Best Square Trampolines – 2024

Best Square Trampolines

Trampolines have taken up the fitness industry for the good as they are much more reliable and efficient to help you in your weight loss journey.

But unlike other fitness products, trampolines come in multiple shapes, sizes, and forms. With all these options in the market, it often gets hard to choose the right trampoline shape for you.

In this case, the best thing to avoid falling behind is to follow what the experts are saying. That’s exactly what I did when I bought my first trampoline. Like most people wanting to get a trampoline for themselves, I also used to believe that round is the only perfect shape for your trampoline. Guess what? I was wrong to the core.

The square trampoline is the most reliable and comfortable trampoline shape and is preferred by experts. It doesn’t only take up less space compared to a circular trampoline but provides you with a larger jumping space. As per research, a square trampoline provides 20% more jumping space than a circular one.

To add more to that, you will get a much better bounce on a square trampoline. In order to know more about these trampolines and what are trampolines that are taking up the major part of the market these days, keep on reading this write-up.

Cheapest Trampolines  Ratings  
Skywalker 14ft Square Trampoline 4.6/5.0 View Latest Price
Upper Bounce Ultra HD Trampoline 4.7/5.0 View Latest Price
Skywalker 14ft Trampoline with Enclosure 4.5/5.0 View Latest Price
Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline 4.2/5.0 View Latest Price
Qcen 10-11ft Trampoline 4.0/5.0 View Latest Price

Skywalker 14ft Square Trampoline

Skywalker is one such brand that has gained a lot of popularity and fame in the trampoline market over the past couple of years. It has managed to secure a position in the top charts even during its beginning years, and it’s all worth it.

This brand provides incredibly good quality trampolines with all the amazing features you want in your outdoor trampoline. The Skywalker 14ft square trampoline is among the top trampolines by this brand and deserves to be in this review.

Quick Features

  • Net Safety Enclosures
  • Stability
  • High quality
  • Large Weight Limit
  • Basketball Hoops
  • Bouncy

Overall Features of Skywalker Trampoline

The safety of the jumpers is the biggest concern of this brand. While manufacturing their products, they ensure all the safety measures are taken, and no stone remains unturned to keep the users as safe as possible. One of the most prominent steps of this company toward the safety of its users is the installation of a safety enclosure net.

After safety, stability is another major concern for Skywalker. As users usually jump as high as possible due to the safety net and do flips and random stunts on the mat surface, there are high chances of the trampoline falling apart or getting damaged.

That’s not the case with the Skywalker Square trampoline. Being square-shaped, it pushes the jumpers towards the center of the mat surface, providing them stability and reducing the chances of falling off the trampoline significantly.

All the materials used in the manufacturing of this trampoline are of high quality. Everything is made from the frame, legs, and net, to the mat of this trampoline, keeping the durability standards in mind. Alloy and galvanized steel are the two materials used in making this trampoline.

Both these products are rust-free and high-resistant, providing maximum protection to the trampoline surface.

The weight limit of square trampolines is usually higher compared to round ones. This 14ft trampoline by Skywalker can easily bear a weight of around 275lbs. Two teenagers or a heavy adult can easily enjoy this trampoline together.

Basketball Hoop is another feature of this trampoline that will add a lot to your fun. One of my nephews is crazy for basketball and rarely takes an interest in any other sports activity. When he was a basketball hoop on this trampoline, he jumped straight over the mat, and it got hard to get him down.

Due to the basketball hoop, you can enjoy a pleasant time with your family and won’t get bored on the trampoline. It’s especially advantageous for users who love to enjoy different sports.

As mentioned earlier, square trampolines are much simpler than circular or oval ones. On this trampoline, you don’t have to worry about falling off as it’s known for providing maximum user protection. Just jump over the trampoline once, and it will bounce higher.

Positive Traits of Skywalker trampoline

  • This trampoline is highly durable
  • The installation of the trampoline is pretty easy
  • You get a basketball hoop with a trampoline
  • All high-quality materials are used in its manufacturing

Negative Traits of Skywalker trampoline

  • The weight limit is not good for more than one adults
  • The delivery process is not the best and takes too long

If you want a high-quality, bouncy, durable trampoline that comes at an affordable price and is not a burden on your pocket, you need to give the Skywalker 14ft. Square trampoline a try. It is an incredible trampoline and a great value for money.

Upper Bounce Ultra HD Trampoline

Are you tired of getting all damaged products and trampoline components whenever you place an order for them? You should change the brand and switch to a more reliable and user-friendly company like Upper Bounce.

This company is trusted by millions of customers all around the globe, thanks to the good quality trampolines it manufactures and its great customer service.

