Best Trampoline For Gymnastics – 2024

Are you a gymnast by profession or want to become one? Are you looking for a trampoline to practice gymnastics on a budget? If yes? Then your search comes to an end now.

Lots of options out there in the market and have less idea of what to choose? This list is prepared precisely for people like you and helps them find a trampoline that helps them in their endeavors.

Let’s not waste time and get right into the best trampoline for gymnastics and fun!

Best Trampoline For Gymnastics

Let’s Take a Look At the Top 10 Selections:

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Zupapa No Gap 8-15ft Trampoline

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The first trampoline on the list comes in a perfect circle-shaped design. It is a good option for a jump of up to 15ft. Let us take a look at its quick features.

Quick Features

  • Huge Maximum Weight Capacity
  • Durable frame
  • Easily Assemblable
  • Tall enclosure net
  • Galvanized Springs

Huge maximum weight capacity

The Zupapa 8-15ft trampoline offers its competitors the highest maximum weight-bearing capacity. It can bear 425 pounds of weight simultaneously without messing with the jumping experience. This is probably the best trampoline for gymnastics.

Durable Frame

The frame of this trampoline is very durable and internationally certified. It has an outer coating of galvanized steel to keep it safe from scratching. Also, it makes it smooth and keeps the ones jumping safer.

Easily Assemblable

The entire process of attaching the parts and assembling the Zupapa trampoline is straightforward. It can be done in the backyard of your home. The included gloves protect you from hurting yourself during the process.

Tall enclosure net

The enclosure net of the Zupapa trampoline is as high as 8.9 feet. So you can enjoy jumping without the fear of ending up outside of it.

Galvanized springs

The springs, a total of 108 in number, to be placed below your trampoline, supports the mat well. They add to the smoothness of your jumping experience and give an extra push.

Why you should buy it

  • Tight and tall enclosure net
  • Flexible and water-resistant mat
  • Claimed maximum weight capacity of 425lbs

Cons to be aware of

  • Comparably less spacious to similar rectangular trampolines
  • Plastic clips for net

The Zupapa trampoline is great compared to its price tag. The product has multiple high-end features and is definitely the best mini trampoline for gymnastics.

ORCC 10-15ft trampoline

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ORCC trampoline is a versatile option among trampolines that is easy to set up and great for gymnastics activities at an amazing price.

Quick Features

  • Easy to set up
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Foam padding
  • Tall safety net
  • Heavy weight capacity
  • High-quality matt

Easy to set up

You can set up the ORCC trampoline easily in your backyard. It takes much less time and can be an excellent enjoyment for your kids or gymnastic activities.

Durable and long-lasting

The body of this trampoline is made from galvanized iron and is durable. It is a great choice for letting your children have fun. It has been coated with iron to prevent it from rusting and lasting longer.

Foam padding

With the 10mm foam padding on the poles of this trampoline, children are safe while jumping high and will not get hurt even if they are bashed against the pole. This way, even younger children can enjoy this trampoline.

Tall safety net

With the 6 feet tall safety net on this trampoline, you and your children can enjoy jumping on it without the fear of falling outside the trampoline. So even if you are not keeping on your children, they can be safe and enjoy themselves to the fullest.
Heavy weight capacity

The iron frame of the ORCC trampoline is good enough to bear a maximum weight of 400lbs without getting damaged. It is a great weight capacity at such a price, especially in a circular trampoline.

High-quality mat

The mat of this trampoline is of high quality with UV protection. This means it will not become hot even on a sunny day. So you or your children can enjoy it for longer. Other than that, it is water-resistant too.

Why I Recommend It

  • Safe for children
  • Economical
  • Rain cover
  • Durable body and ladder

What It Lacks

  • Not powerful enough for adult gymnastics

The ORCC trampoline is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable trampoline for gymnastics. The trampoline is safe and provides a healthy activity for them. But if you want one that allows adult gymnastics, you should go for the Zupapa trampoline.

