Best Trampolines Under $300 (2024)

Budget is not something most people care about when it comes to sports purchases, gym equipment, rebounders, trampolines, and other such fitness purchases.

All these products are generally believed to be much more expensive and demanding. Conversely, the reality is otherwise.

Regardless of the product, you can always set a budget and stay within it until you want some extra features. When I decided to buy a trampoline for myself for the first time, I didn’t want to spend much money as I wasn’t sure if trampolines suited me. What I did was that I set a budget, i.e., $300 for myself, and kept it in mind when exploring the market.

Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed as I discovered some incredible trampolines within this budget. But to be honest with you, it was not an easy task. It took me much longer than usual, but I didn’t lose hope. My options were also relatively fewer, but I am satisfied and content with what I have.

To save time and protect you from the struggle of finding the best outdoor trampolines under $300, I decided to write down my experience and recommendations for you.

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SONGMICS Recreational Multi HD Trampoline

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Buying a trampoline is unlike purchasing any other regular product; a whole thought process goes behind it. This process is quite tiring, from choosing the right size for yourself to considering the price, build quality, frame, durability, and all such factors.

With the Songmics Recreational Multi HD trampoline, you will feel contentment and be satisfied that all the hectic process you had to go through was worth it.

Quick Features

  • High-Quality Frame
  • Jumping Pads
  • High Weight Limit
  • Sturdy Springs
  • Reliable

High-Quality Frame

The first thing I usually notice when getting a trampoline for myself or my friends and family is its frame. Though technically, the mat is my biggest concern, the frame always attracts my attention.

I cannot help myself from falling for high-quality frames as they are the foundation to keep your trampolines alive and make them last longer.

No matter how good the jumping mat is, if the frame is not up to mark, there is no use. With the Songmics trampoline, you get a strong frame that provides the best support to your mat.

Jumping Pads

Usually, manufacturers use high-quality and exceptional material in the entire trampoline building, but one part they often seem to forget is the jumping pads. Even after using the best material and making the pads all perfect, these mats lack jumping pads.

Though frame, durability, and all such things matter a lot, if you don’t feel comfortable on a trampoline, you would never want to jump again on it. This trampoline features jumping pads to make users feel the comfort they crave.

High Weight Limit

Weight limit is often considered while getting a trampoline. When determining the best-suited trampoline for yourself, you first need to refresh your idea of a fun evening on the trampoline.

If you want multiple family members to jump together, you would need a trampoline with a much higher weight limit than usual. The weight limit of this trampoline by Songmics is 331 pounds which means it will suffice for multiple jumpers.

Sturdy Springs

After the frame, springs provide stability and support to your trampoline. If the springs are low quality and often pierce the mat, making you fix the hole over and over again, this will not only waste your time, but you will also never get the comfort you always wanted from a trampoline.

The sprigs on this trampoline are quite sturdy, providing a comfortable flight and saving you from any trouble.


It’s not easy to rely on a product, especially one like a trampoline, where the chances of injury are significantly higher than in any other sport. But what if the officials or authorities give you a guarantee about the trampoline? Would you still be reluctant to put your full faith in it?

This trampoline by Songmics is ASTM & GC certified and is called to be the safest and most reliable product.

Why love this trampoline?

  • It is ASTM & GC certified for being a reliable product
  • This trampoline is relatively smooth and comforting to jump on
  • The W-shape legs provide more stability
  • Mat is extremely soft and sturdy

Why hate this trampoline?

  • The package sometimes misses your important things
  • The manual guide wasn’t much help

If you want a comfortable and reliable trampoline that keeps your children busy and entertained even when you are not around, this recreational ultra HD trampoline by Songmics is the best purchase.

The fact that it’s affordable too makes it even easier for you to make a decision.

JUMPZYLLA Enclosure Jumper King Trampoline

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No matter how careful you are and how hard you try to keep your trampoline safe and protected, children will face one problem or the other with children. I remember once my nephew got onto the trampoline in my sister’s backyard with water in his hand, and it all got spilled on the mat.

For the next few days, my sister tried to get rid of the watermark as it didn’t dry on its own in winter. To avoid such situations, getting a waterproof and high-resistance trampoline like the Jumpzylla enclosure trampoline is better.

Quick Features

  • Waterproof
  • Weather Resistant
  • Safe
  • Net Enclosure
  • Easy Installation


One feature of this trampoline that makes it stand out is its waterproof mat. Due to this, you no longer have to keep a check on your kids about bringing food to the trampoline.

This also helps you clean the trampoline easily. Additionally, as this trampoline is waterproof, you won’t have to worry about storing it during the rainy season and enjoy the rain while jumping on it.

Weather Resistant

If your house is small and the only place left to keep your trampoline is the backyard, this trampoline is a savior for you. It can easily withstand strong wind and drastic weather conditions without any damage.

