Best Trampolines with Basketball Hoop (2024)

Best Trampolines with Basketball Hoop

Do you want your children to learn basketball to stay active and healthy? Do they love jumping on a trampoline? What if you could get a trampoline with a basketball hoop? I have detailed answers to your question and am ready to solve this problem of yours.

Jumping on a trampoline is a fun and healthy activity. But after a few minutes, children get tired as it gets a little boring. There must be more activities on the trampoline to keep them entertained for longer. Well, the solution can be buying a trampoline with a basketball hoop.

It gives a second activity to your children and saves them from getting bored. Moreover, playing basketball develops their interest in sports, and the game makes their body more flexible. I have prepared a list of the 10 best trampolines with a basketball hoop to help you find one per your requirements.

Let’s not talk any further and start discussing our first trampoline on the list!

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Merax 16 FT with basketball hoop Trampoline

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Merax is one of the best trampolines with basketball hoops on the market. The flexibility of the mat and the safety features make it a great choice for your children.

Quick Features

  • Enclosure Net
  • Stable Design
  • High Weight Capacity
  • Padded poles
  • Safe Ladder
  • Metal Body

Enclosure Net

The enclosure net is tall and six feet in length. The net is made of high-quality material; therefore, it is reliably strong and does not tear easily. Your children can jump as high as they want without fearing falling off the trampoline. The net will ensure they stay safe and sound within the trampoline.

Stable Design

The trampoline has a reliably stable design and does not get displaced due to jumping or running. This is because the trampoline has 6 W-shaped legs that support the trampoline well and increase overall safety. So your children can do high jumping or play basketball for as long as they want, there is nothing to worry about, and they are totally safe.

High Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is very high compared to the competitors. The maximum weight capacity of the trampoline is 800 lbs at a time. You can totally trust the claim as these figures have been verified by ASTM, a reliable testing service. This means you and your children can enjoy it together, play a basketball match, or jump around for a long time.

Padded Poles

The poles of the trampoline, rising to the height of the enclosure net, are fully covered with thick foam. This is because the bars of the trampoline is made of metal to provide support to it. Children jumping and playing on the trampoline might end up hitting the poles and get injured. To keep them safe, padding is done.

Safe Ladder

The ladder has 2 extra-wide steps to let the children safely get on and off the trampoline. The build is made of galvanized steel which ensures its high durability. Ensure the ladder is not wet or greasy to ensure the children do not slip, especially while getting out of the trampoline. This is because usually, they are looking the other way.

Metal Body

The entire body of the trampoline is built with galvanized steel. It is a very tough material to provide structures like these with the toughness and durability they require. A trampoline is supposed to lift heavy weights and take jump forces.

This is the reason why metal body trampolines are more durable. The material of the frame is rust-resistant and made to last longer for the never-ending enjoyment of children and families.

What are the best features?

  • Very Safe
  • High weight capacity
  • Durable and Strong

What might be a dealbreaker?

  • Some issues with quality

The trampoline has one of the best safety features, like a safe enclosure for children or solid leather. Moreover, it features a good look, something that gives positive vibes when observed, and does the job of entertainment. In my opinion, it really is the best Merax trampoline.

Skywalker Ultra-strong Trampoline

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The Skywalker is another favorite and highly popular trampoline in the market. The trampoline is totally safe. One of the better Skywalker trampolines.

Quick Features

  • No-Gap Design
  • Durable Frame
  • Decent weight capacity
  • UV Protection

No-Gap Design

The trampoline features a no-gap design which ensures better safety for the children. The net is directly attached to the mat, eliminating the gap between them. This prevents them from getting involved in an accident by stepping on the springs.

This is a great addition to the safety of the trampoline. The children will no longer be hurt as they step between the distance between the wall and job rolls

Durable Frame

The trampoline frame is made of galvanized steel, a solid and durable material. This allows you and your family to fully enjoy the trampoline. The frame is rust-resistant and lasts longer. Play basketball together with your family or continue jumping around for fun.

High Weight Capacity

The trampoline has a high weight capacity, so your children can enjoy it to the fullest. The maximum weight capacity of the trampoline is over 1000 lbs. This means you can easily jump or have a basketball game with your children.

UV Protection

The enclosure net is woven tightly and is made of polyethylene. It protects the children from harmful UV rays and keeps them safe. Similarly, the polypropylene-made mat is UV resistant and prevents slipping.

Why it made the list

  • No-gap enclosure
  • UV safe net
  • Heavy weight capacity

What needs improvement

  • Tall ladder steps
  • Plastic padding may wear out due to sunlight

The Skywalker is really a great 15-foot trampoline with a basketball hoop. It has some great safety features and has enough space for jumping and basketball. If you want padded foam poles, check out Merax Trampoline.