Merax 16ft Trampoline

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This is probably the best professional trampoline for gymnastics with a circular shape on the list. The 16ft trampoline is a great value for money. It’s one investment for you and your children.

Quick Features

  • High safety enclosure
  • Stable and sturdy structure
  • High weight capacity
  • Padded poles
  • Strong springs
  • Built-in basketball hoop

High safety enclosure

The Merax 16ft tall trampoline is made by prioritizing your safety. Its 6ft high safety enclosure is good enough to protect your children without killing their enjoyment of jumping.

Stable and Sturdy Structure

The trampoline is made very solid to allow adult gymnastics. It features a heavy gauge body made from a durable iron alloy. The stability of the trampoline is made better by adding 6 W-shaped legs.

High weight capacity

The Merax trampoline has a very solid 800lbs of weight holding capacity. This makes sure adults can perform gymnastics without the fear of the trampoline getting damaged. The trampoline is approved by ASTM, a trustworthy company, to ensure product safety.

Padded poles

The trampoline is very safe for your children. It lets them enjoy themselves fully as the poles are covered with a thick foam pad. So they can jump higher and will not be hurt even if hit with the poles.

Strong springs

The spring of this trampoline is made of galvanized iron, so they are sturdy. They give you the extra push to jump higher to enjoy more or for gymnastics.

Built-in basketball hoop

A basketball hoop is added by default to the trampoline. It adds to the children’s enjoyment and helps them stay healthy and active.

Why it made to the list

  • 800lbs of weight-bearing capacity
  • A good price-to-feature ratio
  • Multiple safety options for children

What cons I found

  • The assembling process can be a headache

This trampoline is better than the previous options if we discuss features. But the features come with a price. You should only buy this trampoline if the focus is adult gymnastics and it is a backyard trampoline for gymnastics. However, if you are to buy one for children, choose any previous option and save money.

CalmMax 8-16ft Trampoline

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CalmMax trampoline has the main focus on the safety of its users. The trampoline comes in multiple sizes and targets a larger audience. It is a great gymnastics trampoline for home.

Quick Features

  • High safety standards
  • Extra bounce surface
  • High weight capacity
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Tall enclosure

High Safety Standards

The CalmMax trampolines come in different sizes, and each is approved by ASTM standards. The entire equipment, assembling procedure, and overall use are totally safe for you and your family.

Extra bounce surface

The bounce surface is made with high-quality polypropylene, which provides an extra bounce and a higher rebound rate. This increases the level of joy you feel while jumping on the trampoline. This is why it is one of the good trampolines for flips.

High weight capacity

The weight-bearing capacity of this trampoline is as high as 400lbs. It has been tested well, so you and your children can enjoy this trampoline together.

Durable and heavy-duty

The steel-made frame of this trampoline is a heavy-duty option for your family’s enjoyment. It further has a 3-layer rustproofing to make it durable and last longer.

Tall Enclosure

The CalmMax 16ft trampoline has a 6ft tall enclosure featuring a high-quality net. It reflects UV, does not fade, and does not tear easily. Its 360-degree net keeps your children safe from all sides.

What’s special about it

  • Best safety for kids
  • Strong, stable, and durable frame
  • UV-protected net

Buy if you don’t mind

  • Unclear information about warranty
  • Time-consuming assembling

The CalmMax trampoline is great to enjoy with your family in your backyard. It has some of the best safety features, coming at a competitive price. It is a better choice among the options above if you have small children and not looking for a gymnastics trampoline.

Skywalker Ultra Heavy Duty Trampolines

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Skywalker trampoline is a strong trampoline at an amazingly low price. It is a well-known trampoline manufacturer and a trustworthy option to go for.

Quick Features

  • Sturdy Frame
  • No-gap enclosure
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Spring pads

Sturdy Frame

The Skywalker heavy-duty trampoline’s frame is solid, made with galvanized steel, and fully rust-resistant. The 6 W-shaped legs provide satisfactory stability to enjoy better.

