Best Trampoline With High Weight Limit

Trampolines are usually giant and can hold multiple jumpers at once.  Among all the other features of a trampoline, the one that numerous users look out for is its weight limit. I remember when I got my first trampoline, the maximum limit for them used to be 450lbs.

I visited the market around 1.5 years ago and saw a lot has changed. There were many trampolines with a much higher weight threshold. 500, 600, 800, and up to 1500 were the highest-weighed trampolines I came across. I must say that it all changed for the better.

In the past, I used to struggle a lot to convince my family members that they could not all just slide over the mat. There is a limit they have to pay heed to. It wasn’t that fun to jump on the trampoline when most of the family members were waiting for their turn.

After researching for over a year, I finally mustered up the courage to get a trampoline with a more prominent weight threshold. Since I got that, I started feeling much more excited about getting on the trampoline.

You don’t need to refrain from this pleasure and can get one for yourself too. Before that, for a better overview, make sure to read this article and have a look at my recommendations.

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1. YORIN 1500LBS 16FT Heavy Adult Trampoline

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For people wanting a giant trampoline that can fill their small yard and their heart, the YORIN trampoline is the best choice. Even the first glance of the trampoline is enough to let you know of the effort that has gone into manufacturing it. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s one of the bulkiest trampolines you will ever find on the market. I was shocked when I saw the YORIN trampoline for the best time, and I had never seen this giant trampoline in my life. Despite being large, it has all the features you want in your dream trampoline.

Quick Features

  • Heavy-Duty Frame
  • Weight Limit
  • Removable Ladder
  • Stability
  • Bounce Quality
  • Manual Guide
  • Accessories

Heavy-Duty Frame

The first incredible feature of the YORIN trampoline is its frame, as it’s a heavy-duty trampoline. When I say heavy duty, I mean it in literal terms. Not only does the frame weigh too much, but it is almost impossible to move it on your own. But the frame has several kilos of steel used in its manufacturing.

Talking about the quality of steel used in making the trampoline, extremely high-quality galvanized steel material is used. The frame is super vital that you’ll rarely find any dents on its surface.

Weight Limit

The weight capacity of the YORIN trampoline is the highest you will ever find. Your entire family can have fun on the mat at once, and the mat will not even move an inch. Your dream of jumping on a trampoline with all your family can become a reality now. No matter how much you move around on the mat, its quality won’t ever be affected. It can easily bear a weight of up to 1500lbs.

Removable Ladder

As the trampoline is super giant, all its components are equally significant to match it. Even the ladder you get in the box is too big and high quality. The fun part is that you can easily remove the ladder when it’s not in use.

There is no need to limit the use of the ladder just to climb on and off of the trampoline with it. You can also use it to conveniently get other tasks at your home done. Thanks to the extraordinary quality of the ladder, it won’t suffer much.


The more the size of a trampoline is, the more stability you need to be able to jump securely on it. The YORIN trampoline has different components and features to ensure you jump safely on it, and its overall design says a lot about its stability. All additional components, from the legs to the thick material used in the mat, facilitate your bouncing experience over it. The legs are bent a little inwards for extra support.

Bounce Quality

In addition to being rich in space, the trampoline has an excellent bounce quality to offer its users. The mat comes with safety pads distributed all over its surface, which is done to ensure you get a good bounce. The trampoline will start applying force on you when you step on the mat. Later, this force facilitates your flips and tricks on the trampoline.

Manual Guide

A large trampoline is generally harder to assemble compared to a smaller one. It’s because many screws are used to put a giant trampoline together. This will ultimately take a long time, increasing the chances of messing up the process.

It comes with a manual guide to ensure that you set all the components in the right place and don’t mess up. In addition to explaining everything in easy-to-follow instructions, the manual guide also presents you with graphical representations.


You get a vast range of additional accessories with the trampoline. This way, you won’t feel sad about the large amount you paid for it. Cleaning and maintenance of a trampoline are crucial to make it last longer, so you get a water sprinkler in the box.

To keep the trampoline safe from dust and dirt, it also comes with 16 pairs of trampoline socks. Whoever is playing on the trampoline needs to get it on, and the trampoline will remain new for years to come. A spring loading tool, basketball hoop set, and spring cover pad are some other accessories you get in the box.

What are the attributes of the YORIN trampoline?

  • You get a large surface area to jump on.
  • It is ASTM certified for being a stable and reliable trampoline
  • The frame is UV resistant and rust-resistant so that it will last long
  • The trampoline comes with multiple valuable accessories saving your money

What are the inabilities of the YORIN trampoline?