Quick Features

  • Heavy-Duty Frame
  • Safety Pads
  • Easy Installation
  • Higher Jumps
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Fast and Secure Delivery

Overall Features of Upper Bounce trampoline

Though square trampolines have a greater weight limit than other shapes of trampolines, their construction plays an important role in determining their overall weight capacity. To make the Upper Bounce trampoline bear much more weight, it’s manufactured using heavy steel material.

This is one of the most heavy-duty frames out there and can simultaneously withstand more than one adult.

While jumping on a trampoline, the landing part makes the whole process more exciting and fun. If you fear getting smashed on the mat, you won’t enjoy the flight as such. That’s why, to make this trampoline comfortable and increase fun for users, this trampoline features safety pads.

These safety pads add a lot to the overall comfort and softness of the trampoline. The chances of your feet getting stuck in the trampoline spaces are also reduced because of these pads installed throughout the trampoline surface.

Usually, the installation of a trampoline is considered the hardest part. Many beginners can’t gather the courage to invest a large amount of money in trampolines as they aren’t sure if they will be able to assemble them properly.

Conversely, the manual guide with the trampoline elaborates each step in so much detail that assembling will be super fun for you.

As the name suggests, this is an upper-bounce trampoline so that you will get the highest jumps. All this happens due to the robust and sturdy springs installed around the mat.

Being a square trampoline, you will be pushed toward the center, and the force on you will let you fly high in the sky. It makes the best product for people who are crazy for flexibility and want to lose weight. It’s especially ideal for heavy adults.

Usually, when it comes to trampolines, users don’t expect great customer service after getting their hands on their products. Perhaps it’s because not many companies pay heed to improve their customer service and their main focus is to improve the quality of their trampoline.

But that’s not true for the Upper Bounce trampoline. Be it the assembling process, any problem with finding the right component placement, or some damage concern, the customer service center is just a call or text away.

One of the major concerns of people buying their trampolines online is delayed delivery. Some users reportedly receive their trampoline when they have lost all hope of getting it. Yes, it’s that bad. But Upper Bounce keeps the interest of customers above all other things.

This brand makes sure to provide customers with as much ease and relaxation as possible, and that’s quite evident from their quick and hassle-free delivery process.

The best part is that all the components come together in one box. So, you don’t have to wait for both the boxes to be delivered to start assembling your trampoline.

Positive Traits of Upper Bounce Trampoline

  • The installation of the trampoline is quite hassle-free
  • The trampoline gets delivered fast
  • This trampoline is known for higher jumps
  • The safety enclosure net makes it a secure trampoline

Negative Traits of Upper Bounce Trampoline

  • The net clips are not too firm and need to be fixed quite often
  • This trampoline is hard to move around as the trampoline weight is too much

If you are a fun-loving person and want a trampoline with the highest and comfiest bounces, the Upper Bounce trampoline is the right fit. Its heavy-duty frame makes it much more stable.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend too much, the Skywalker Square 14ft. trampoline should be the trampoline you can go for.

Skywalker 14ft Trampoline with Enclosure

The Skywalker 14ft Trampoline with enclosure is a perfect blend of safety and fun. Parents trust this brand for their kids, and it has earned their trust over the past few decades. This trampoline has been tested and verified by ASTM as it truly fulfills its safety standards.

I have tested this trampoline myself, and as per my experience, it’s one of the safest, most reliable, and best-quality trampolines on the market.

Quick Features

  • Even Bounce
  • Stability and Safety
  • Good Construction
  • Zipper with Net Enclosure
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy

Overall Features of Skywalker Trampoline with Net Enclosure

The major concern of most people wanting to get a trampoline is its bounce quality. Although many people buy a trampoline because they want to lose weight, this can be done only if your trampoline is flexible and features great bounce.

On the Skywalker trampoline with a net enclosure, you get an even bounce. It’s because the robust and good quality springs are present around its surface, providing you with a great bounce quality.

Thanks to the safety net enclosure on this trampoline, you no longer need to worry about falling off the trampoline. The legs of the trampoline are made of galvanized rust-free steel and are accompanied by safety sockets.

This makes the trampoline too stable and keeps it from tripping or moving further. This way, you can enjoy a trouble-free jumping experience on the trampoline.

Do you know what makes a trampoline last long and provide much-needed support? It’s the construction of the trampoline.

If a trampoline is constructed using good quality raw materials and all the safety standards are kept in mind, you will rarely face any trouble while jumping on it. The high-class construction of this trampoline is evident even with a first look.

Though net enclosure on a trampoline plays a huge part in making it safe and secure, what if you strike the net with force? Won’t you fall off the trampoline leading to serious injuries? Skywalker provides a robust and strong zipper with the net to prevent this from happening.

This zipper gets close to the end and keeps you from falling from the trampoline even when you are flipping freely on it.

Trampoline, unlike other fitness products, is not too cheap. Some high-end trampolines are so expensive that it is hard to imagine getting them. With the trampolines, if you don’t want to compromise on the budget, you have to compromise on one feature of the other.

