Best Trampoline Under $500 (2024)

Are you looking for amusing ways to burn the extra fat? Do you have to miss out on a lot of family fun to lose all the weight you have put on? What if I tell you that you can pursue your fitness journey without missing out on fun moments with your family?

Yes, that’s right. I have an amazing recommendation for you that will grant you some memorable moments with your family and friends to cherish forever and help you get back in shape.

Frankly, I don’t want the same suffering that I went through for anyone else. I have decided to jot down the top 5 trampolines, including rectangle trampolines under $500 for you.

Continue reading and discover some gems for yourself!

Best Trampoline Under $500

Finest Picks Under $500:

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Skywalker Ultra HD Flippers Trampoline

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The first tested trampoline I will evaluate for you is the Skywalker HD Flippers. When I stepped into the market for the first time to buy trampolines, Skywalker was the brand recommended by a vast majority. At first, I was not sure if I should buy a Skywalker trampoline.

However, exploring the market and trying out trampolines from different brands, I realized that all the appreciation this brand receives is for good reasons. Let me take you through some of the critical features of this trampoline I came across over the past couple of years.

Quick Features

  • Safety Features
  • Easy Setup
  • Bouncy
  • Durable

Safety Features

When buying a product, especially a trampoline, you usually notice whether it’s safe to use. Falling off the trampoline is a significant risk, and many people stay from it merely because they fear falling off it. You must have seen trampolines that can be fixed to the ground by digging a hole.

However, these trampolines are not known for reducing the risks of falling off. That’s why Skywalker focuses on introducing some other safety features in its trampolines. These include safety nets, pads, and foam covering on the poles. In addition to this, all trampolines by Skywalker are ASTM certified, including the Skywalker HD flippers.

Easy Setup

Setting up a trampoline is a complex task; not everyone can figure out how to assemble the parts. However, the Skywalker HD flippers come with a manual guide. All the steps, names of parts, their placement, etc., are explained in detail in the manual. I have set up my trampoline, following the manual instructions carefully. A DVD explaining all the steps one after the other also comes in the box.


In addition to helping you with your fitness journey, another thing trampolines serve is bouncing. Most kids and adults enjoy having a good time on trampolines, and the trampolines with sturdy springs for higher bounces add to the fun even more. So, if you want high flights and great bounces on your trampoline, you need to try the Skywalker HD flippers. One of my cousin’s brothers loves this trampoline as he can flip over it as high as he wants.


Let’s be honest; no one has the time and money to buy trampolined again. There would rarely be a person willing to spend his money again and again on a trampoline just because the previous one is not functional anymore.

At least, I will not do this. To avoid this situation, it is highly crucial to get a trampoline that’s made using high-quality materials, and the Skywalker HD flippers trampoline is also like this.

The galvanized steel used in its frame, its rust-free exterior, and its polythene mat make it an extremely durable trampoline. The usual period of the Skywalker trampoline is three months to six years, and it can last much longer than that.

Some good things about the Skywalker HD Flippers

  • It comes with DVDs containing videos for easy assembling
  • This trampoline is highly durable because of the high-quality material used in its manufacturing
  • The frame of the trampoline is rust-resistant and UV protected
  • This trampoline can bear severe weather conditions

Some bad things about the Skywalker HD Flippers

  • The weight limit of this trampoline is less, i.e., 300 lbs.

If you are looking for a trampoline that’s an all-in-one package, the Skywalker HD Flippers trampoline is the best choice for you. You will get durability, safety, higher bounce, and a reasonable price in a single product. So, don’t look around the market anymore and get this trampoline now.

AOTOB 8-15ft Strong Family Trampoline

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One of my nephews loved the trampoline at my place when he once visited me. He grew a lot of fondness for it and kept on enquiring about it throughout his stay. I was touched by his love and how excited he seemed every time when we decided to spend some time in the backyard.

I own the Skywalker HD flippers trampoline, a super-safe one, so I wasn’t afraid of letting him jump on it. However, I wanted to gift him a trampoline made especially for kids and has all the specific features. I started hunting for the best rectangle trampoline under $500 for kids. The AOTOB trampoline was one such product I finally decided on because of its incredible features.

