How To Do a Backflip on the Trampoline?

As a child, I have always been fascinated by seeing people doing all the stunts and flips on the trampoline. I wanted to try them but was never able to nail a backflip.

But I was not ready to give up on this, so I kept trying and finally succeeded.

Now, I can carry out a lot of other flips on a trampoline too.

If you are also like me and have always adored people able to perform a backflip on a trampoline, it’s not too late for you to learn it.

My learning trajectory was not too smooth as I didn’t know where to begin. But to save you from this struggle, I have brought this guide on how to do a backflip on the trampoline for you.

How to do a backflip on the trampoline for beginners?

For a beginner like you, this step-by-step guide will be of great help.

Get Over Your Fear

Like all the things you try for the first time, you need to get over your fear to be able to perform a backflip.

I completely understand that it’s not normal to flip your head over the tail as you can’t see the ground and are disoriented during it. While performing a backflip, a beginner also imagines himself falling on his neck, which is entirely natural.

Let me reveal a truth to you to let you go of the fear a bit. The chances of failing on a backflip are lesser for people who try to complete it than those who withdraw mid-way. Also, the former is less likely to fall. So, don’t overthink and go for it.

Fall On Your Back

Now, moving towards the immediate implementation, practice falling on your back to start. This may sound stupid, but it’s the best way to experience the feeling you will get while backflipping. Try falling on the trampoline flat by your back.

Once you fall on the trampoline, either try to get up straight or keep on lying on the trampoline. While lying on the trampoline, lift your hands as if going for a backflip.

Jump While Falling to Your Back

Like before, try falling to your back straight on the trampoline. But this time, try some bounces while lying on the trampoline. This is how you get ready for the backflip, too, so you should practice this activity thoroughly.

Do a Backroll

To proceed further, you need to do a backroll. Start by standing erect on the trampoline and try falling straight on your back.

Once you hit the trampoline, keep that momentum intact and try bouncing up on your shoulders. Bring your legs closer to the chest and bounce the legs over your body. This way, you will commit to a full backroll.

Do a Cartwheel

This process is a real game changer for you, and you will start feeling the progress yourself too. To begin with, choose a side you are most comfortable with. Go for the side you prefer naturally.

Start by practicing normal cartwheels; they don’t have to be perfect. Slowly combine it with the backroll so that you fall on your back first but at the very last moment, instead of falling off your back, go for a cartwheel.

Practice this switch as much as possible, and you will slowly need to use significantly less of your hands. It’s better to start with a straight-arm cartwheel and then slowly move towards the bent-arm cartwheel.

Shoulder Flip

With your elbow bent, try doing a flip over your shoulder and slowly combine the two. This will take a little more effort, but once you get comfortable, you automatically start taking off your legs, lifting the elbow, and performing a flip over the shoulder.

Finally, the Backflip

Practice going over the shoulder, sticking the landing, and you will be able to move to the final stage. At this stage, you need to straighten up your rotation a bit.

Start from the very first step. Stand erect on the trampoline and fall on your back straight. Now, unlike in the shoulder flip, we will not throw our legs over to the primary shoulder. Instead, we will proceed with going directly over the head.

To neatly commit this step, you need to whip back as soon as possible so you would be able to see the ground correctly.

Keep your legs straight during the backflip if you don’t want to lose sight of the land for too long. Once you reach the trampoline, get your legs back around for a neat landing.

Congratulations, you have now successfully committed a perfect backflip on the trampoline. Keep on practicing, and you will be able to perform it like a professional in no time.

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