AOTO B 8-15ft Trampoline

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AOTO B is a great trampoline with amazing safety features and a basketball hoop and comes at a great price. It can be a great pick for recreational trips as it is a large outdoor trampoline with a basketball hoop.

Quick Features

  • High weight capacity
  • Solid Structure
  • Padded Poles
  • Sturdy springs
  • Tall enclosure net

High weight capacity

The weight capacity of this trampoline is pretty high, a maximum of 400 lbs at a time. This allows almost 4 children to easily jump or play basketball on the trampoline. This is a great option for picnics.

Solid Structure

The trampoline is made to allow people to jump on it without having any worries. The steel frame is solid and cannot be broken without putting extra weight on it. The six U-shaped legs add to the stability of the trampoline.

Padded Poles

The pole supports of the trampoline are covered with a thick layer of foam to increase safety. So even if your children thrash on them, they will not be injured. This is because it is common to fall while jumping or playing basketball.

Sturdy Springs

The springs of the trampoline are super flexible and work fine. These, too, are galvanized and give your children a great bounce. This helps them to play basketball and jump as high as they can.

Tall Enclosure Net

Children have a high risk of falling outside the trampoline while high jumping and playing basketball. Therefore, the enclosure net is built strong and tall, so the children can remain safe and enjoy playing.

What I like

  • Metal build
  • Safe for children
  • Strong springs

What might disappoint

  • Unclear Instructions

The AOTOB trampoline is totally recommended as it is safe and durable and comes at an affordable price. But if you are looking for a trampoline with a higher weight capacity, you can go for the Merax 16ft trampoline.

JINS & VICO 10-14ft Trampoline

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The JINS & VICO trampolines come in different sizes, have a basketball hoop for you, and many other features. Let’s discuss the product in detail.

Quick Features

  • A Safe design
  • Sturdy Frame
  • High Weight Capacity
  • Enclosure Net
  • More Springs

A Safe Design

This trampoline is twice as safe as most trampolines on the market. This is because of the W-shaped legs and flat bars. Each leg is connected with the flat bars and offers excellent stability.

Sturdy Frame

The trampoline’s frame is built of galvanized iron and is thicker than the majority by almost 4mm. This lets it bear more pressure and last for a longer time.

High Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity of this trampoline is 770 lbs. This means you can also jump in with your children and play basketball with them.

Enclosure Net

The enclosure net is made of high-quality material reflecting UV radiation and protects children against harmful reactions. Moreover, it is decently tall to prevent them from falling out of the trampoline.

More Springs

The trampoline has 80 powerful springs covered with foam for the best weight distribution. This allows the trampoline to give a smoother jumping experience.

What I found the best

  • 80 foam-covered springs
  • 770lbs of weight capacity
  • Balanced bars

What cons did I found

  • Poor instructions
  • Time-consuming assembling

The trampoline overall is a great choice for kids, it’s safe, and it’s fun. But if you want something that sets up faster, go for Skywalker.

SKOK 8-15ft Trampoline

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The SKOK is another super-safe trampoline. This is a great option for recreational trips and keeps the children entertained.

Quick Features

  • ASTM certified safety
  • Highly Stable
  • High weight capacity
  • Lots of springs
  • Enclosure Net

ASTM certified security

The ASTM, a trusted department for measuring safety, has tested the trampoline multiple times. The materials used in the frame, net, and mat are all good quality, and the kids are totally safe on the trampoline.

Highly stable

The stability of the trampoline has been increased so the children can jump higher and for longer. The 6 U-shaped legs of the trampoline can take the pressure and stand still.

High weight capacity

The weight capacity of the trampoline is pretty decent for children. The highest weight capacity is 400 lbs, allowing four children to enjoy the trampoline together.

Lots of springs

The SKOK trampoline has 96 springs that provide full push and a high-quality mat. The springs are made of steel and are rust-resistant for longer life.

Enclosure Net

The trampoline features a no-gap design. The children are safer due to no gaps between the mat and the enclosure net. Moreover, it covers the trampoline from all sides to keep your children from falling off it.

Why it made the list

  • A large number of springs
  • Flexible mat
  • No-gap enclosure

What cons did I found

  • Vague assembling instructions
  • Low weight capacity

The trampoline is a great option to go for children. But if you are a beginner, setting it up using the manual might bother you. But it is a highly recommended 10ft trampoline with a basketball hoop. However, for a higher weight capacity, you can check Jins & Vico.