Quick Features

  • Safe for Kids
  • Zipper
  • Wear Resistant
  • Weight Capacity

Safe for Kids

The safety of trampolines is always something that tops the priority list when buying a trampoline. However, this feature is given utmost importance when it comes to kids. The AOTOB trampoline is designed to keep the safety of children in mind.

To avoid accidents and injuries during jumping, the jumping pad and spring cover are kept closer, saving children’s feet from getting stuck in the gap during the jumping process.

Additionally, the trampoline area is kept more than 8ft so kids can jump freely on it without losing contact. This trampoline has three u-shaped legs with six contact points for increased stability.


Kids are usually chivalrous and jump here and there without caring much about injuries. That’s why it’s essential to keep their safety above everything else. Like most trampolines, the AOTOB also comes with net closure of around 75 inches for added safety.

However, just net closure is not enough to keep children in their place. A little more care is needed for that, which is why the trampoline manufacturers have introduced a Zipper to the trampoline. This zipper extends throughout the length of the net enclosure. So, you can now relax while your kids enjoy their time on the trampoline.

Wear Resistant

Another thing I had to be careful about when choosing a trampoline for my nephew was wear resistance. Like most kids, my nephew is clumsy and tends to drop things here and there. Also, it’s hard to stop him from getting edibles everywhere.

That’s why I wanted a trampoline that features a waterproof and wear-resistant mat. The AOTOB trampoline is the best fit for that as I have seen my nephew dropping many things on the mat as expected, but the mat is still intact. That’s one feature of this trampoline you would rarely see in other trampolines.

Weight Capacity

Although when it comes to kids, you don’t need a trampoline with a considerable weight capacity. However, it should be sturdy enough to simultaneously hold three to four children. Fortunately, the AOTOB trampoline can hold at least three children at once, featuring a weight capacity of 400 lbs. To make the experience for kids even more exciting, this trampoline comes with a sturdy galvanized frame to avoid shaking while jumping.

Some good things about the AOTOB trampoline

  • It comes with a zipper on the net enclosure for added safety
  • This trampoline features a high weight capacity of up to 400 lbs.
  • The package gets delivered all at once, saving a lot of time
  • The mat, frame, and all parts of this product are wear-resistant

Some bad things about the AOTOB trampoline

  • It is comparatively hard to install
  • The trampoline is not too durable

If you are looking for a comfortable, safe, wear-resistant trampoline that can hold three to four kids at once, the AOTOB trampoline is a no-miss. Wear resistance is one feature of this trampoline that is hard to find. On the contrary, if durability is all you care about, the Skywalker HD flippers are a must-buy.

JUMPZYLLA Recreational Trampoline

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When it comes to trampolines, quality matters more than anything else; however, there is a general notion that quality products are expensive too. I am here to break all these assumptions and reveal the reality before you, which is usually the opposite of what we believe.

When buying a trampoline for one of my friends, my main focus was getting a good-quality product at a reasonable price. Although it took us a lot of time in the end, it was all worth it. Here are some quick features of the JUMPZYLLA trampoline that my friend got for himself.

Quick Features

  • High Quality
  • Easy Installation
  • Spacious
  • Weight Limit

High Quality

The JUMPZYLLA recreational trampoline is all about quality; even glancing at this product will make you feel the difference. When I was hunting for trampolines in the market, this one caught my attention just as I entered the shop, and it remained with me until my friend finally got it.

That’s how excellent this product is. It’s all because of the excellent quality products used in its manufacturing. Overall, the trampoline is made of foam and plastic, with its frame made of Alloy steel that’s waterproof and utterly immune to rust. The legs are powder coater, the ladder features a luxury cover, and 72 galvanized springs mark this trampoline.

Easy Installation

Installing a trampoline can be a tedious task, especially for noobs. However, this task is made easier with the manuals and video guides accompanying the trampoline. While buying the trampoline, my friend was always worried about its installation.

