How to Keep a Trampoline from Blowing Away?

Trampolines are gaining more and more popularity with time, and all children and adults alike can be seen adorning this product. And why would they not? It’s such a great addition to the backyard and helps them in staying fit and lose weight.

Though as cool as it seems to keep trampolines in outdoor settings, some problems also come with it. Trampolines blowing away as a result of heavy winds is one such problem. But you don’t need to worry about this, as I have figured out some ways to prevent your trampoline from blowing away.

Ways to Keep a Trampoline from Blowing Away

Some of the methods that can help you to keep your trampoline from blowing away are listed below.

Anchor the Trampoline in Place

The first thing you can do to prevent your trampoline from blowing away is anchoring with the ground. For this, you can take rocks or heavy stones and tie them with each leg of the trampoline. This will not only keep your trampoline in place but will also inhibit it from blowing off as a result of a windstorm.

Tie down the trampoline with wires or straps

Another thing that can be done to stop your trampoline from going away with winds is to tie them down using a wire or strap. This step doesn’t require a lot of effort and can be done in a few minutes. You can easily find a wire or strap in your home or a hardware shop nearby.

While tying the trampoline down, make sure that the grip is strong enough to withstand storms or winds. You can also roll the wire all around the trampoline and tie it in different places.

Build a Fence

Building a fence around your trampoline is another efficient idea. Although this may take a lot of your time and effort, it will indeed prevent the trampoline from blowing away, no matter how intense the outside wind or storm is.

When making a trampoline, put in all your effort, so you don’t have to make it all over again. Ensure that it’s tall, sturdy, and strong.

Place heavy dirtbags around the trampoline

You can also secure the trampoline and keep it at its position by placing heavyweight and substantial dust piles around it. You can either fill the bags with dust to place around the trampoline or can use the garbage bags at your home.

Doing so will put a lot of weight on the legs of your trampoline, inhibiting them from leaving their place no matter how intense the wind is. For securing the trampoline perfectly, you are going to need a lot of these bags and too heavy ones.

Keep a heavy weight on the trampoline

Although this method can be a bit risky, and it can probably damage your trampoline’s mat, too, the chances of damage are significantly less. Keeping your trampoline’s weight limit in mind, prepare a heavyweight using all the random products at your house. Now, place the weight over your trampoline.

This will significantly increase the weight of your trampoline, and the chances of it blowing away with the wind will reduce considerably.

You can also tie a large number of heavy ropes to each other and make a trap. Placing the web you’ve made on the trampoline will also inhibit it from going along the wind. But this will take a lot of effort and time.

Use Wind Stakes

Another effective method for securing your trampoline to the ground is to use wind stakes. You can get these wind stakes quickly from any hardware shop or trampoline repair shop. The stakes are a lot different from anchors as they come in two variant shapes: U and J.

All you need to do is to use these stakes to secure the legs of your trampoline to the ground. Once the legs are tied, insert these stakes into the ground. You can easily dig them deep into the ground as they are generally large and around 10 to 14 inches in length.

The wind stakes come in a set of 8 usually. For securing each W or U-shaped leg of your trampoline, you get to use two stakes. Make sure to insert the stakes properly into the ground, so they keep the trampoline in place when a wind storm comes.

Move the trampoline inside

The last method that will work out in all conditions is to move your trampoline inside. This method does involve a lot of physical work and is only applicable if you have enough space within your home.

On the other hand, if your home is small and compact and you know that the windy season is here, it’s better to disassemble the jumping trampoline and secure it into a box if you want your trampoline to be long last.

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