Best Trampoline For Flips & Tricks

Now that you have decided to get the giant trampoline for your backyard, you must think of ways to make jumping on the trampoline more fun and exciting.

Don’t tell me you have never imagined yourself doing all the flips and tricks on your trampoline.

No true trampoline enthusiast exists who haven’t thought of commencing some weird jumping techniques on the trampoline.

Though I am not much of an athlete, I have tried doing backflips too on my trampoline, and I can’t begin to explain how fun it was.

Usually, all the professional athletes and gymnasts are seen moving and flipping around the trampoline fearlessly. Do you know the first thought that comes to my mind on seeing them? What if the trampoline breaks? Yes, that’s how naïve I used to be.

With time, I discovered some new trampolines in the market and realized that they come in different types. Depending on your needs and usage, you can get the best one that suits your needs.

The past few years have revealed most of these best trampolines for flips & tricks to me, so I decided to pen them down for you.

Best Trampoline for Flips & Tricks
Cheapest Trampolines  Ratings  
ORCC (450 LBS W C) Trampoline 4.6/5.0 View Latest Price
JUMPZYLLA 8-14ft Trampoline with net 4.8/5.0 View Latest Price
JumpSport Cardio Trampoline 4.5/5.0 View Latest Price
AOTOB 8-15ft outdoor trampoline 4.2/5.0 View Latest Price
Doufit Recreational HD Trampoline 4.0/5.0 View Latest Price

ORCC (450 LBS W C) Trampoline

Professional athletes and gymnastics people usually don’t want to compromise on the quality, features, stability, and all the other important factors of a trampoline.

They want just the best as their profession demands that. So, if you are an athlete or adore athletic flips and tricks, I have the best trampoline.

The ORCC trampoline often referred to as the most premium trampoline, has all the features you want in your dream trampoline.

Quick Features

  • Reliable
  • Frame
  • Weight Limit
  • Safety Enclosure
  • Accessories
  • Bounce
  • Easy Assembly


Jumping on a trampoline is not something you can master easily, especially if it involves a lot of flips and jumping tricks. No one wants to put their life at risk, so for athletes and gymnasts to be able to jump freely on a trampoline, they need to be sure of their safety.

With the ORCC trampoline, you don’t need to worry about your safety as the trampoline is known for being a reliable and safe trampoline.


Usually, the frame keeps moving in low-quality trampolines when you jump a little too high on the trampoline. These trampolines can lead to problems for professional athletes.

But on the high-quality ORCC trampoline, you can jump as high as you want without caring much about the vibrating frame. This trampoline features a high-quality frame fixed firmly on the ground.

Weight Limit

The weight limit of a trampoline is another crucial factor in supporting good flips and tricks. A trampoline with a higher weight capacity tends to be sturdier and more firm to hold all the jerks and jumps.

The weight limit of the ORCC trampoline is 450 lbs., which means that you can jump on it freely and go as high as you want.

Safety Enclosure

While jumping, flipping, and doing all the crazy tricks on a trampoline, there are higher risks of falling from it.

The ORCC trampoline features a safety enclosure net to support your tricks and flips and prevent you from falling off the trampoline. It is made from polyethylene and can hold you well, so you don’t fall off the jumping mat.


This trampoline comes well packed with important accessories, including a rain cover to protect your trampoline in drastic weather conditions, wind stakes for anchoring it in case of heavy thunderstorms, and stormy weather conditions.

With this trampoline, you also get a high-quality ladder so you can easily reach the mat surface without falling.


To support your flips and provide the force needed to commence the tricks on a trampoline, your trampoline needs to be highly flexible. A trampoline featuring a good and high bounce is likely to provide you with a better scope for flips and jumps, and this is exactly what you get on the ORCC trampoline.

Easy Assembly

This trampoline can be assembled without much struggle once it gets delivered. You get a manual guide with easy-to-follow instructions.

You can assemble the frame, mat, and this heavy-duty trampoline for flips together just by following all the steps.

What makes the ORCC (450 LBS W C) Trampoline thumbs up?