I could only ignore him as he was not yet aware of the manuals with easy-to-follow instructions accompanying the trampoline. It was after he opened the box that he realized why I was quiet all this while whenever he mentioned the installation of a trampoline.

At first, he was unsure, but as he proceeded with me towards the steps on the manual and videos, he finally started enjoying it, and we were done with the entire setup process in around 40 minutes.


Usually, trampolines come with all the incredible features but lack a lot of space, making it hard to accommodate more kids even if the weight capacity is immense. With the Jumpzylla trampoline, it’s now possible to you to enjoy yourself along with your kids without worrying about accidents and injuries. On the 12 feet space of this product, you and your kids can enjoy an excellent bouncing experience.

Weight Limit

This is another feature that makes a huge difference when getting a trampoline. My friend was getting a trampoline for his entire family, especially many kids at his place. That’s why it was highly crucial to get a trampoline that features a high weight limit.

Fortunately, this trampoline can support around 125 pounds of weight at once. However, it can also bear a weight of up to 400 pounds in some cases. So, you can now have a lot of fun with your kids on this trampoline, thanks to its vast weight limit.

Some good things about the JUMPZYLLA Trampoline

  • This trampoline is relatively easy to install, thanks to videos and manuals accompanying it.
  • It has a significantly higher weight capacity
  • The price of this trampoline is quite reasonable
  • It is pretty durable because of the high-quality material used in its manufacturing.

Some bad things about the JUMPZYLLA trampoline

  • This trampoline is a little small for adults

The Jumpzylla recreational trampoline is the best trampoline to go for if you want a product that can last you for a long time. Although the Skywalker HD flipper is also a durable product, the quality of material used in the Jumpzylla trampoline is far better than Skywalker.

So, on durability, nothing can beat Jumpzylla. On the other hand, if your focus is comfort and the safety of your kids matters the most to you, the AOTOB trampoline needs to be at your place.

Doufit High Capacity Trampoline

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The next product I will review here is one of my favorite trampolines. This is the second trampoline I own, and I am super fond of it for its great features. However, trampolines are usually a way of having fun, entertainment, and enjoying happy moments with your family.

Although, they also serve another primary purpose, which most people ignore. They are meant to help you reduce weight and pursue your fitness journey with a lot more fun. That was the very purpose for which I bought the Doufit trampoline. Some of the critical features of this product are listed below.

Quick Features

  • Fitness
  • High Bounce
  • Weather Resistant
  • Reliable


If you are bored of going to the gym to burn the extra fat off you, it’s time to change your regime with the Doufit trampoline. After trying to lose weight for a long time, I started getting frustrated with the usual exercise routine.

It was my gym trainer who recommended I go for a trampoline. Although I already owned one, he advised me to get the Doufit trampoline which is known to do wonders regarding fitness concerns, and he was utterly right. Ever since I got the Doufit trampoline, exercise time is something I have started looking forward to.

High Bounce

Although this trampoline is known for boosting your fitness regime, it has some other great features that make more people want to buy it. The high bounce it provides is also one such feature. When I tried out this trampoline for the first time in the market, I stepped onto it like my previous trampoline, but I was shocked to see its high bounce. I was up in the air for the next few seconds with just a little push. Perhaps the higher bounce of the Doufit trampoline contributes to burning the excess fat off you.

Weather Resistant

Unlike other trampolines reviewed above, the Doufit trampoline is an outdoor trampoline. Usually, outdoor trampolines have several additional features that make them better than indoor trampolines. Be it the durability, quality of materials, or any other factor related to life span; outdoor trampolines have always been outdoing indoor ones.

One feature of this trampoline that makes it a perfect product for the outdoors is its weather resistance. This trampoline can withstand severe rain and wind conditions pretty easily. You will never notice any wear and tear on this product after severe weather conditions, which makes it a low-maintenance product.


Let me ask you a question; what makes a trampoline reliable? Yes, you were close; it’s the safety features the trampoline comes with along with some other things like the quality of materials used in its manufacturing and stability. Regarding reliability is concerned, with the Doufit trampoline, I never had to worry about my kids’ safety. Like the AOTOB trampoline, it also has a zipper on the net enclosure for maximum safety.