No-gap enclosure

The mat and the net in this trampoline are connected directly, and there is no gap in between. The unique design is safer for children and makes them less likely to hurt themselves.

Decent weight capacity

The weight capacity of this trampoline is a maximum of 275lbs. This is not the best on the list, but it is completely safe for children and lets them enjoy it fully.

Basketball Hoop

The added feature of a basketball hoop in this Skywalker heavy-duty trampoline makes it a better option. Children can not only jump but play basketball in it and not get bored easily.

Spring pads

The thick and foamy spring pads make the experience of jumping very smooth. They have a weatherproof material and cover the pointy springs pretty well.

What’s the best about it

  • Enjoy more with a lengthy height
  • Basketball hoop adds to fun activities
  • Soft padding for safer jumping

What it lacks

  • Limited Warranty

This skywalker trampoline has a wider space, is safer, and comes at an amazing price. Therefore it is highly recommended to buyers who value these features.

Sportspower Outdoor Trampoline

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This sportspower trampoline is the largest one by the company and should be bought after measuring the backyard. It is a great option to enjoy with your family at a competitive price.

Quick Features

  • Steel Body
  • Safe Enclosure
  • UV resistant mat and net
  • Fully padded body
  • Enhanced stability

Steel Body

The sportspower trampoline’s entire body is made of steel. This clearly indicates that it has a solid structure and is highly durable. It can be used for longer periods and have nothing to worry about.

Safe Enclosure

The net enclosure around this trampoline is satisfactory and keeps its users safe from falling badly. It is great if your children use it often and avoid injuries.

UV resistant mat and net

This trampoline’s net and mat are made of high-quality UV-resistant material. So it does not get warm even if it stays in sunlight, and the material does not wear out easily.

Fully padded body

The entire steel body of the trampoline is fully covered with a thick pad. This adds to the trampoline’s safety and keeps you or your children enjoying jumping on it.

Enhanced Stability

The stability of this trampoline is colossal as it has these unique U-shaped legs. This keeps it from displacing from its place while you jump on it. So you do not get imbalanced and are safe.

Why it made to the list

  • Durable and solid design
  • Very safe
  • UV resistant

Why you might reconsider

  • Not for gymnastics

The Sportspower 15ft trampoline is big in size, comes at a justifiable price, and safe for children. Though it is not an option for gymnastics but is highly recommended for kids if it can fit in your backyard. For gymnastics, you can go with ORCC or Zupapa trampoline.

BLUERISE 6-14ft Trampoline

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The bluerise trampoline provides a great variety to its buyers. The trampoline is available in multiple sizes and strives to make its products safer and optimized.

Quick Features

  • Thick iron pipes
  • Efficient springs
  • Tall guard pole
  • Windproof nails

Thick iron pipes

The iron pipes in the trampolines are made thicker compared to its competitors. This feature has increased the product’s durability and made it much safer for the children to enjoy.

Efficient Springs

The springs in this trampoline have been improved and made stronger. They add extra flexibility to your trampoline and allow children to jump higher and enjoy to the fullest.

Tall Guard Pole

The poles on this trampoline are built higher to increase safety. So your children can jump higher and still be safe due to these tall guard poles. The overall area looks wider too due to this feature.

Windproof nails

Bluerise trampoline comes with a number of windproof nails. These nails come in handy when the trampoline is built and kept in outdoor areas with a speedy wind.

What I love about it

  • Certified by TUV
  • Can be assembled quickly
  • The rust-resistant and the durable frame body

What you might not like

  • Springs are not of high quality

The Bluerise trampoline is strong and durable. Plus, the features it comes with justifying its price tag. It offers higher security and a smooth jumping experience. Springs can cause a problem. But you can always contact customer support for a quick solution.

Giantex 8-15ft Trampoline

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The main feature of this trampoline is the price it comes at. Basically, this trampoline targets parents looking for a safe trampoline on a tighter budget.