  • This trampoline is UV-protected and rust resistant, so it is less likely to get damaged.
  • You can assemble this trampoline easily in less than two hours
  • It features a robust and solid construction
  • The bounce quality is pretty good

What makes the ORCC (450 LBS W C) Trampoline a thumbs down?

  • It isn’t available in smaller sizes, so it is not ideal for indoor settings.

If you are a professional athlete or generally love commencing all the professional flips and tricks on your trampoline and you can’t compromise on the quality of it, the ORCC (450 LBS W C) Trampoline is the best thing you can get for yourself.

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JUMPZYLLA 8-14ft Trampoline with net

When it comes to the best trampoline for flips & tricks, there are multiple brands on the market. Of all these brands, one which is trusted and loved by most people is the Jumpzylla trampoline brand. It’s because of all the right reasons as the brand has been serving the customers for multiple years.

It has managed to gather a wide user base and gain customers’ trust by making high-quality trampolines since its beginning. The Jumpzylla trampoline with the net is also a top-rated trampoline of this company.

Quick Features

  • Safety
  • Best for Kids & Teenagers
  • Latest Technology
  • Durable
  • Fast Delivery
  • Waterproof
  • Rust Resistant


I have personally tried the Jumpzylla trampoline, and one thing I noticed about this trampoline is that it’s safe. I felt safe and secure while jumping on the trampoline.

Not only is the mat super comfortable and robust and holds you firmly, but the safety net enclosing the entire trampoline makes it safe. Due to this, you can now fearlessly commence all your flips on the trampoline.

Best for Kids

Usually, when getting a trampoline for kids, parents are a little hesitant as the trampolines are not considered too secure for children.

Thanks to the safety net at this trampoline made from high-quality polythene, kids & teenagers can easily jump around and do flips on the trampoline surface without the fear of falling from it.

Latest Technology

The Jumpzylla trampoline is made using the latest technology manufacturing methods and has all the features to counter customer concerns.

Be it the mat that is significantly above the ground, inhibiting you from touching the ground after landing from high jumps and flips, or the trampoline’s curved poles supporting your tricks and providing stability.


The raw material used in making the Jumpzylla trampoline is high quality because the end product, i.e., the trampoline, is incredible and robust.

It features great strength and doesn’t get damaged easily. No matter how often you jump on the trampoline or do the tricks you want, the Jumpzylla trampoline will stay stronger for a long time.

Fast Delivery

I have heard a lot of trampoline users complain about delayed shipping. They often feel disappointed for having to wait for multiple days and sometimes months to get their trampoline hands-on.

But with the Jumpzylla trampoline, you will get your trampoline the earliest. The best part is that all the components come packed in one box. So, no longer hassle of waiting for two deliveries.


The manufacturers of Jumpzylla trampoline haven’t just made the product using high-quality raw materials to ensure its durability but have gone a step ahead.

They have installed double layers of waterproof fabrics on the mat so that it can stay safe from water and other liquid stains and doesn’t wear off easily.

Rust Resistant

Doing flips is relatively hard on a rusty trampoline. It’s because rust tends to weaken the trampoline, and it loses all its strength to hold your weight. A rusty trampoline cannot bear long jumps and all kinds of flips and is more likely to damage easily.

With the Jumpzylla trampoline, you no longer need to worry about this as the trampoline is completely rust resistant.

What makes the JUMPZYLLA 8-14ft Trampoline with net a thumps up?

  • The trampoline is completely rust resistant and UV protected
  • It’s extremely safe for kids to flip and jump on this trampoline
  • The Jumpzylla trampoline has a robust mat to withstand your jumps, flips, and tricks
  • It is a waterproof trampoline, so no sweat or water stains can spoil it

What makes the JUMPZYLLA 8-14ft Trampoline with net a thumbs down?

  • It doesn’t come with a ladder.

The JUMPZYLLA 8-14ft Trampoline with the net is the best buy for you if you want a trampoline that doesn’t wear off with time and remains the same no matter how often you jump or flip on it.

On the contrary, if you want a premium trampoline with all the best features, you can think of the ORCC (450 LBS W C) Trampoline as the right one for you.