Some good things about the Doufit Trampoline

  • This trampoline offers a high bounce
  • It supports a high-weight capacity
  • You will get a warranty of one year with this product
  • This trampoline is weather resistant and waterproof, making it a perfect outdoor product

Some bad things about the Doufit Trampoline

  • You cannot install this trampoline in indoor settings as it’s huge

The AOTOB trampoline and Doufit trampoline have some features that make them the safest products for kids. However, if you are more concerned about fitness, the Doufit trampoline is the one for you, and for comfort, AOTOB will work best.

Similarly, the Skywalker trampoline is also durable like Doufit. So, if fitness is not your biggest concern, it’s good to try the Skywalker HD flippers. However, regardless of its unique features, the Doufit trampoline can still not cross Jumpzylla on being durable.

SKOK Outdoor Inexpensive Trampoline

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The final product up for review here is the SKOK outdoor trampoline. Getting your hands on an outdoor trampoline that’s neither too big nor too small and is equipped with all the great features you want in a trampoline is a complex task.

Nevertheless, the SKOK outdoor trampoline is here to help you enjoy a hassle-free jumping experience without worrying about anything else. My first encounter with this trampoline was at my neighbor’s place, and ever since I jumped on it for the first time, there has been a significant increase in my visits to my neighbors. Here are some quick features of the SKOK outdoor that made me fall in love with it.

Quick Features

  • Heavy-Duty Frame
  • Quick Packaging and Delivery
  • Springs
  • Basketball Hoop

Heavy-Duty Frame

Do you know what makes a trampoline durable and helps it stay with you for a long time? It’s the frame. Most companies making trampolines have been scamming users for quite a long time. They use materials that look good but are cheap and low-quality, leading to prematurely wearing trampolines.

However, the SKOK trampoline is ASTM certified for safety due to the high-quality material used in its manufacturing. Be it the three u-shaped legs of this trampoline made from galvanized steel or its heavy-duty frame, everything about the SKOK trampoline is top-notch.

Quick Packaging and Delivery

I have seen many of my friends complain about the delivery time of trampolines over the last couple of years. The delivery process usually takes at least one month, and it can even go to three months in some cases. Do you know what the worst part is?

Even after waiting for such a prolonged duration, the package they receive is usually incomplete or broken. This is because companies don’t generally pay heed to the packaging process, which damages the product even before reaching the buyer. The SKOK trampoline is known for taking much less time to reach the buyer, and all the trampoline parts are packed separately for protection.


Trampolines are known for providing you with bounce and a great jumping experience. But for a trampoline to provide the best experience, its springs must be sturdy and high-quality. Usually, the trampolines with a low bounce have less number of springs.

That’s not the case with the SKOK trampoline. It features 60 springs, and each of them is 145mm. All these springs are distributed evenly through the trampolines’ surface, providing an incredible jumping experience. Additionally, due to a large number of springs, the weight limit of this trampoline is immense, i.e., 400 lbs.

Basketball Hoop

Some of the SKOK trampolines also come with a basketball hoop. This adds a lot to the fun of jumping on the trampoline, and you can lose all your extra fats while playing with your friends and family. The one my neighbor has doesn’t include a hoop, but he can do the customization anytime and include a basketball hoop.

Some good things about the SKOK Trampoline

  • This trampoline is relatively safe for kids because of the 360 degrees net enclosure.
  • It is ASTM certified for safety.
  • The price of the SKOK trampoline is pretty reasonable
  • High-quality galvanized springs used in a large number provide a higher bounce.

Some bad things about the SKOK Trampoline

  • It is relatively hard to install
  • The plastic caps at the end of the legs are not too sturdy

If I had to choose between all the trampolines mentioned here, I would go with the Doufit trampoline any day. The durability, fitness features, and weather resistance of this trampoline are some features not easily found in trampolines.

