How long do Trampolines last?

The question is, How long do trampolines last? Has multiple answers and is dependable on several factors. If you spend a lot of money on the trampoline, the question arises in your mind, and you expect an answer.

Whether all the money you spent or are going to spend will give you the worth you expect from it or not. Even if you are spending less money, you expect the trampoline to last worth the price. 

The first thing to understand is that no matter what money you spend, a trampoline has a life. After its completion, it must be retired; if needed, you need to get a new one. So, whenever you are buying a trampoline, make sure to go through the best options in your budget. Only then buy one. 

Now, answering your question, How long do trampolines last?.  Two major factors are involved in determining how long a trampoline may remain safe and functional.

The quality of trampoline you buy and how much you care you use or maintain it. Other than that, there can be accidents, and you might be unlucky in some cases, but these factors are random. Let’s discuss in detail how to ensure the trampoline you buy lasts longer. 

The first thing is quality. You need to be very considerate about what quality product you are buying. Is your budget too low to buy a trampoline of decent quality? Therefore decide your budget first. Afterward, go through the best-selling options that fall under your budget and examine them critically. 

First things first, check out the build quality of the trampoline. Always go for trampolines made of metal or metal alloys. I would recommend buying steel, aluminum, or an iron frame trampoline. They have the power to bear weight and withstand the pressure due to jumping, playing, or running. To ensure it lasts longer, never ever put weight on the trampoline more than its maximum capacity. If possible, protect it from extreme weather and water as they might lower its life. 

The next thing is the mat. The mat needs to be made of high-quality and flexible material. After the frame, this is the second thing taking an entire load of jumping. There are popular, durable materials like polypropylene and nylon.

Make sure your mat is made of any such material for maximum life. To further elongate its life, never wear shoes on the trampoline. It damages the mat. Your clothes should not have any sharp edges that could damage the mat. 

In support of the mat are the springs. They help the mat stretch more and give the one jumping the best experience.

They also bear the load of those jumping on the trampoline. They need to be flexible and of a durable material like steel or iron. That is how they can provide a good bounce for more extended periods.

To further add to the life of springs, they should be used regularly and protected in harsh weather. If you are not using them, remove them and keep them safe. To use them again, oil and start using. The protection and maintenance of springs are the easiest in a trampoline.  

Other than that, if the trampoline is not in use, it should be stored safely, away from sunlight and dust. It elongates its life. Even though there are trampolines good enough to withstand brutal weather, taking care of them is always a better idea. 

How long do Springfree trampolines last? 

Springfree trampolines are an innovation in trampolines. The technology has managed to eliminate the springs and rods that have taken their place, which prevent the jumper’s contact with the ground or the frame of the trampoline. Now that the springs are no longer present, there is one less part to worry about, and therefore they require less maintenance. 

But make sure when buying a Springfree technology, you are actually aware of it. Never compromise on the build quality of the trampoline. It can be a trampoline of any type and shape. The build quality is the backbone of the trampoline.

The tougher the build, the longer they can be expected to last. Choosing a metal build trampoline is, therefore, the best option. Like any other trampoline, make sure you only put the weight it is made for. Overweighting will definitely make it weaker very soon. Other than that, you can fold them and pack the stuff. This is the best way of keeping them safe and usable for the maximum time. 

The mat on Springfree trampolines needs to be of high quality too. This is because these are responsible for giving the push to the one jumping and bearing all the weight. It is recommended to buy mats that are made of nylon or polypropylene. These have been tested and performed better in the best trampolines. Also, buying trampolines that have ultraviolet light protection is an excellent idea.

They can resist the harmful rays from the sun, keep the material from warming up, and therefore require minor wear and tear. Other than that, make sure no one goes on the trampoline with shoes on. They have sharp edges and might damage the mat. Similarly, do not jump on the trampoline when you are wearing jeans or clothes that have edges or have any edge or sharp material in your pockets. They can damage the mat and reduce its overall lifetime. 

These types of trampolines require less maintenance but must be handled with care. The majority of the body is metal and therefore needs to be protected from sunlight and rough weather. Though they are tough, the more care one takes, the longer the trampolines last. The moving parts need to be oiled frequently so they do not get jammed. 

How long do Trampoline Mats last? 

The answer to this question depends on the quality of mat you have. Does your trampoline have a high-quality mat or not? Plus, how much care are you using the mat? Answers to these three questions will determine how long do trampolines last? Or the mats last. 

For maximum mat life, always go for the highest quality mats in the market. If you have a limited budget, research more and find the best one that falls within your budget. I recommend you buy flexible, UV-protected mats. They are made to bear heavy weights and provide an amazing jump experience. Moreover, they have a longer life. 

If your mat is UV protected, that is, it reflects the UV rays, it will not be destroyed by it. This would ultimately allow for a longer life for the mat. For the material, it is suggested to go for nylon-made or polypropylene-made mats. They are present in high-end trampolines and have been reported to perform the best and last longer. 

There are some very basic measures one can take to ensure longer life of their trampoline mat. There is a maximum weight capacity of the trampoline. Check it from the company website if you do not have the manual. Never put on more weight than this limit. In fact, I recommend that if your trampoline can take 400lbs of weight, never put over 370-380lbs on it. 

Secondly, make sure no one jumps on it with edgy things in their pocket, like a tasters tool or anything sharp. Always jump on the trampoline when you are wearing soft clothes, not while you are wearing jeans with sharp buttons. Some shirts, too, have such material on them. Avoid such kind of dressing while having fun on the trampoline. 

There are multiple ways that you can realize that the time to replace the mat has come. It will lose the ability to provide a good bounce whenever you jump. Moreover, the material of the mat will start wearing. The look of the mat would start getting worse day by day, and it would become weaker.

When your trampoline pad reaches this stage, getting yourself a new one is highly recommended. Because if it tears off or loses the grip from where it is tied, there are chances of the one jumping getting poorly injured. 

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