Thanks to this trampoline, you no longer need to get worried about disassembling this giant trampoline every time the weather changes.


Safety is usually the biggest concern of people who think of buying a trampoline for the first time. If you are a beginner and aren’t sure if you will be safe on a trampoline or not, you need to give this trampoline a try.

There is a negligible distance between the mat and the frame stand to reduce the chance of accidents and injuries. So, your feet will no longer be stuck in the wholes, preventing you from falling off the trampoline.

Net Enclosure

Another feature of this trampoline focused on the safety and protection of users is the net enclosure. Thanks to the lengthy net enclosure that’s even higher than the average length of most people, the chances of your falling off the trampoline are now negligible.

This enclosure is made of a good-quality net so you can jump as high as you want on the trampoline.

Easy Installation

Normally it’s believed that the hardest part of using a trampoline is its installation. But the reality is the opposite, especially with the Jumpzylla enclosure jumper trampoline.

With this trampoline, you get a manual guide explaining the entire procedure of setting up this trampoline step-by-step. All you need to do is stick to the guide, do as it says, and your trampoline will be ready in no time.

Why love this trampoline?

  • The legs of this trampoline are rust-free, increasing their life
  • The frame is made of galvanized steel and is highly durable
  • This trampoline is extremely affordable
  • With the safety enclosure net, you can now jump as high as you want

Why hate this trampoline?

  • It’s not the ideal width for adults.
  • The ladder quality of this trampoline is not the best

If safety is your biggest concern regarding trampolines and you are afraid of taking a high flight on them due to your fear, get the Jumpzylla Enclosure Jumper Trampoline and overcome it immediately.

On the other hand, if you care more about comfort, the Songmics Recreational Multi HD trampoline is the perfect purchase for you.

SereneLife ASTM Registered Trampoline

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Before reviewing this trampoline, let me ask you a simple question, What is the one thing people usually want from their trampoline? Yes, you’ve guessed it right; it’s a great bounce. With the SereneLife ASTM trampoline, you will get exactly that.

This trampoline is one of the bounciest trampolines, with unbelievable mat quality and super strong springs. To enjoy this bounce to the fullest, it even features a wide space. As the name suggests, it is also registered under ASTM, which makes it a super reliable trampoline.

Quick Features

  • Heavy-Duty Trampoline
  • Spacious
  • Stable
  • Secure
  • Weight Capacity

Heavy Duty Trampoline

If you want a trampoline featuring a heavy-duty frame made of galvanized steel, the SereneLife ASTM trampoline is the best fit. Its frame is made using rust-free steel.

To keep this trampoline-like new for a longer duration, it is quoted with shiny black paint so whenever you see it, you would wish to jump on it for once. Thanks to the heavy-duty frame of this trampoline, it can last you for decades without any major damage.


Have you ever faced a collision with your friend or family member while jumping on a trampoline? It’s the worst feeling in this world, and you see the entire world revolving in front of you for some time.

To avoid these accidents and reduce the risks of injuries, the SereneLife trampoline features a large space of around 8ft. You can now jump freely on the trampoline with your friends without fearing a collision.


As mentioned earlier, the frame of this trampoline is extremely heavy-duty. Due to this, you not only get a durable trampoline, but it also plays a significant role in providing you with stability and comfort.

Being a heavy-duty trampoline, this trampoline is hard to move around and stands firm on the ground. Because of this, you won’t face any jolts and wiggles when jumping on it as it proves to be the most stable trampoline.


Security and safety are the biggest concerns of all the users wanting to get a trampoline or using it for the past few years. It’s because falling off the trampoline can cause serious injuries, including neck injuries, joint, and back injuries.

If severe, these wounds can cost your life. That’s why, before stepping your feet on any trampoline, it’s important to know if it’s capable of providing you the safety and security that is crucial.

With the SereneLife trampoline, you don’t need to be worried about security as it’s certified by ASTM as being a reliable and safe trampoline.

Weight Capacity

Although the SereneLife trampoline is quite spacious, this ample space won’t be of much use if the weight limit of this trampoline isn’t sufficient. But this is not the case.

It features a weight capacity of up to 264 lbs. This means that an adult and a kid can enjoy this trampoline together without causing any damage to it. Though it can bear the weight of two teenagers and adults, it’s safe to remain below the weight limit.

Why love this trampoline?

  • This trampoline provides an excellent bounce.
  • You get an ample amount of space to jump on
  • It has a decent weight capacity, i.e., 264lbs.
  • The SereneLife trampoline is ASTM certified for being safe

Why hate this trampoline?

  • It doesn’t feature a heavy-duty frame.
  • This is not the most durable trampoline

If you are tired and bored of seeing all the compact trampolines on the market that feature high weight limits but are not wide enough to hold multiple individuals at once, the SereneLife ASTM-registered trampoline is the right fit for you.