SONGMICS 12-14ft Trampoline

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Songmics offers one of the safest and most durable trampolines on the market. There are multiple sizes available, and a basketball to add to the fun activities of a trampoline.

Quick Features

  • Enclosure Net
  • Extra bounce
  • Solid Structure
  • Super-safe
  • ASTM Certified

Enclosure Net

The enclosure is tall and safe, and the meshing is denser than usual trampolines. This keeps the children as they play basketball or jump on the trampoline.

Extra Bounce

The 72 highly durable springs can bear high pressures. This, combined with the high-quality mat, provides an extra push to the one jumping for more enjoyment.

Solid Structure

The entire frame of the trampoline is made of highly powerful and galvanized steel. This allows it to bear weight up to 331 lbs. So your children can jump, play basketball, and enjoy themselves without fear.


The design of the trampoline is super safe. The frame is robust and has 6 W-shaped legs. Whereas the poles and the legs are fixed with eye bolts. So it is a good package of entertainment and safety.

ASTM Certified

Not only does the company claim that the trampoline is entirely safe, but this has also been verified by ASTM. The materials, structure, and flexibility have been tested, and the trampoline is safe to buy.

The Special Features

  • Safety
  • Extra bounce
  • Durability

The Deal Breakers

  • Low weight capacity
  • Hard to assemble

SONGMICS trampoline is highly recommended as it provides great features at a price. But if you are looking for a higher-weight capacity or easily assemblable frame, try Merax or Skywalker trampolines.

Kangaroo 12-14ft Trampoline

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Kangaroo trampolines can be a great pick for your children to jump around and play basketball. Yes, it has a basketball hoop and comes at an amazing price. It comes in various sizes. The 12ft size, though, is a great small outdoor trampoline.

Quick Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • UV mat
  • ASTM Certified
  • Dense enclosure net
  • Durable and stable

Easy to assemble

The trampoline is very easy to assemble. Though the guide is provided, there is barely any use for it. It can be assembled in 2 hours easily.

UV Mat

The trampoline has a durable, UV-resistant mat that keeps it from getting warm due to sunlight. This keeps your children safe from getting sunburned.

ASTM Certified

The Kangaroo trampoline has been tested well by the ASTM. All the materials are highly durable and safe to use. It comes in different sizes. Choose whatever suits you.

Dense Enclosure Net

The net of the enclosure is of high quality and has been bound tightly. This takes care of children while they are jumping or playing basketball.

Durable and Stable

The trampoline is built with galvanized steel which ensures no rusting or weathering. It has 6 U-shaped legs and a wide step ladder. Altogether it is highly stable and durable.

What I like about this product

  • Extra bounce
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe for children

What I don’t

  • Low-quality ladder
  • The instruction manual is useless

This trampoline is a great option if you are tight on budget and want to keep your children entertained. Though with a higher budget, you can go for Merax or SKOK for even better features.

Zupapa Basketball Tunnel Trampoline

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The Zupapa basketball tunnel trampoline can be quite entertaining for your children. The tunnel ball game lets the children enjoy the trampoline without having to fetch the ball.

Quick features

  • Tunnel game
  • Powerful frame
  • More bounce
  • Tall enclosure net
  • Self-lock structure

Tunnel Game

The basketball tunnel game is another addition to the activities of a trampoline. It has two tunnels, with opening and closing inside.

Children can pot the ball on the upper side and get it back from the lower. This saves them from fetching it again and again.

Powerful Frame

The frame is made of iron which is both powerful and highly durable, ensuring that it lasts for a longer time. The W-shaped legs provide firm support from the base, adding to its stability.

More Bounce

The trampoline has multiple springs, which divide the weight better and give a better bounce. Also, the mat is powerful and flexible and has a role in providing a better bounce too.

Tall Enclosure Net

The enclosure net is built to eliminate the chances of children falling off the trampoline while playing. Moreover, the net material is high quality and tightly woven to add more security.

Self-lock Structure

The trampoline features a self-lock structure. This means there is nothing to be tightened with a screw. This saves a lot of time in assembling it.

What the best about it

  • Tunnel game
  • Padded poles
  • More springs
  • ASTM and TUV certified

What needs improvement

  • Setting up the net is difficult
  • Costly

The trampoline features a new game, and the children find it entertaining. The price, though, is a little bit high, and there is a chance of your kid not liking the game. So, in that case, go for other options like SONGMICS or JINS & VICO trampolines.

YAKEY 10-15ft Trampoline

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Yakey is an amazing trampoline with a waterproof net and pad, amazing for outdoor trips, and comes at a great price. The basketball hoop gives them a second activity to be entertained rather than jumping.