But with the Skywalker 14ft trampoline with a net enclosure, you don’t have to miss out on any feature. Despite all the extraordinary features and great quality of this product, this trampoline is pretty reasonably priced.

Another incredible feature of this product is its sturdiness. One of my friends did order this trampoline a few years ago, and I was the one who received the package for him.

On opening the box, I first noticed how thick and strong the frame pieces were. At that moment, I realized that this product was too sturdy and would last him for ages.

Positive Traits of Skywalker Trampoline with Net Enclosure

  • It’s an ideal trampoline for athletes and gymnasts
  • This trampoline is quite affordable
  • The legs of this 14’ Skywalker square trampoline provide stability
  • The zipper on the net enclosure provides added safety

Negative Traits of Skywalker Trampoline with Net Enclosure

  • The delivery of this Skywalker square trampoline takes too long
  • The weight limit is a little low, i.e., less than 250 lbs.

If you don’t want to compromise on any major trampoline features but remain within your budget, the Skywalker recreational trampoline and Skywalker 14ft trampoline with the net enclosure are the right products for you.

On the contrary, if a higher bounce and comfort are the two things on your priority list, you can go for the Upper Bounce Trampoline.

Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline

This is another trampoline by Skywalker I am going to review for you. Today, I want to get you all the budget trampolines for your small yard or backyard, and this one is also one of them.

Do you know the best part about trampolines from the Skywalker brand? They are equipped with all the fantastic features you want in your trampoline but still fall into your budget.

Isn’t it awesome? The Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk trampoline is also one such affordable square trampoline for adults.

Quick Features

  • Dimensions
  • Weight Capacity
  • Springs & Frame Quality
  • No Gap Technology
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Easy to Assemble

Overall Features of Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline

The diameter of this trampoline is around 12ft, so you will get ample space to jump over it without the fear of colliding with the other person jumping with you. Out of these 12ft, the actual area available for your jumping is 10ft; the rest 2ft is covered by spring.

The mat is around 35 inches above the ground, and all the springs are securely and evenly distributed throughout the mat surface. This greatly reduces the chances of the mat touching the ground, providing you with a safe and secure jumping space.

The weight limit of the Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk trampoline is up to 200 lbs. Although it can handle a weight of up to 250 lbs., it’s better to stay below the actual limit to reduce the chances of injuries and increase the life span of your trampoline.

As per the generally accepted rule about trampolines, the fewer the number of people jumping on a trampoline, the safer it would be. In simple words, around 3 to 4 kids can easily jump on this trampoline at once. Additionally, two adults can also jump on it together.

Both the springs and frame are built using good-quality raw materials. This is done to ensure that the trampoline lasts for multiple years and you are saved from the hassle of replacing it repeatedly. To make you experience a good bounce, the mat is lined with 72 springs.

For added protection, all these springs are covered with foam, made of rust-resistant material, and galvanized.

Skywalker, as a brand, believes in taking fun and safety side-by-side. That’s why, while making this trampoline, it has used modern, no-gap technology for making trampolines. As per the no-gap technology, no gaps are between the net and the jumping surface.

Usually, it’s seen that while jumping on the trampoline, children tend to get crazy, and some adults too. During their excitement, their feet sometimes get stuck in the gap due to losing their balance and sometimes falling from the trampoline. So, no gap is left anywhere on the trampoline surface for added safety.

If you are a beginner, the Skywalker Jump-N-Duck is the best and most suited trampoline. Not only will you get a comfortable and high-quality bounce on this trampoline, but it will also allow you to enjoy a safe experience.

Thanks to the enclosure net, the stable frame, and the immense jumping space, you can enjoy yourself with your families and make some happy memories.

The assembling process of this trampoline is also quite easy. In addition to being a modern technology-based trampoline, this trampoline also comes with a manual guide. The easy-to-follow and step-by-step instructions on the guide make it super easy to turn all the components into one piece.

For a beginner, the whole assembly process will take only 2 to 3 hours, and a skilled and experienced person can complete it in less than an hour. I still remember I assembled this trampoline in less than 2 hours.

Positive Traits of Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline

  • The T-sockets maintain the structure well
  • Ideal for beginners
  • No-gap technology makes it safe and secure
  • This Skywalker square trampoline with enclosure is easy to assemble and affordable.

Negative Traits of Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline

  • It doesn’t come with a ladder
  • The weight limit is not suitable for more than two adults

If you want a trampoline that all your kids can enjoy together and that features an immense jumping space, the Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk trampoline is the way to go. It’s also great for beginners like the Skywalker 14ft and Skywalker Net enclosure trampolines.

On the other hand, for people who can’t compromise on their comfort and want a higher bounce, the Upper Bounce is the perfect purchase.

