Best Rectangle Trampolines – 2024

Best Rectangle Trampolines

Trampolines have gained so much popularity and are now seen in almost every other backyard. All the fame and love it has accumulated over the past few years is for all the right reasons. It’s not only a great addition to your small yard but has many health benefits too.

One prominent research on the advantages of trampolines is the NASA research report published in 1980 in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

As per the report, jumping on the trampoline is 68% more beneficial to health than jogging. Multiple other pieces of research have proved the benefits of trampolines over the years.

All these researches are one primary reason why people have started relying on the trampoline even more. Trampolines come in different sizes and shapes too. All these shapes and sizes have a wide range of perks and differ significantly from each other.

Of all the trampoline shapes, the one called “king of trampolines” is the rectangle one. True trampoline enthusiasts rely on the regular shape, providing much more elasticity. Additionally, the bounce quality of a rectangle trampoline is far better than its round competitor.

When I bought my first-ever trampoline, I didn’t know much about its shapes and how they can make a big difference. Having owned a trampoline for over a decade, I now know significantly about its different shapes and sizes.

To save you from committing mistakes and provide you with the correct guidance, I have penned down reviews on a few best outdoor rectangular trampolines for you.

I have also included some points you need to consider if you want to get your hands on the right trampoline for yourself.

Cheapest Trampolines  Ratings  
Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Strong Net 4.7/5.0 View Latest Price
Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline with Premium Enclosure 4.8/5.0 View Latest Price
JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline 4.4/5.0 View Latest Price

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Strong Net

Ever since I entered the trampoline market, I have heard many people rave about its safety, durability, and other incredible features. All these good comments made me buy the Skywalker trampoline, too, and I didn’t regret it for a single day.

When getting trampolines, it’s imperative to know a brand so you are aware of what you are getting yourself into. The utmost belief of all the customers made me put my trust in the brand, too, and it was worth it.

The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline is among the top-notch trampolines of the brand and has all the features you would want in a dream trampoline.

Quick Features

  • Safety
  • Durable
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Spacious
  • Bounce Quality
  • No-Gap Technology
  • Weight Limit
  • Accessories

Regardless of the size and shape of trampolines, one thing that always stays constant when you start hunting for a trampoline is its safety features. Before getting on a trampoline mat, knowing that you are safe is crucial.

Frankly, no one wants to get all those nasty bruises and wounds. Falling from a trampoline can cause severe injuries, which can sometimes be life-threatening.

The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline has a good quality safety enclosure net. The mesh covers the 12ft trampoline from all sides, significantly reducing the risk of falling off.

Its jumping mat is also covered with safety pads from all sides so you can be extra safe while moving around the trampoline surface.

The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline is not a cheap purchase. It’s an expensive trampoline, and every other person can’t get their hands on it. That’s why, before getting a trampoline as expensive as this one, it’s essential to know how long it will last you.

The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline is made using high-quality raw materials, so it’s all set to last you at least a decade.

More than the shape of a trampoline, its frame is responsible for maintaining balance. If the frame is not robust and is made using low-quality products, it will start wobbling the moment you step on the mat.

To make you enjoy a hassle-free jumping experience on the trampoline and add to its life, the Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline features a sturdy frame. The legs and hinges won’t be bent thanks easily to their strength.

Who doesn’t love a giant jumping surface? But you have to pay a large amount of money for that too. Don’t fret; a rectangular trampoline will allow you to enjoy it fearlessly even if you don’t go for a higher-end one.

The Skywalker 12ft rectangular trampoline offers a vast bouncing space. It’s especially beneficial for young children who love to play in vast, spacious regions. You can also fit a basketball hoop on the trampoline if you want.

Rectangular-shaped trampolines are known to offer a better bounce compared to other shapes. It has been proven by some research too. Also, the chances of falling off the trampoline reduce significantly when you have a square trampoline.

It keeps pushing you toward the center after every jump, thus saving you from injuries. In addition to being in the right shape, the Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline also features a soft and robust mat. The mat will push you up in the air with so much force that you will enjoy a good flight.

Skywalker has been the pioneer brand to introduce no-gap technology. On other trampolines, there is generally some space between the spring region/mat region and the poles. This causes a significant increase in the chances of falling off the trampoline surface.

While jumping on the trampoline, your feet are highly likely to get stuck in the hole. Due to this, you might fall on the ground causing severe bruises and injuries. It’s no longer an issue with the Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline.