However, I also like the Skywalker and AOTOB trampolines regarding durability and safety. I am equally fond of Jumpzylla for its higher weight limit and SKOK for its heavy-duty frame. Nothing can still take the place of Doufit for me.

Detailed Buying Guide For The Best Trampoline

Getting a trampoline might seem fun and exciting task, right? But it isn’t that fun. It can get tiring to find the best trampoline with a high weight capacity of under $500. To reduce the burden and simplify the task, we have compiled a comprehensive guide for you on buying the best trampoline with a basketball hoop backyard for under $500. Let’s consider the things you need to consider when getting a trampoline for teenage fun.


Trampoline is not something you will use for one time and save for future use, and it gets used pretty often, so comfort matters a lot. Getting a trampoline equipped with safety pads, foam, and springs covered with luxurious fabric will provide you with a lot of ease. This also makes you want to jump more often on the trampoline, ultimately helping you to lose weight.


Trampoline is mostly a one-time investment, and as you are to spend a lot of money, it’s essential to ensure that the product you are getting will last you longer. Durability is one factor you must give utmost importance to when buying yourself a trampoline under $300 or $500 or whatever price range you have.


Trampolines usually come in a large number of shapes, i.e., they can be round, oval, hexagon, rectangular, square, etc. Each of these shapes is known for a particular purpose. For example, the round shape provides more stability and safety, and the rectangular ones work well for fitness freaks and gymnasts. So, before getting a trampoline for yourself, it’s essential to know the purpose and decide on a trampoline shape accordingly.

Space or Size

The space available on a trampoline also makes a lot of difference as it will decide how comfortably you can jump. Different shapes and sizes of trampolines are available in the market, from minor to medium. Determining the number of people you want to adjust on the trampoline will help you decide on the size or shape.


1. What kind of quality can I expect in this budget range?

Generally, trampolines priced around $500 offer a good balance between safety and durability but may lack some high-end features like extra padding or advanced spring systems.

2. Is it safe for my kids to use a budget-friendly trampoline?

While safety features like net enclosures and padded springs are common even in budget options, always make sure to read reviews and check safety certifications.

3. What’s the biggest size available within my budget?

You can find reasonably large models (up to 15 feet in diameter) without going over budget, but be prepared to compromise on some features or materials.

4. Which brands should I consider?

Popular brands like Skywalker and Merax often offer good-quality, budget-friendly options. Customer reviews and expert recommendations can provide additional insights.

5. Can I use it for exercise, or is it just for fun?

Most budget-friendly trampolines are versatile enough for both exercise and recreational use, although they might not be optimized for high-intensity workouts.

6. Do I need a handyman to assemble it?

Most models are designed for easy DIY assembly. Basic tools and an extra pair of hands usually suffice for setting it up.

7. What about warranty coverage?

Limited warranties are standard for trampolines in this price range. Typically, the frame and mat may be covered for a few years, while other parts like springs might have a shorter warranty period.

8. Do they come with any accessories?

Some models include accessories like ladders, but add-ons like basketball hoops are less common and may need to be purchased separately.

9. How do I protect it from the weather?

Look for models with weather-resistant materials and consider buying a cover for added protection during harsh weather.

10. How often will I need to perform maintenance?

Periodic checks for loose bolts, frayed nets, and worn springs are usually sufficient. If left outdoors, you might need to clean it more often to remove leaves and other debris.

Trampolines are undoubtedly loved and appreciated by people all around the world. Many different features of these trampolines make them popular among the masses. Be it fitness, entertainment, or fun, these trampolines can provide it all.

If I were to pick the trampolines I like the most, the Doufit trampoline would top the list for me. Being a fitness freak, I love the versatility, bounce, and fitness features this trampoline offers. The fact that it is pretty affordable makes it even more likable for me.

My second pick would be the Jumpzylla trampoline. If you want a trampoline that stays with you for longer, the Jumpzylla trampoline will be the right fit for you.

You can also pick one trampoline that fits your needs the best of all the trampolines reviewed here. Seek help from the buying guide and get the best trampoline for yourself.

Have a good day!

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