How To Keep Birds Off My Trampoline?

When you keep your trampoline in the backyard, your kids and birds will come to it. When you install a trampoline in your yard, birds start coming over it and pooping there. This is the most disgusting feeling.

Fortunately, you can now do many things to keep birds off your trampoline. Numerous practices can help you shove the birds away from the trampoline.

I have owned a trampoline for multiple years, and at this point, I have faced and fixed all the issues you can think of.

Dealing with birds was one such problem I found the most frustrating. With time, practice, and failures, I finally came up with techniques to keep birds off my trampoline.

Keep reading this article to discover some valuable ways to keep the birds far off your trampoline.

Method #1: Covering up the Trampoline

Birds develop habits pretty quickly, and once they start coming over your trampoline, there is no turning back. In fact, with time, more and more birds will start landing on your trampoline’s mat. The easiest way to prevent them from landing on your trampoline is to cover it.

If possible, put a tarp on top of the cover so the birds find no use in staying there and leave. Many trampolines come with their covers.

Another thing you can do to prevent birds from coming over the trampoline surface entirely is to keep the cover on your trampoline permanently. Take off the cover only when you want to use it.

One thing to beware of here is to use a cover that perfectly fits your trampoline. If you cover one side of the trampoline, leaving others uncovered, there will be no use. The birds will start landing on the revealed area, ruining your trampoline.

Method #2: Using Fake Predators

Predators, including snakes, owls, etc., are something birds fear the most. You can also shoo the birds away by placing a fake predator over your trampoline’s surface. Get a plastic hawk, snake, or owl from the market and keep it on your trampoline.

Ensure to keep changing the position of these unreal predators so birds find them authentic. In no time, they will start considering the plastic creatures a real threat. They won’t dare to come over to your trampoline after that.

Method #3: Using Sound Repellers

Another thing you can use to scare birds and make them stay away from your trampoline is using sound repellers. They generally emit an ultrasonic sound that fears the birds keeping them away from the trampoline surface.

You can place the repeller near your trampoline so that it doesn’t disturb you or other people. Before placing the repeller on your trampoline, beware that it can also scare your pet. Keep your pets away from the device while you place it over the trampoline surface.

Though this method won’t scare off all the birds, it’s likely to affect most of them.

Method #4: Using Cable Ties

Mounting cable ties on your trampoline is another effective way of keeping the birds away. While mounting these ties over your trampoline’s surface, ensure that the sharp ends are facing upwards.

The birds will find it hard to perch because of these sharp ends and eventually fly away.

Method #5: Using Spikes

You can also use the bird spikes to shove birds away from the trampoline. Due to the pointed edges of these spikes, birds won’t be able to land on the trampoline surface.

When getting spikes, ensure not to get the rusty spikes as they can hurt the birds.

To properly secure the spikes to the trampoline’s surface, you can use glue or zip ties. Another thing to take care of while putting spikes on your trampoline is to put a net around it.

Though most trampolines come with a safety net enclosure these days.

If yours doesn’t, surround it from the net and then put spikes. This way, your kids won’t get hurt.

Method #6: Creating Shiny & Reflective Surfaces

Birds can’t handle shiny surfaces well and usually get puzzled. That’s why wrapping your trampoline with shiny, reflective scare tape can help ward off them.

You can use tin foil for this purpose too. But there come a lot of cons with using tin foil, including its inability to stick to the trampoline properly.

Additionally, the tin foil cannot bear harsh weather conditions that well. Conversely, using reflective discs is another good option.

They can distract the birds inhibiting them from reaching the trampoline surface. Placement of the discs plays an integral part in this case, and you need to place them at a place where the light hits them directly.

How to Remove Bird Poop From Trampoline?

Even if trying all the possible tips and tricks, you still find bird poop on your trampoline; there is no need to fret. Some simple ways to get rid of the bird poop off your trampoline surface.

  • Firstly, wait till the bird poop dries out to remove it properly.
  • Put on a mask and get gloves on. Scrape off all the large chunks of the bird.
  • Place all the taken-off bird poop into a bag so you can dispose of it later. Avoid accumulating feces on the grass, as this can affect your child’s health.
  • Use the pressure washer (if you have one) and wash down all the affected areas on the safety net and the mat.
  • Unlike what some people believe, you don’t need to disassemble the trampoline to clean the poop.
  • Take the help of a soft soapy sponge to clean the poop from the net and mat if you don’t have a pressure washer.
  • Dip the sponge in a soap mixture and wipe off the poop from the mat and the net.
  • Using the sponge, rub the trampoline in a circular motion.
  • Keep on rubbing it till the trampoline surface appears all clean. Rinse with water.
  • Leave the trampoline surface as is, so it dries out, and let your kids enjoy jumping on the trampoline surface.

“Prevention is better than cure” is indeed a great saying. It truly fits this situation as instead of going through the frustrating cleaning process, keeping your trampoline safe from the beginning is better. If you haven’t yet applied the tips for keeping birds away from the trampoline, do it immediately before it’s too late!