  • It is an expensive product.
  • The quality of the safety net is not the best, and it starts to wear out quickly.

The YORIN trampoline is a good product for people who have a large backyard and want to enjoy fun family time. It’s ideal for large families who can afford to spend a large sum of money on it. One concern many users have with the trampoline is its poor quality net; they had to pay extra money to get a better net for safety purposes.

2. Exacme Heavy Duty High Capacity Trampoline Safety Net                             

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The Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline is one of the most affordable trampolines. This is your best buy if you can’t bear seeing your account empty in a few minutes. Being affordable doesn’t mean it is less than other feature-rich trampolines. Instead, you get all the fantastic features that make a trampoline stand out among the rest in the Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline.

Quick Features

  • Springs
  • Enclosure Net
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Weight Limit
  • W-Shaped Legs
  • Steel Ladder
  • Affordable


The immersive springs of the Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline are one feature that makes it different from other similar trampolines. Usually, no matter what the size of your trampolines, the largest spring size you get is only 5.5 inches. But guess what?

Regardless of your trampoline size, the Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline comes with a spring that’s 7 inches long. It improves rebounding, dramatically increasing your bouncing experience on the mat.

Enclosure Net

To make you feel safe and stable on the trampoline, the Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline comes with an enclosure net. The raw materials used in the making of the net are incredibly high-quality. It significantly reduces the chances of you falling off the trampoline surface.

Additionally, you can jump all over the trampoline without fearing hitting the ground. One differentiating factor of the Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline safety net from others is that it comes with its legs for added safety.

Sturdy Frame

It’s another great feature of the trampoline, as the frame is what makes you feel protected on a trampoline. As the name suggests, it’s a heavy-duty trampoline. In simple words, it means that the trampoline frame is super solid and sturdy.

Due to this, the trampoline can withstand considerable weight. Also, it keeps the trampoline poles straight for a longer time. The frame of the Exacme trampoline is rust-resistant, too, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Weight Limit

The Exacme Heavy Duty trampoline comes in between the two weight thresholds. It can be called a trampoline with a 300lbs weight limit and a 400lbs weight limit, and the actual number is 375lbs. It’s ideal for trampolines that can stand the weight of multiple teenagers. The sturdy frame of the trampoline also adds to its weight-bearing capacity.

W-shaped Legs

No matter your trampoline’s weight-bearing threshold, too many people fear getting on it at once. But with the Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline, it’s not something you need to feel concerned about.

In addition to supporting the heavyweight limit of the trampoline via its sturdy frame, the shape of the legs plays their part too. You get w-shaped legs with the Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline, known for stabilizing your trampoline and preventing it from wobbling.

Steel Ladder

More than the trampoline, most people fear getting on the ladder. I also used to fear climbing the ladder as a child. I also remember making my sister stand on the last paddle while I climb up a ladder.

As the Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline mat is a great height from the ground to keep it from hitting the bottom, you need to climb relatively high to reach the mat. The steel ladder of the trampoline doesn’t only provides a firm grip but is immune to shaking and wobbling. You can now get to your mat fearlessly.


As discussed earlier, the price of the Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline is pretty affordable. It is perhaps one of the very few trampolines with these features available at such a price.

When I saw the cost of the Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline for the first time, I frankly cross-checked it multiple times. That’s how unbelievable it was for me. But, it’s your luck that you get all these exciting features at such an affordable price.

What are the attributes of Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline?

  • The trampoline is pretty reasonably priced.
  • The safety net comes with its legs for added stability
  • Its immersive springs provide a great rebounding effect
  • The installation and assembly of the trampoline are pretty hassle-free

What are the inabilities of Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline?

  • Though it’s durable but not the best choice for long-term use
  • The zipper stops working properly with time

The Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline is a great trampoline option when it comes to durability and easy maintenance. As the trampoline is weather-resistant, you don’t have to worry about protecting it from severe weather conditions.

One downside of the trampoline is its poor-quality zipper that stops working. Overall, it’s a fabulous affordable option compared to the YORIN trampoline, which is a big load on your pocket.

3. Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline      

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Zupapa is a pioneer in making no-gap trampolines. It’s the first brand that gave thought to user protection and safety and made sure to solve their problems. Zupapa is known for manufacturing high-quality trampolines. But one thing that differentiates the brand from others is its importance to users’ concerns. Zupapa takes feedback very seriously and ensures to implement it in the following product they manufacture. Perhaps, the no-gap technology was a result of it too.