Quick Features

  • 360-degree enclosure
  • Powerful and Durable body
  • High Bounce
  • High weight capacity
  • Safe for children

360-degree enclosure

The trampoline is enclosed with a net cover of 6ft height from all sides. This prevents your children from accidentally stepping out of the trampoline. The net is strong, fade and tear-resistant.

Powerful and durable body

The entire trampoline frame is made with hot-dip technology and is fully galvanized for protection. The stability of the structure is maintained by the U-shaped legs and the 12 poles.

High bounce

The mat is made with high-quality polypropylene; overall, the trampoline has 80 durable springs. This gives your children a high bounce which they enjoy a lot.

High weight capacity

Due to the flexible mat and a high number of springs, the trampoline has a high weight capacity. It can bear 600 lbs of weight at a time, so your children can jump on it and have a great family time.

Safe for children

The trampoline is thoroughly tested for product quality and efficiency. The material is durable and delivers what it claims. It is entirely safe for the children to enjoy

Why it made the list

  • High weight capacity
  • A greater number of springs
  • Tall safety enclosure

What needs improvement

  • Not very sturdy
  • Putting on the net can be tricky

The product is highly recommended due to its decent features and fantastic price. In case of any problem, customer service is always ready to help you. But if you are looking for a strong frame and high weighing capacity, there are options of Skywalker, AOTO, and others too.

Exacme Outdoor Trampoline

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Exacme is the only rectangular trampoline on the list. It is available in multiple sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Quick Features

  • Available in various sizes
  • Big in Size
  • Enhanced Stability
  • Spring cover
  • High weight capacity

Available in various sizes

The Exacme trampoline has a wide range of sizes available to cater to many buyers. You can choose a trampoline size that suits your backyard. Or even go for a larger one for recreational trips.

Big in Size

The rectangular size trampoline has a larger area. Basketball can be played efficiently without the ball going out. The body is made of a solid steel alloy for better durability.

Enhanced Stability

The stability of the trampoline is made better by attaching clamps. For each leg, two clamps are given, adding to the trampoline’s strength. The poles are also covered with foam to keep the children safe.

Spring Cover

The spring cover has been upgraded multiple times in recent models. The current model has a fully protected spring cover, eliminating direct contact between the springs and the children.

High weight capacity

The weight capacity of the trampoline is good enough for children to jump and play basketball for as long as they want. The power, though, is up to 335 lbs of weight at a time.

What are the pros

  • The large rectangular shape
  • Choice of sizes
  • High Stability

What might change your mind

  • Weaker basketball hoop
  • Improper instruction

The trampoline is worth recommending because of its power and stability. It allows children to play basketball efficiently and jump around in the broader space. It keeps the children entertained and makes them flexible and more potent.

A Thorough Guide to Help You Buy the Best Trampoline

Following are some of the things you should consider while buying your trampoline

Build quality

It is one of the significant factors of a trampoline. It must be built of solid metal or metal alloys like steel, aluminum, or iron. This will allow it to bear the weight of children jumping and playing. Buying a low-build quality trampoline would result in early damage.

High-quality spring and Matt

The quality of the mat and spring needs to be high. This is because they are responsible for giving your children the push they need to jump higher. If either of them is of low quality, children will not be able to enjoy the trampoline fully.

Decent safety features

It is better to buy trampolines that have been approved by a trustworthy testing service like ASTM. On your end, make sure the poles of the trampoline are thickly padded to save your children from accidents. Also, choose trampolines with a spring safety cover or no-gap design.

Enclosure Net

The enclosure net should be high-quality, tightly woven, and tall in length. This ensures the maximum safety of the children. There are UV-protected net options in the market, too. You can also buy them.


What is a good size for a trampoline?

The answer to this question is very simple. It depends. It depends on who is going to jump on it. If it is to be used by an adult, it needs to be 14-15ft in height. Only then will they be able to enjoy it. But if it is to be used by kids of minor age, 8-10ft options can work too.

Is a 10ft trampoline big enough?

Yes, a 10ft trampoline is big enough if you have small children. They can enjoy it very much, and the trampoline would bear their weight easily. But if your children are bigger, or it is you who wants to jump, better go for higher-height trampoline options.

Long Story Short

There are several trampolines, many popular ones too, that not only allow jumping but come with other entertainment options like a basketball hoop. This keeps your children entertained for longer and can be an excellent option for fun trips.

Go through the list to find the best one for your needs. Need help in finding which one is the best? Use the buying. It has all the help you need. If you have further queries, drop them in the comments.

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