On the other hand, if you can’t compromise on comfort, the SONGMICS Recreational Multi HD Trampoline is made for you. Similarly, beginners who are majorly concerned about their safety need to get the Jumpzylla Enclosure Jumper Trampoline.

CalmMax Combo Family Trampoline

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Trampolines are used for different purposes by different people. Some people use them to get fit and lose the extra pounds they have gained over the past couple of years. Others just want to chill, relax, and enjoy a fun time with their families on it.

Regardless of the purpose, you buy a trampoline, the budget usually stays the same among all buyers. That’s why I bought another great trampoline for you for under $300, the Calmax Combo Family Trampoline.

Quick Features

  • Accessories
  • Jumping Space
  • Enclosure Net
  • UV Protection
  • Springs


An easy step-by-step manual guide is one thing you get with almost all trampolines. You can use this guide to make the assembling process easier and simpler for yourself. But you have to spend a lot of extra money buying all the tools and accessories needed to perform the installation.

With the Calmax Combo Family trampoline, you don’t have to spend any extra penny. It comes with all the accessories required during the assembly.

Jumping Space

Weight limit and jumping space are two major concerns of all trampoline lovers. You get both in the Calmax Combo Family Trampoline. It has a weight limit of 400 lbs.

It is one of the highest weight limits in this price range. As far as the jumping space is concerned, this trampoline will not disappoint you. You get a space of 12ft. on this trampoline to jump on. Isn’t it incredible?

Enclosure Net

Calmax, as a brand, gives utmost importance to the safety and security of its users, especially kids. That’s why they have included a safety enclosure net with their trampolines.

This net is equipped with a robust zipper. Once you close the zipper, you no longer need to fear falling off the trampoline. The good news is that the net is 6 feet long, making it a super safe trampoline.

UV Protection

You must have heard trampoline users and experts talking about saving and protecting trampolines from drastic weather changes. But have you ever heard someone mentioning UV rays and how they are equally dangerous for your trampoline?

Let’s keep the safety and protection aside for a second; these harmful UV rays will also make it hard for you to jump on the trampoline. Additionally, if your trampoline is exposed to harmful sun rays, its durability is greatly reduced.

But with the Calmax Combo Family Trampoline, this is not something you need to worry about. The whole frame, mat, and all parts of this trampoline are UV-protected.


Do you love bouncy trampolines? Of course, you would like all other users. But have you ever thought about what the mechanism behind this bounce is? This bounce is created by springs present beneath the mat you jump on.

More springs are installed on a bouncier trampoline, as with this trampoline by Calmax. It features 72 springs, and all of them feature round edges. These springs are lined with foam before sewing the mat over them for extra protection.

Why love this trampoline?

  • It is ASTM-certified for being safe and reliable.
  • This trampoline has a high weight limit, i.e., 400 lbs.
  • You get a large jumping space of around 12ft. on this trampoline
  • It’s a durable trampoline

Why hate this trampoline?

  • It’s not ideal for indoor settings.
  • You won’t get a ladder with this trampoline

The Calmax Combo Family Trampoline is the perfect purchase if you don’t want to spend extra money on the assembling kit and tools.

Conversely, you can get the Jumpzylla Enclosure Jumper Trampoline if you are just starting as a jumper and the SONGMICS Recreational Multi HD Trampoline in case you want a comfy trampoline for yourself.

The SereneLife ASTM registered features a wide space, too, but no trampoline can beat the Calmax Combo Family Trampoline when it comes to jumping space.

Doufit Ladder PVC Trampoline

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Have you ever thought of appreciating yourself in life? Do you ever think that you deserve to be applauded for all you have done in your life up till now and are continuing to do so much more every day? Well, if you haven’t before, it’s not too late.

Give yourself this versatile and comfy Doufit trampoline and applaud yourself for making it this far in life.

Quick Features

  • High-Quality Trampoline
  • Best for Kids
  • PVC Pads
  • Comfy & Soft
  • Warranty

High-Quality Trampoline

Do you know what one thing that saves you from spending money repeatedly on trampolines? It’s to get a high-quality trampoline for the first time. The Doufit Ladder PVC Cover trampoline is widely accepted to be the highest quality trampoline.

It’s because all the products used in manufacturing this trampoline are of great quality. Be it the galvanized steel used in its frame or the alloy used in the legs; all the materials used belong to the high-end range.

Best for Kids

A lot of the features of this trampoline make it the best trampoline for kids and toddlers. One of them is the all-around safety net enclosure on this trampoline. Due to this net, you can be carefree when the kids enjoy and move around on the trampoline.

Another great feature for kids is the soft pads installed on the jumping mat. You can also attach a basketball hoop to this trampoline for your children. It is an ideal trampoline for both adults & teenagers too.