The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline can bear a weight of up to 250lbs. Though it’s not as high as some heavy-duty trampolines in the market, it’s still a decent range. You should consider the trampoline if you want a secure and stable trampoline with decent weight capacity for your kids above 6 years of age.

The vast jumping space available on the trampoline also facilitates multiple people jumping on the mat.

Unlike other trampoline brands that send their trampolines in usually two boxes, the Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline also comes in two.

There is no requirement to pay a single penny to buy any additional accessories. Be it the assembling tools, trampoline socks, sprinkler, or other such valuable components; the Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline comes with them all.

Why prefer the Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline over others?

  • It’s certified by ASTM for being a safe and reliable trampoline
  • The stable position of the legs and robust frame keep you balanced on the mat
  • The no-gap technology works best in keeping you safe
  • It provides you with a steady and higher bounce

Why is the Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline not preferable?

  • The trampoline is a bit tricky to assemble
  • It’s too expensive

The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline is overall top-notch equipment and is pretty feature-rich too. Be it comfort, safety, durability, or bounce quality; you get all you need on the trampoline. Although it’s a bit hard to assemble and too expensive, you can still try it.

Simply put, the rectangular trampoline by Skywalker is something you should not skip if you are into gymnastics. Newbies can get their hands on it if they don’t mind spending too much money.

Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline with Premium Enclosure

If you want a trampoline that can fit in both indoor and outdoor settings, the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline is something you should consider.

Its belongingness to one of the best brands in the market isn’t the only reason to fall for it. There are multiple other features of the trampoline that differentiate it from other trampolines.

The trampoline’s compact size and massive weight threshold are at the top of the list. As the name suggests, the trampoline is also famous for providing you with a high bounce. It’s an all-in-one product and is suitable for both teenagers and kids.

Quick Features

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Raw Materials
  • Safe for Kids
  • Bounce
  • Ladder
  • Warranty
  • Weight Limit
  • Dual Zipper

Despite being a mega trampoline, the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline is pretty easy to assemble. Usually, it’s believed that more giant trampolines take longer to be put together compared to smaller ones. It’s true, too, as the more giant trampolines come with more nuts and bolts.

They come with more components, and putting them together can take a significant amount of time.

Conversely, the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline is set to break all the norms. Though it has all the features you want from a giant trampoline, it’s still pretty easy to assemble. Thanks to the easy-to-follow manual guide with the trampoline, you can quickly determine the parts and put them together without wasting much time.

Users generally consider a trampoline’s sturdiness, durability, weight limit, bounce quality, and other essential things when getting it. But one factor most of you conveniently ignore is the raw materials used. The trampoline-making companies have started becoming more transparent to their customers.

Thus, they don’t hide any materials used in manufacturing their trampolines.

You can also enquire about different trampoline parts to know what materials hold them together. Fortunately, the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline is made using premium raw materials. The springs are made using high-quality galvanized steel.

Almost all the parts from the springs, the frame, and the mat are UV-resistant, protecting the trampoline from harmful sun rays.

Getting a trampoline for kids is an arduous task as there are numerous factors you need to consider. Though stability, the quality of the mat, and comfort also matter, their safety always comes first.

The Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline is super safe for kids because of its safety features. For instance, a safety enclosure net surrounds the trampoline from all sides.

A dual lock system on the zipper gives parents the authority to get children out of the trampoline on their own. Being water resistant, the mat won’t absorb any water or sweat, thus maintaining its quality. Clips are attached to secure them together to eliminate the gap between the net and the poles.

On the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline, you get multiple 7-inch springs. They are equally strong and ensure that the jumpers get a heavy and maximum bounce on the trampoline.

The springs spread over the trampoline surface allow jumpers to enjoy the bounce of their choice. Being independent of each other, these springs give complete freedom to jumpers in determining their landing and flight.

As the demand for trampolines increases, companies have started cutting off their expenses. With time the number of additional accessories in the box is reducing, and the ladder is also one of them. Trampolines are usually kept at a great distance from the ground. It’s done to ensure that you don’t hit the ground due to excessive force.

Unlike other major trampoline brands in the market, the Upper Bounce Company didn’t think of its interest. It gave importance to user convenience and included a high-quality ladder in the box. The best part is that the manufacturers have even put great effort into making the ladder.

All the steps are wide and close together. It’s done so that children don’t feel scared while climbing on and off the ladder.

Despite putting a lot of effort into making the best quality trampoline and mat, Upper Bounce moved a step further. The warranty period of its products is another factor that allows the brand to stand out among the rest.

The Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline has a one-year warranty on all the significant parts. These include a jumping mat, springs, hardware, frame, and other more prominent components. Similarly, you get a six-month warranty on the safety pad and a 90-day warranty on other parts.