Qcen 10-11ft Trampoline

Next, I will tell you about another amazing trampoline that will add to the overall look of your backyard. With this trampoline, we will come towards the end of this review. Although the Qcen brand is not as popular as Skywalker and Upper Bounce, it is still manufacturing trampolines and providing users will reliable products for several years.

Quick Features

  • Reliable
  • Ladder
  • Weather-Resistant
  • U-Shaped Bottom
  • Accessories
  • ASTM Certification

Overall Features of the Qcen 10-11ft. Trampoline

One of the biggest concerns of users regarding trampolines is safety. Although the Qcen trampoline is an ideal trampoline for adults, allowing them to jump as high as they want, most of its features make it a reliable option for kids.

Thanks to the net enclosure of this trampoline, you can now leave your children on the trampoline to have fun while you finish your work.

Lately, I have seen that many brands have stopped including ladders in their trampoline packages. Even Skywalker, a popular brand, doesn’t include a ladder with most of its trampolines.

You have to pay extra bucks to reach the mat easily. But with the Qcen trampoline, you get a high-quality ladder that’s robust enough to bear your weight easily.

Protecting trampolines from damage caused by drastic weather changes is an arduous task. This is a lot of extra work, too, as you have to disassemble your trampoline and store it safely. Conversely, with the Qcen trampoline, you no longer need to worry about weather changes as this trampoline features a weather-resistant body.

The legs of a trampoline play a crucial role in determining how stable it is. Usually, trampolines come with V-shaped legs, which fail to stabilize your square trampolines. That’s not the case with the Qcen trampoline. The U-shaped bottom of this trampoline will protect you and keep you from falling off the trampoline.

Although most trampolines these days come with a manual guide for easy assembling. But all the tools and accessories needed to assemble the trampoline are not accompanied by them. You need to spend a lot of extra money to get all the assembling tools. But with the Qcen trampoline, you get all the tools with the box saving you time and money.

This trampoline is certified by ASTM for being reliable and safe and is ideal for adults.

Positive Traits of Qcen Trampoline

  • This trampoline is affordable
  • You get all the assembling accessories for free
  • It is accompanied by a ladder
  • ASTM is certified as being safe and reliable

Negative Traits of Qcen Trampoline

  • The trampoline is not the best quality
  • It doesn’t support a higher bounce

If you don’t want to spend extra money on buying the assembling accessories and ladder, the Qcen 10-11ft trampoline is the best product for you. On the other hand, beginners should buy any of the three Skywalker trampolines reviewed here, and Upper Bounce is reserved for comfort lovers.

How to Choose the Best Square Trampoline?

Choosing the best square trampoline is not an easy task and requires a lot of effort and research. You need to explore the market thoroughly, look at what’s trending right now, and what are the things you can’t compromise on. To reduce your workload, I have made a list of the things you need to look out for when getting a large square trampoline for yourself.

Jumping Space

Fortunately, the jumping space offered by a large square trampoline is quite wide compared to what you get on a circular one. Despite this, when you step out in the market to get a square trampoline for yourself, it’s best to choose the one with ample jumping space. It also varies depending on the number of your family members.

Bounce Quality

Square trampolines are known for a better bounce quality than circular trampolines. This is because, on the square trampolines, you are generally pushed towards the center, where the force from all sides pushes you in the air. It’s still important to practically try jumping on a trampoline, if you are getting it from the market, before making any final decision.

Net Enclosure

Regarding trampolines, safety is usually the major concern of all jumpers, and it’s good too. While getting a trampoline for yourself, I prefer the one with an enclosure net over all other trampolines in the market that don’t have one.


It’s not wise to spend much money on trampolines, especially if you get one for the first time. Always start with a lower budget and get another high-end product for you later on if it suits you.


Are square or round trampolines better?

If you are crazy about jumping high on a trampoline and want a trampoline that provides the highest bounce, a square trampoline is a way to go for you, unlike a round trampoline, where the bounce is pretty moderate.

On a square trampoline, all the springs work together to create the bounce while each spring plays its part separately in round one.

Do square trampolines bounce higher?

Yes, square trampolines are famous for giving users a higher and even bounce.

How do you measure a square trampoline?

First, measure a square trampoline’s outer edge on one side. Now, use the measuring tape to measure the width and take the measurement from one outer corner to the other. All the collective readings will successfully measure a square trampoline.

Last Words!

No matter which trampoline you buy, it won’t benefit you much in your weight loss if you are not using it with full dedication. Although the quality of a trampoline is an important factor, it’s equally important to use it correctly to gain maximum benefits.

The Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline has caught my attention for being an affordable, safe, and stable trampoline.

I like its no-gap technology the most as it’s too important to save your customers from falling off the trampoline because this can cause serious head and knee injuries.

No trampoline could be better than the Upper Bounce Ultra HD trampoline for people who want it to be comfortable and provide a higher bounce. Although it’s a bit expensive, all its splendid features justify the amount.

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