How To Disassemble a Spring-Free Trampoline?

However, how to disassemble a spring-free trampoline to store in the winter. You can disassemble a springless trampoline with a bit of elbow grease.

How to disassemble a spring-free trampoline, which is a question I get all the time. Luckily for you, this was my latest backyard project, so I have all the info you need to remove the bars, the mat and the safety net.

By having the proper guideline, you can save hundreds of dollars to avoid paying the high price to disassemble your Springfree trampoline.

However, Spring-free trampolines are a great form of exercise. It is lighter and safer for everyone and abides by all safety regulations.

Safety tips to remember while disassembling a Springfree trampoline
Spring-free trampolines are a popular alternative to traditional trampolines. The lack of springs makes them appear safer. Before dismantling a trampoline, a person must put safety first.

Reasons to take apart a trampoline should be according to your model’s instructions. Disassembling it without instructions will only lead to stress and possible injuries.

Put on hand gloves to prevent any cuts or pinching.

It is not advisable to attempt to take down a large trampoline alone.

Ensure you place a rug or mat on the ground while kneeling so your clothes do not get soiled.

Take each joint off individually.

When you withdraw loaded rods, keep a safe distance from them since detaching them improperly can cause injuries to your face and even blindness.

Whenever a black net rod is under tension, it should not be removed from the net pocket or detached from the rod.

There should be no contact between children and the trampoline after it disengages. An improperly disassembled rod could release and eject from the frame, causing injuries to children.

Rod sleeves should not remove because it protects against fibreglass fibres and splinters.

Instruction to disassembling a Springfree trampoline

Despite having no springs, a spring-free trampoline has a base. If you are doing this initially, you must prepare because it will probably take longer than expected on your first attempt.

In the following instructions, you will find step-by-step instructions that will help you disassemble a spring-free trampoline.

Step 1: Because of the Springfree trampoline size, we recommend you bring a partner with you when detaching the trampoline.

Step 2: It is essential to wear gloves for safety purposes as well as to keep a tight grip.

Step 3: The safety net of the Springfree trampoline must remove before it can detach. See the instructions below for more information.

Step 4: However, for better and easier trampoline detachment, one person should position himself underneath the trampoline and another outside.

Step 5: A person standing outside needs to kneel by putting one leg forward and holding the white mat rod in one hand and the corner in another.

Step 6: A person inside must do the same as the outsider under the trampoline on another side of the mat rod.

Step 7: Using full weight, a person outside pushes white mat rods from the mat rod holder’s back edge.

Step 8: As soon as the white mat rod ball comes outside, pull it down and out

Step 9: Bring down the white mat rod and ease it into place.

Step 10: Do the same with other rods

Step 11: When the rods detached, remove the mat

Step 12: Fasten nuts and bolts to the frame by using the tools that come with the trampoline

Start with a blue tag on the mat and frame, then a green label when detaching white mat rods.
Securely place all the components on the boxes and clean the mat before storing them.

How to take apart a Springfree trampoline safety net?
A trampoline safety net is an essential component used for safety for everyone. In any case, it keeps you from falling from the trampoline and sustaining severe injuries. Following are the few steps to take apart a Springfree trampoline safety net
Step 1
When you need to disassemble the trampoline’s safety net, you first have to take the white plastic C- clip from the bottom of the socket under the frame.
Step 2
Grab hold of the black knit pole and lean back, holding the bottom of it so that it doesn’t flick back and hurt you
Step 3
Pull the pole out of the socket
Step 4
Remove the net pole from the net pockets. The trampoline’s centre contains it.
Step 5
Pull the net down until it reaches the mat’s bars on the bottom edge so you can remove it.

However, the trampoline safety net is usually attached to the top and bottom of the pole. The safety net can be released by detaching the connector at the top of the safety poles. In addition, remove the Velcro attaching it near the padding at the bottom.

After removing and storing the mat, wash it with detergent if there is dirt or bird debris. However, after detaching the net from the trampoline, it is recommended to put small components in a storage box or container, wrap the poles with tape, and store it in a dry or safe place.

That’s it. We have shown How to disassemble a spring-free trampoline? A little effort is needed to dismantle it. Make sure to take precautions and remember the tips for disengaging the spring-free trampoline and go for it.