Quick Features

  • Easy Assemble
  • Safety
  • Spacious
  • Bounce
  • Net Poles
  • Weight Capacity
  • Accessories

Easy Assembly

Despite being a giant heavy-duty trampoline, the Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline was easy to assemble. When I ordered the trampoline, it came in three boxes and seeing all those components made me worry about its assembly.

Before heading towards the assembling process, I had mentally prepared myself to spend the next four-five hours struggling with different parts of the Zupapa trampoline. To my surprise, it took only two to three hours to put together the entire trampoline due to the easy-to-follow instructions in the guide.


Safety is a primary concern of users, especially with outdoor trampolines with high weight limits. On hearing that a trampoline has a higher weight threshold, numerous people jump on it, which can be a hazard to their safety.

To facilitate multiple users wanting to enjoy at once on the trampoline, the Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline comes with a thick jumping mat and legs bent inwards for safety.


On the Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline, you get a 16ft jumping area. One thing that I find most frustrating while bouncing on a trampoline is bumping into the other person on the mat, and this usually happens because of a lack of enough space on the mat.

Fortunately, the Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline features a diameter of 16ft. This means that more than one person can enjoy the trampoline and move around freely without contacting one another.


The trampoline features 7 inches long springs known to provide you with a better bounce. The immersive springs apply a significant force on you, allowing you to jump high in the air.

The mat also comes with safety pads to make the bouncing experience hassle-free. In addition to the high weight limit, the foaming cover over the springs is another thing improving the bounce quality of the Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline.

Net Poles

The Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline features multiple net poles for extra safety and stability. In addition to the presence of poles for supporting the mat, you get some other poles to support the net.

Generally, trampolines have the same poles supporting the mat and the net. Due to this, the safety enclosure net fails to provide you with the appropriate safety. To ensure that all the jumpers stay safe, the Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline comes with extra poles.

Weight Capacity

The weight limit of the Zupapa trampoline is over 425 lbs. It’s a decent weight threshold and can hold numerous toddlers together on the trampoline. A teenager can also do backflips on the trampoline surface without worrying much about weight. It’s an ideal trampoline with a 350lbs weight limit or higher, depending on the model. The Zupapa trampoline is equipped with no-gap technology too.


Like other heavy-duty trampolines from reputable brands, the Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline also comes with multiple additional accessories. You get steel clamps in the box. The clamps keep the poles and the frame tightly holding together, reducing the chances of the trampoline wobbling and shaking when multiple people jump on it. The slip-resistant grippers coming with the trampoline keep it safe from sliding.

What are the attributes of Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline?

  • For better bounce, the trampoline features 12 springs
  • Its no-gap technology keeps you from falling and hitting the ground
  • The safety net has its separate poles for better safety
  • It has a high weight limit of up to 425lbs

What are the inabilities of the Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline?

  • The overall stitching of the trampoline is poor
  • The trampoline is not too durable

The Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline makes the best choice for people who want to ensure extra safety and don’t mind paying a little more for comfort. This trampoline isn’t stitched the best, and the mat keeps breaking from certain places with time.

The net poles are also not too robust and can bend easily with time. Another expensive trampoline with a lot of valuable features is the YORIN trampoline. On the contrary, if you want an affordable alternative between the two, the Exacme Heavy Duty trampoline is a great option.

4. Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline with Balance Bar                                   

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Balancing on a trampoline is one of the most challenging things to do. Similarly, it’s equally challenging for kids to maintain a steady balance on the imbalanced surface of a trampoline mat. The Upgraded brand has always come to the rescue of its customers. While making the Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline, the manufacturers have prioritized the significant customers’ concerns first.

Quick Features

  • Certifications
  • Bounce
  • Balance Bar
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Double Protection
  • Ladder
  • Weight Limit


Although most trampoline manufacturing companies have built enough trust in the market that users now blindly trust their words. Most of the time, the big brands’ claims are also valid. But claims are never a surety, especially for people getting a trampoline for the first time.

One thing that can convince them to get a trampoline is documental proof. That’s precisely what you get with the Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline. It is certified by ASTM for safety and is as per the ASTM F381, F2225, D638 & AATCC 169 safety standards.


The most critical requirement of users getting high-quality trampolines is a great bounce. Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline features 80 springs made using galvanized steel, rust-resistant and high quality. Additionally, the springs are covered with a layer of foaming pad to provide you with a better bounce.

Balance Bar

As mentioned earlier, balancing on a trampoline is not easy, and not everyone can do that. Thanks to the balancing bar you get with the Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline, you can now stand straight on the mat, and it dramatically assists people who want to learn new tricks on the trampoline. The best part is that the bar is adjustable, so you can easily position it according to height.