Quick Features

  • ASTM-approved safety features
  • Tough metal body
  • Foamed pipes
  • 360-degree enclosure
  • Decent weight capacity

ASTM Approved Safety Features

The trampoline has been tested multiple times and thoroughly by the ASTM. It is reliably safe and durable to be used by children.

Tough Metal Body

The frame is made from galvanized steel, and the pipes are thicker and stronger. It is also covered with a zinc layer to prevent early wearing and rust. So, it is a tough trampoline, good enough to last for a longer period.

Foamed Pipes

The metal pipes are fully covered with thick foam to prevent them from causing damage to children. So they’ll be safe even if they get bashed in it accidentally.

360-degree enclosure

The trampoline is covered with a solid enclosure net from all sides. It is a fair height so the children can jump higher and not accidentally fall out of the trampoline. Moreover, the mat is attached to the net, lowering the chances of accidents.

Decent weight capacity

The weight capacity of this budget trampoline for gymnastics is very decent. More than one person can jump on it and enjoy it without the fear of damaging the body or themselves getting hurt.

What makes it impressive

  • Very affordable
  • Quickly assemblable
  • Good for gymnastics

What needs to be improved

  • Does not come with ground anchors
  • Unclear instructions for beginners

This is a great trampoline to pick if you are on a tight budget and looking for an option for gymnastics. Though you can also look for a Merax trampoline if you have a higher budget.

SONGMICS 12-15ft Trampoline

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The songmics trampoline is a great option to buy if you often go on recreational trips with your children. It keeps them entertained and is definitely a great exercise to keep them active.

Quick Features

  • Basketball Hoop
  • Enclosure net
  • Safety pads
  • 108 strong springs
  • Solid frame

Basketball hoop

It can be a great addition to any trampoline, especially when you are on a trip. With the basketball hoop, the children can enjoy it more by playing basketball and jumping more.

Enclosure Net

The zipper and buckle enclosure net system keep the children safe inside the trampoline. They can jump higher and even fall but never get hurt due to this net. It covers the trampoline from all sides and is a great safety feature.

Safety Pads

The poles in this trampoline are covered with safety PVC pads. This feature prevents the children from hurting themselves badly if they get hit with the poles while jumping and playing on the trampoline.

108 Strong Springs

The number of springs is very high on this trampoline which is a positive point. The greater the number of springs, the more efficiently the distributed weight. This way, one can bounce higher and enjoy more.

Solid Frame

The body of the SONGMICS trampoline is made with steel and is highly durable. It has a decent max weight capacity. The legs, poles, joints, and double bolt connections, form an overall solid construction.

Why it made to the list

  • Decent weight capacity
  • Strong construction
  • Basketball hoop
  • Padded polls

What might be the problem

  • Fewer complain about weak net
  • Replacement parts are rare

Like any trampoline or any product, the SONGMICS trampoline has multiple pros along with some cons. The price is good, and it is a great option for recreational trips because it can be set up quickly and with little help.

BCAN 10-12ft Trampoline

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BCAN trampoline is an incredible entertainment option for the entire family. It is powerful, approved by ASTM, has some of the best features in it, and is at a competitive market price.

Quick Features

  • High maximum weight capacity
  • High-quality springs
  • Premium Enclosure
  • Tough build quality
  • Topend safety features

High Maximum weight capacity

The weight of this trampoline is the highest on the list. As claimed by BCAN, it can bear up to 480lbs of weight at the same time efficiently. So you and your family can have a great time together on this trampoline. It is good enough for gymnastics.

High-quality springs

This trampoline has 72 highly efficient springs which distribute the weight excellently. This allows them to provide an amazing bounce without damaging themselves.

Premium Enclosure

The enclosure net and the design are the best on the list. It has a height of almost 75 inches which is higher than any other trampoline on the market. The design is made to keep your kids safe and within the trampoline while enjoying it.

Tough-build quality

The trampoline as a whole is built to last longer and perform per the expectations. The net is UV resistant, while the mat is both waterproof and anti-slip. The structure and the material are tough and can withstand rain, sunlight, and wind.