As I mentioned earlier, the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline has a considerable weight limit. It can tolerate a weight of over 500 lbs. This makes the trampoline ideal for multiple teenagers and more prominent families.

You can also perform different flips on the trampoline as it’s less likely to break and can easily bear the weight. The Upper Bounce large rectangular trampoline for adults is great for heavy-weighed individuals too.

Another exciting feature of the trampoline that is not easily seen in rectangular trampolines with enclosures is the dual zipper. Though many trampolines now come with a safety enclosure, their zipper is usually not too strong.

To ensure maximum safety for kids, the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline comes with a dual zipper. The double zipper feature also facilitates entrance from both sides of the trampoline.

Why prefer the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline?

  • It has a high weight limit, i.e., 500lbs. and can accommodate multiple people at once
  • You get a high-quality ladder in the box
  • The trampoline is relatively easy to assemble
  • Its warranty period is pretty good

Why is the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline not preferable?

  • The customer support service isn’t too functional
  • The delivery process takes too long

For people wanting a trampoline that can stay with them for a long time and is too versatile to fit all time constraints, the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline is the perfect purchase. Before getting the trampoline, you must beware that its shipment process often takes a lot of time.

Also, the customer support service is not the best. Conversely, if you want a trampoline rich in features and don’t mind its price, the Skywalker trampoline is the right fit for you.

JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline

JumpKing is known to make trampolines that are reliable, safe, and sturdy and the JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline is one of them. After testing the trampoline for a few months, examining it from all different perspectives, and testing its features, I finally concluded that it was worth all the hype.

As evident from its name, the trampoline is indeed a king. Be it safety, durability, or weight limit, the JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline permanently secures a top position.

Quick Features

  • Build Quality
  • Safety Enclosure
  • Height
  • Accessories
  • Replacement Parts
  • Easy Assembly
  • Jumping Mat
  • Water Resistant

The first feature of the JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline that makes it unique is its fantastic build quality. In addition to being made using high-quality raw materials, all the materials are put together firmly.

It allows the frame and the overall trampoline to remain strong and keeps it from wobbling even if you jump harshly over it.

The trampoline’s frame is made using rust-resistant steel to ensure that it stays safe regardless of weather conditions.

The entire trampoline surface is covered with black powder, especially its legs, for extra safety. No matter the outside weather, your trampoline will always stay firm, allowing you to feel stable over its surface.

Generally, parents buy trampolines so that they can relax and chill for some time while their children stay on the trampoline. But the safety of their toddlers makes them remain near the trampoline as long as the kid is enjoying it.

Fortunately, with the JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline, you can do whatever you want, leaving your kid on its own.

As the trampoline comes with a safety enclosure net that covers the trampoline surface from all sides, your child can enjoy its surface as much as he wants. For added safety, there comes a zipper on the net too.

For your child’s safety, drop him over the trampoline and close the zipper till its entire length. Once done, your child will be saved from falling from the trampoline surface.

The JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline is built so that its mat stays 3ft from the ground. This is for the safety and comfort of the jumpers so that the mat doesn’t hit the ground if they bounce a little high.

Being at a significant height from the bed keeps the trampoline firm and gives it a better shape and design.

With the JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline, you get tons of other added accessories. If you reside in an area where rain and storms are too common, you can easily anchor your trampoline to the ground. For this, the trampoline comes with an anchor kit.

Similarly, you get a rain cover that protects the trampoline from heavy rain and adds to its durability.

One significant problem most users face with their trampoline is the inability to find their replacement parts. It may seem like a minor issue but can lead to several more significant problems in the future.

Imagine not being able to use your trampoline just because a few springs have lost their elasticity or the zipper lock is not working.

The majority of the trampoline brands don’t get into the manufacturing of replacement parts. Due to this, buyers have to struggle to find the right replacement parts for their trampolines. The JumpKing brand has always kept users’ interest above all other things.

That’s why the company took the risk of getting into the manufacturing of replacement parts. You can get any component that’s not working from the brand site.

The JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline is famous for its easy and hassle-free assembly. Assembling a trampoline is not an easy task, especially for newbies.

Most people don’t dare to get a trampoline just because they aren’t sure if they would be able to assemble it. With the JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline, you no longer need to worry about putting the trampoline together.

In the trampoline market, the JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline is known to be the easiest trampoline to be assembled. I built the entire JumpKing trampoline in merely 2 hours. The package of trampoline comes with a spring assembling tool. It’s present for you to attach the spring and the mat surface easily.