JumpSport Cardio Trampoline

Have you ever stepped up on a hard surface and instantly wished it to be as soft as your trampoline? I have done that, too, especially after jumping on my friend’s trampoline; I wanted every surface to be like a trampoline.

She owns the JumpSport Cardio & Jumping mini trampoline, one of the comfiest trampolines I’ve ever experienced. It’s not just the comfort of the JumpSport mini trampoline that made me love it, but its resilient and robust construction is also an incredible thing I have never seen in any other trampoline.

Quick Features

  • Heavy-Duty Trampoline
  • Weight Capacity
  • Stability
  • Bungee Cords
  • Warranty
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable

Heavy-Duty Trampoline

The most important thing about jumping freely on a trampoline and doing all the back flips you want is its construction. If a trampoline is made using low-quality raw materials, its frame is not too strong and doesn’t provide enough support; you won’t be able to jump on it freely.

Thanks to the heavy-duty construction of the JumpSport trampoline, you can commence all the tricks you want on the trampoline, and its heavy-duty 16 gauge steel tube construction will support you.

Weight Capacity

Another feature of this trampoline that makes jumping and flipping easier for you is its high weight capacity.

The weight limit of the JumpSport mini trampoline is around 300 lbs, and it can hold your weight no matter how much you move around.


Stability is a crucial thing to be able to commence flips and other athletic tricks on a trampoline. Its frame is likely to vibrate when you move around too much on a trampoline, and this vibration can be dangerous for you as you will be at a larger risk of falling off the trampoline.

The curved legs of the JumpSport mini trampoline keep the frame fixed and stable, making it an ideal mini trampoline for tricks.

Bungee Cords

The trampoline features 36 bungee cords that are strong enough to provide around 1.6 million bounce cycles. These cords are made using the latest technology techniques and can be adjusted too. You can easily adjust the bungee cord’s tension to over 7 different levels depending upon the intensity of your jumps and flips.


In addition to being a feature-rich trampoline combating all the users’ needs, the JumpSport mini trampoline still features a huge warranty. Trampoline is not a light purchase and costs a large amount of money.

These trampolines are usually bought only once in their life, so it’s important to get one with a warranty period. On the JumpSport trampoline, you get a 5-year warranty period.


In addition to allowing you to jump freely all over it and enjoy yourself as much as you want, the JumpSport Company cared about your pocket too.

With the JumpSport mini trampoline, you don’t have to empty half of your bank account as it is reasonably priced.


Though jumping and flipping on a trampoline are super fun-filled and exciting activities, you can get injured too if the mat is hard. As much as the good bounce is important for commencing the jumping tricks properly, the comfort of the mat is equally important for easier landing.

Due to the bungee cords found all over the mat surface, the JumpSport trampoline is quite soft and comfortable.

What makes the JumpSport Cardio & Jumping Mini Trampoline a thumps up?

  • The bungee cords on the trampoline make it bouncy.
  • The JumpSport mini trampoline is too comfortable and soft
  • It’s pretty reasonably priced, so you won’t have to pay too much money for it
  • This trampoline features a 5 years warranty period

What makes the JumpSport Cardio & Jumping Mini Trampoline a thumbs down?

  • This trampoline doesn’t come in different colors

If you can’t compromise on your comfort in trampolines but want stability and safety, the JumpSport Cardio & Jumping Mini Trampoline is a good fit for you. On the contrary, if the durability of a trampoline comes above everything else for you, the JUMPZYLLA 8-14ft Trampoline is something you can go for.

You can also buy the ORCC (450 LBS W C) Trampoline if you want a premium, high-end trampoline.

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AOTOB 8-15ft outdoor trampoline

The AOTOB 8-15ft outdoor trampoline is one of the best trampolines to enjoy a fun and exciting time with family.

In addition to being the top recommendation of gymnasts, this trampoline has all the features that make families buy it and make it a part of their small backyard.

AOTOB has been making heavy-duty trampolines that last you for a long time, and the AOTOB 8-15ft outdoor trampoline is one of them.

Quick Features

  • No-Gap trampoline
  • Spacious
  • U-shaped Legs
  • Zipper
  • Wear Resistant
  • Weight Limit
  • Jumping Pad

No-gap trampoline

One major problem users face while jumping on a trampoline is that their feet are sometimes stuck in the gap between the mat and poles, causing them to fall from the trampoline. Though the enclosure net on the trampolines usually saves them from injuries, their feet tend to get hurt.