Comfy & Soft

If you are attracted to comfort the most regarding trampolines, this trampoline is for you. It has soft pads installed all around the mat that feels like a cloud to jump on.

Kids and toddlers enjoy this feeling the most. Thanks to the high weight capacity of this trampoline, i.e., 375 pounds, and its wide area, multiple people, including seniors, can enjoy together on it.

PVC Pads

As mentioned earlier, falling off the trampoline can cause serious head and spine injuries. That’s why, before entrusting your kids to any product, you must check it for safety. The PVC pads installed in the Doufit trampoline reduce the risk of falling out significantly.


Unlike the majority of the trampolines that you get for under $300, this features a large warranty period too.

Doufit, as a brand, is on a mission to help individuals lose weight, which is why it provides them with great ease and convenience when buying trampolines from them. The one warranty of one year on all components is also one step towards achieving that goal.

Why love this trampoline?

  • You get a ladder for easy access with this trampoline
  • It features a one-year warranty
  • This trampoline is highly durable
  • It has a high weight capacity, i.e., 375 pounds

Why hate this trampoline?

  • Being large, this trampoline can’t be installed indoor
  • The quality of the springs is not the best

The Doufit Ladder PVC Cover trampoline and the Jumpzylla Enclosure Jumper are the right trampolines for people who keep safety and security above all other things regarding trampolines.

Similarly, you can get the SONGMICS Recreational Multi HD Trampoline or the Doufit Ladder PVC Cover trampoline if comfort is at the top for you. On the other hand, the SereneLife ASTM registered, and Calmax Combo Family Trampoline is the best for jumping space and weight limit.

Buying Guide for Best Trampoline under $300 – Detailed

Normally when people think of trampolines, the first thing that comes to mind is fun and excitement. But let me clarify to you that buying a trampoline is far more exhausting than enjoying and jumping on it, especially if it’s your first time getting one.

When I went to the market to get my first-ever trampoline, I felt like an alien in the trampoline world; I was strange and didn’t know where to go. Luckily, after making many mistakes and learning from them, I can perform this task much more easily.

To ease the pressure a bit for you and lift the burden off your shoulders, I have made a list of all the things you should pay heed to when buying the best trampoline for under $300.

⦁ Comfort

The first thing you should consider when getting a trampoline is how comfortable it is. Regardless of your preference, comfort is one thing no one feels bad about.

So, if you plan to start your fitness journey by getting a trampoline, starting with the comfiest one on the market is better. This way, you will start looking forward to the jumping time throughout the day.

⦁ Strength

The strength of the trampoline is another thing you need to pay heed to. As a trampoline is used for jumping purposes and you are going to move all around over it, it’s better to get a fun product to jump on, and you don’t have to worry about it collapsing during the process.

⦁ Shape

Trampolines come in different shapes, and each of these shapes is known to serve a variant purpose. Take the round trampoline, for instance; you will get a comfier and much softer bounce. Similarly, the rectangular trampoline is meant to give you a higher flight in the air.

So, keeping your needs and requirements in mind, decide on the shape of the trampoline carefully.

⦁ Durability

A trampoline is not something you keep on buying every other day. It is most likely a one-time purchase. Therefore, when getting a trampoline, it’s crucial to consider the quality of materials used in its manufacturing. This way, you can be sure of its durability and how long it will last.

⦁ Frame

Each part of a trampoline has a different role to play. Its frame not only makes sure that the trampoline stays stable but contributes to determining your overall safety on the trampoline.

Similarly, the frame also plays a crucial role in deciding the weight capacity of the trampoline. So, when buying a trampoline for yourself, always prefer the one with a good quality frame.


⦁ What is the best trampoline on a budget?

The Doufit Ladder PVC Cover trampoline, Jumpzylla Enclosure Jumper, SONGMICS Recreational Multi HD Trampoline, SereneLife ASTM registered, and Calmax Combo Family Trampoline are some of the best trampolines on a budget.

⦁ What to consider when buying a trampoline?

Some features you should consider when buying a trampoline include its shape, size, bounce quality, price, comfort, safety, and durability.

⦁ Which trampoline has the best bounce?

The CalmMax Combo Family Trampoline provides the best bounce, thanks to the 72 robust and sturdy springs installed under its mat.

Summarizing the Writing!

That’s all from my side. I have tried to cover all the crucial steps and important information for you and played my part in making your trampoline journey a bit easier and more convenient.

It’s now up to you to choose the right trampoline for yourself, enjoy your life on these trampolines, and make new and good memories.

If I were to pick my favorite trampoline among all the ones reviewed here for you, I would most likely pick the Calmax Combo Family Trampoline. For me, the trampoline is about spending time with family and friends. The high weight capacity, durability, and large jumping space on this trampoline provide exactly that.

You can always take the help of the buying guide and get the best trampoline for yourself. Best of Luck!

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