trampoline comes in numerous colors and designs, too, so your kid doesn’t get bored too easily.

You can get the one out of these that you like the best. Ensure to take care of all the basic things and keep your child safe.



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