The chances of feet getting stuck in the gap are higher when you flip and play tricks on the trampoline. That’s why, for added protection, the AOTOB trampoline features no gap between the mat and poles.


On the AOTOB trampoline, you will get a huge space to commence all your flexibility tricks. The jumping area of the trampoline is pretty wide, making it an ideal trampoline for flips.

You can now jump fearlessly all over the trampoline surface without the fear of hitting the poles.

U-shaped legs

To commence all the flips on a trampoline neatly, the trampoline needs to be stable. The U-shaped legs of the AOTOB trampoline provide it with much-needed stability and keep the frame from moving.

You won’t experience any shaking of the trampoline while doing flips and jumps on the mat due to its u-shaped legs.


Though an enclosure net is equally important for keeping a trampoline safe for you and preventing you from falling off it, it’s not enough. Sometimes when you jump fiercely on the trampoline and hit the net, it cannot save you from falling.

That’s why the AOTOB trampoline features a high-quality zipper that’s quite long to facilitate you while entering or leaving the trampoline.


Most people fear doing too many flips on the trampoline as they fear it’s wearing out. This concern is not completely wrong as some trampolines are not too robust to stand your moving around.

But that’s not the case with the AOTOB trampoline; due to the high quality of the trampoline, it doesn’t wear off too easily.

Weight limit

The importance of a high weight limit cannot be denied when flipping on the trampoline surface. Though stability, safety, and comfort are also important, the weight limit is the most crucial factor as it allows you to jump on the trampoline all you want without fearing any damage.

Fortunately, the weight limit of the AOTOB trampoline completely supports flips and jumping tricks as its weight limit is 400 pounds.

Jumping Pad

For providing you with extra comfort while you are flipping on the trampoline, the AOTOB trampoline comes with jumping pads.

These jumping pads are spread all over the trampoline surface and are known to keep the trampoline soft and comfortable for the users.

What makes the AOTOB 8-15ft outdoor trampoline a thumps up?

  • The AOTOB trampoline features U-shaped legs for stability
  • The jumping pads provide you with comfort
  • 400 pounds is its weight limit to support your flips and tricks
  • You get a large jumping space on the AOTOB trampoline

What makes the AOTOB 8-15ft outdoor trampoline a thumbs down?

  • Delayed delivery is the biggest concern of users

If you want a trampoline that is not too premium, but all its features work together to enhance your flipping and jumping experience on its surface, the AOTOB 8-15ft outdoor trampoline is the right fit for you.

On the contrary, for users who are all crazy for a premium feel on a trampoline, the ORCC (450 LBS W C) Trampoline is a no-miss. You can get the JUMPZYLLA 8-14ft Trampoline if you want a durable trampoline and can head to JumpSport Cardio & Jumping Mini Trampoline for comfort.

Doufit Recreational HD Trampoline

The last trampoline I am reviewing for you is the Doufit Recreational HD trampoline. This is one trampoline I can personally vouch for as I have used it for the longest time. My main reason for getting this trampoline was to initiate my weight loss journey, which seemed impossible otherwise.

Thanks to this trampoline, I enjoyed my fitness journey to the end, and it’s still not ended. I still love flipping and playing all the random jumping tricks I have learned during the past few years on the Doufit trampoline. Fortunately, it thoroughly supports them all.

Quick Features

  • Stability
  • Wind Stakes & Frame Joints
  • Ladder
  • Jumping Experience
  • Trampoline Assembly
  • Certifications
  • Weight Limit


Like all other trampolines that support higher jumps, flips, and all kinds of jumping tricks, the Doufit recreational trampoline also provides great stability.

It comes with 6 U-shaped legs, which all contribute to helping the trampoline straight strong despite all the jerks and jumps. The stability of the trampoline will also make you feel safe on it.

Wind Stakes

In addition to being equipped with U-shaped legs that make it stand strong despite all odds, the trampoline also comes with protection against weather changes. It comes with wind stakes to prevent the trampoline from blowing away with the wind. Twelve frame joints to keep the frame together and strong also come with the trampoline.