Best features about it

  • Affordable price
  • Top-notch build quality
  • Premium Enclosure
  • Strong enough for gymnastics

What it lacks

  • Does not include instructions

This is the best trampoline for gymnastics on this list. The features and the pricing is way better than any other option on the list.

A Thorough Buying Guide to Buying a Trampoline

Now that you have gone through the best trampolines available in the market let’s understand the importance of each feature. This will allow you to decide which option to choose for yourself among the above trampolines, depending on your priorities of features.

Rectangular or Round Shape

You might think there is no shape effect and one can choose whatever he wants. But that is not true. Round trampolines are designed for children. This is because as they jump at any side of it, it pushes them towards the center. This keeps them safe while enjoying themselves. While rectangle trampolines have no such feature and are therefore used by gymnasts.


If you are buying one for fun, to keep your children entertained, 10 feet options are acceptable. If your children are bigger in height or you want to enjoy yourself, go for 13 feet options. While if you are a gymnast and need one for it, go for a height above 16 feet. These heights are recommended for maximum safety and entertainment of yours.


For recreational activities and for kids, a trampoline with fewer springs will be fine. But for gymnastics, you should opt for a trampoline with most springs for maximum efficiency. Though one cannot choose a trampoline solely on a spring basis. Similarly, if you are to put heavy weight on it, choose a trampoline with more springs for better distribution.

Safety Features

If buying a trampoline for kids, go for most of the safety features like a tall enclosure net, thickly padded poles, shock absorbers, double zipper nets, and softer nets. But if you are a gymnast, you can skip a feature or two depending on your professionalism in the domain.


1. What makes a trampoline suitable for gymnastics?

Trampolines designed for gymnastics often have a more responsive bounce and a larger surface area. The quality of the springs, mat, and frame is usually higher to support advanced moves and greater impact.

2. Are gymnastics trampolines more expensive?

Generally speaking, trampolines designed for gymnastics can be pricier due to the high-quality materials and specialized features they offer. However, there are budget-friendly options available too.

3. What size should I go for?

Size matters a lot in gymnastics. Larger trampolines, often 14 to 17 feet in diameter, give you more room for advanced maneuvers.

4. Is safety a concern with gymnastics trampolines?

Yes, safety is crucial, especially given the advanced moves performed. Look for trampolines with strong safety nets, durable frames, and high weight limits.

5. What are some trusted brands?

Brands like Acon, Skywalker, and Springfree are known for making trampolines that are both safe and suitable for gymnastics.

6. Can I use a gymnastics trampoline outdoors?

While most are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s crucial to ensure that the materials are weather-resistant if you plan to leave it outside.

7. Can I install it myself?

Gymnastics trampolines can be complex to set up due to their specialized features. It’s often recommended to seek professional installation to ensure maximum safety and performance.

8. What kind of maintenance is needed?

Given the high-intensity usage, frequent checks for wear and tear are crucial. Ensure the springs are in good shape and the mat is free of tears or stretches.

9. Do these trampolines come with warranties?

Most high-quality gymnastics trampolines come with extended warranties, especially on the frame and springs. Always read the fine print before purchasing.

10. Can adults use gymnastics trampolines?

Absolutely, as long as you stick to the trampoline’s weight and safety guidelines. In fact, many gymnastics trampolines are designed to accommodate both kids and adults.

11. Are there any additional accessories I should consider?

Extras like bounce boards or specialized mats can make practicing certain moves easier and safer.

12. Can I use a gymnastics trampoline for casual jumping?

While you can, it’s a bit like using a race car to go grocery shopping. These trampolines are optimized for performance and might not offer the gentle bounce some people prefer for casual use.

The list of best trampolines for gymnastics and recreational activities contains options suitable for every single person. Whether they are a gymnast looking for one for professional gymnastics or a parent looking for one to keep their children healthy and entertained.

The buying guide explained all the features and which ones are required to make it easier to choose. Make sure to go through the entire article to make the best trampoline in terms of features and price

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