Basketball Hoop

The Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline comes with a basketball hoop to add excitement to your life and fill your time on the trampoline with fun. The hoop is a great attraction for children. So if you have to make a great effort to force your kid into physical activities, it can be helpful to you. Due to the high level of flexibility the Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline offers, hitting the goal gets easier.

Double Protection

Like other heavyweight trampolines, this one also comes with an enclosure net. But as the Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline has a higher weight threshold, it needs more safety and protection.

The frame is protected with a high-quality enclosure net from all sides. You get two nets on the trampoline, one on the inside to keep children from getting injured by stepping on springs. The other covers the trampoline from the outside, thus preventing them from falling.


Many children are afraid of climbing the ladders, especially when the mat is present at a great height from the ground. The Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline has a ladder with support on both sides. Also, all the steps are too broad and close together that the chances of falling off of it reduce significantly.

Weight Limit

The Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline is a trampoline with an 800lbs weight limit. This way, it’s the second most weighted trampoline among all the others reviewed here. The high threshold of the trampoline, i.e., 750lbs., enables it to bear multiple people moving around on it for a long time. As per research, it can act well even by a continuous movement for 6000 hrs.

What are the attributes of an Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline?

  • It comes with 80+ springs for better bounce and stability
  • The weight limit of the trampoline is pretty high, i.e., 750lbs.
  • You get a high-quality ladder with the trampoline.
  • Double safety nets are installed on the trampoline for extra protection

What are the inabilities of Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline?

  • The installation process is quite tricky and hard
  • Shipment is often delayed and incomplete

The Upgraded Heavy Weight Trampoline is the right fit if you want a trampoline with the best bounce and high weight limit. Though the trampoline is a bit hard to assemble and sometimes delivered with some broken pieces, the customer service is fast and always at your help in such cases.

Similarly, if you want an affordable option, the Exacme heavy-duty trampoline is something you can check out. For high-end trampolines that are pricier, too, you can get your hands on the Zupapa No-Gap Outdoor Trampoline or YORIN trampoline.

How to Get the Best trampoline With a High Weight Limit?

There are hundreds of trampolines with a higher weight threshold in the market. Seeing all these trampolines, it’s very likely to get confused and unable to decide which one is better. But don’t fret; I have listed some characteristics that make a good trampoline. You need to find these features in a trampoline and get it.


A trampoline that’s made using premium quality raw materials will last you for a longer duration. Investing in a durable trampoline is always beneficial as you won’t regret spending a massive sum of money. Moreover, this saves you from struggling to find and set up a trampoline all over again.

Weight Capacity

It’s the most crucial thing to look out for. Before stepping out, ensure to determine your required weight for a trampoline. Once you figure out what you need, there is no chance of going below it. Yes, going beyond it will conversely be more beneficial for you. But make sure not to go too overboard as this will make you spend a lot of extra money too.

Bounce Quality

Before getting a trampoline, it’s better to try it out once. If you’re getting one on your own from a market, there is no harm in trying to jump over it for once, and it allows you to determine the bounce it’s going to offer.

Jumping Space

For a heavyweight trampoline, it’s essential to feature a giant jumping surface too. If your trampoline has a higher weight threshold but lacks enough space to accommodate more people, its higher limit is also no use. Also, a spacious trampoline is always more fun to jump on than a compact one as you move freely over it.


What would be the correct trampoline weight limit for heavy adults?

The 15ft to 16ft trampolines with a weight limit of up to 600lbs. make the right choice for heavy adults.

Is the 400 to 600lbs weight limit trampoline enough for overweight people?

Yes, a trampoline with 400 to 600lbs makes a good choice for overweight people. You can go beyond this limit and get one with a capacity of 800lbs too.

Should you buy a standard trampoline or a springless trampoline?

With springless trampolines, there are no risks as you won’t get harmed by the springs. Spring-based or standard trampolines, on the other hand, can cause injuries. But the traditional trampoline also comes with a foaming cover over the springs. So, they are no longer too dangerous either.           

Final Note

That’s all from my side on the best trampolines with immense weight. It’s on you to find the best-suited trampoline for yourself and initiate your journey. You can also recommend the best ones to others and learn about their experience.

To spice the discussion up a bit, I will share the one trampoline I like the most. It’s the Exacme Heavy-Duty Trampoline. I like the brand too and genuinely appreciate them for keeping the user’s experience above everything else. The trampoline is not only affordable but is equipped with literally all the features that matter.