I have seen that many major companies don’t give ladders with their trampolines which sounds too absurd. With the Doufit recreational trampoline, you will get high quality and robust ladder. The ladder will help you in getting on and off the trampoline easily.

Jumping Experience

One thing I have noticed during all my years with trampolines is that though flips and jumping tricks are fun, what matters with a trampoline is your jumping experience.

On the Doufit recreational trampoline, you get a Polypropylene bounce mat and steel drum springs, and both these components work together to provide you with the best jumping experience.

Trampoline Assembly

With the free assembly tools and DVD tutorials of the Doufit recreational trampoline, its assembly gets too easy. Following the instructions on the video one by one, your trampoline will be all assembled in no time. Luckily, all your money spent on the assembly tools is also saved.


The Doufit recreational trampoline isn’t just any other trampoline that claims to be equipped with all the great features. Certifications back all its claims as the trampoline is ASTM certified for being stable and durable.

Weight Limit

The weight capacity of a trampoline is crucial to be able to commence flips and tricks on it. If a trampoline can’t bear your weight that well, how can it bear the jumps and flips?

The Doufit recreational trampoline can bear a weight of around 425 lbs. so it is perfect for you.

What makes the Doufit Recreational HD Trampoline a thumps up?

  • You get all the assembly tools
  • You get huge stability on the trampoline because of its 6 u-shaped legs
  • Its weight limit is too good, i.e., 425 lbs.
  • This trampoline comes with wind stakes for trampoline anchoring

What makes the Doufit Recreational HD Trampoline a thumbs down?

  • It’s not too durable and has a short life

For the users who don’t believe in company claims and reviews and want only certifications and proofs, the Doufit Recreational HD Trampoline makes a great fit. On the contrary, users longing for comfort can get the JumpSport Cardio & Jumping Mini Trampoline, and the JUMPZYLLA 8-14ft Trampoline makes the most durable trampoline.

You can also get the AOTOB 8-15ft outdoor trampoline if you want all the features supporting flips and can go for ORCC (450 LBS W C) Trampoline if the price is not a problem for you.

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Buying the Best Trampolines for Flips and Tricks

Some of the things you need to consider before buying the best trampoline for flips and tricks are as follows:


If you are getting a trampoline physically from the market, it’s best to jump on it fiercely and see how stable it is. It’s because stability matters a lot to keep you and your trampoline safe while you flip.

Weight Limit

To enhance your jumping experience on a trampoline and get the much-needed support, it’s important to always go for a trampoline with a high weight limit.

The trampolines with large weight capacity can hold you better while flipping on their surface.


The trampoline mat needs to be super soft and comfortable to jump on a trampoline and perform all the tricks you want, and it will keep you safe and significantly reduces the risk of injuries and wounds on a trampoline.


What would you recommend, a mini trampoline or a standard trampoline for flips and tricks?

I would recommend the standard trampoline made specifically for commencing flips. The large space, comfort, stability, and safety you get on a standard-sized trampoline are impossible to achieve on a mini version.

Is a 12ft or 14ft trampoline big enough for flips?

Yes, both these measurements are pretty suitable for flips. Though 12ft is not too good, 14ft is the perfect measurement.

What is a good size trampoline for doing flips?

14ft and 15ft trampolines are the best for hassle-free flips. For kids, conversely, a 12ft trampoline is more suitable.

Finishing it up!

Though trampolines are a great source of fun and are equally important to lose your extra fats, nothing can match the joy of commencing tricks and flips on it. Be it, kids or heavy adults, all of them want to perform a back flip on a trampoline at least once. This is also possible with all the trampolines supporting flips and tricks on the market.

The ORCC (450 LBS W C) Trampoline is my favorite as it gives a premium and royal feel. Comfort, stability, and safety of a trampoline are equally important, but the premium and high-end feel you get on the ORCC (450 LBS W C) Trampoline is second to none.

Though it’s a bit expensive, the price is all worth it.

It’s time to get your trampoline now or upgrade your previous trampoline with a new one before it’s too late.

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