The jumping mat of a trampoline is the most crucial part as it’s the central part where you will bounce and enjoy. Though the trampoline’s frame, poles, legs, and other components are equally important, nothing makes much sense if the mat is not up to the mark.

The JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline comes with a high-quality jumping mat equipped with safety pads for stability. You get an even better mat on the 14ft version.

The jumping is made from high-quality raw materials and is kept soft, so you feel comfortable jumping on its surface. Manufacturers these days focus more on the durability and quality of the trampoline.

They tend to ignore the comfort and softness a trampoline offers that keeps you going.

The JumpKing brand supports all its priorities so that you can get an incredible jumping experience.

The JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline is water resistant, which adds to its overall life span. Children tend to spill drinks and water on the mat surface, which can affect its overall appearance and durability in the long run.

Thanks to the water-resistant mat surface of the JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline, it won’t absorb the water. Thus, keeping the trampoline safe for a long time.

Why prefer the JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline?

  • The trampoline is manufactured using environmentally friendly materials
  • Its water-resistant mat keeps it new for a long time
  • The replacement parts of the trampoline can be found easily
  • You get all the accessories needed for assembly with the trampoline

Why is the JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline not preferable?

  • Its weight limit is relatively low, i.e., 250 lbs.
  • The warranty period of the trampoline is too short

The JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline is the right choice if you want a durable trampoline that has all the features facilitating its safety. It has a dual zipper so you can quickly enter the trampoline from both sides.

The latch clips also boost security. But the JumpKing trampoline has its fair share of flaws too. It has a short warranty and doesn’t come with the best ladder.

For professional athletes, the Skywalker trampoline, and users wanting durable and versatile equipment, the Upper Bounce trampoline makes the best choice.

What to Consider When Getting the Best Rectangular Trampoline?

Here is a list of the things/factors you should consider while getting a rectangular trampoline for yourself:


When getting a trampoline, it’s essential to read all its instructions. Study the trampoline from all perspectives to know what you are getting yourself into. It’s better to read some reviews of the trampoline online, so you know if it’s easy to assemble or not.

This will save you time and effort in the future and allow you to clean the trampoline easily by disassembling it whenever you want.


Rectangular trampolines come in a wide range of designs and forms. That’s why there exists a considerable price variation too.

If you have a limited budget and you want to save money, it’s better to do some additional research and get an affordable trampoline. Set a budget for yourself and try to find all the fantastic trampolines within your budget.

Weight Limit

The weight limit of a trampoline is also an essential factor to consider. It varies depending on the number of people you want the trampoline for. If you have a large family and want to spend quality time with them, you can invest in a high-capacity trampoline.

On the contrary, if you have one kid and a small family, you don’t have to waste your money as a low weight limit can suffice.


Before finalizing any trampoline, it’s essential to determine what the safety features it comes with are. An enclosure net, safety pad, padded poles, and no-gap technology are some of a trampoline’s characteristics to ensure that it’s safe for your kids.

Getting your hands on a secure and safe trampoline will keep you protected in the long run.


Which is better a round or rectangular trampoline?

Rectangular trampolines are usually preferred over circular ones due to the large number of benefits they come with. The former shape is known for providing a better bounce quality and is loved by professionals.

Similarly, on a rectangular trampoline, all the springs work independently. This facilitates a safe and clean takeoff and landing, thus enhancing your entire bouncing experience.

Is it true that rectangle trampolines are better than circles?

Yes, rectangular-shaped trampolines are far better than circular ones for all the good reasons. Be it bounce quality, stability, or safety, a rectangular trampoline is better than a circular trampoline and is preferred by experts too.

How do you determine a rectangle trampoline size?

To measure the size of your rectangular trampoline, you need to measure each side of the metal frame. Simply use a measuring tape and determine the size of the outer frame from one side. Repeat the same process on the other one.

Combining both measurements, you can easily find out the size of your trampoline.

Summarizing the Article!

The JumpKing HD Rectangular Trampoline is the trampoline I like the most as it has all the features I want in a trampoline.

Be it a dual zip enclosure safety net, latch clips to cover the gap, or easily found replacement parts, the JumpKing trampoline is a hassle-free trampoline to get your hands on. The comfort and relaxed feeling it offers is to die for.

It’s high time for you to determine your budget, and the list of features you want, and get your trampoline the earliest.

There is a considerable demand for trampolines in the market, and new options are coming every other day. So before you get more confused, getting a trampoline for yourself is better.