How to Measure a Trampoline for a Net?

Trampolines are widely used to enjoy fun and exciting moments with family and make new memories to cherish forever. These trampolines come in different types, shapes, and styles. The purpose for buying trampolines also varies from one person to the other.

Although most people still buy them to spend quality time with their family, a small proportion of people consider buying them to make them a part of their fitness regimen.

Regardless of your reason for buying a trampoline, one thing that remains constant in all the users is the wish for a good quality bounce. This also depends on the shape you are going for. For instance, a square trampoline provides a higher bounce than a rectangular or oval trampoline.

Though most adults and seniors try their best not to jump too high on the trampoline and beware of their safety, some kids and teenagers often flip carelessly over it.

This can sometimes cause them to fall from the trampolines, eventually causing injuries to the head and spine. To save these kids and teenagers from these disastrous situations, you can get safety enclosure nets for your trampolines. Some trampolines come with these nets, but for others that don’t, you have to pay some extra bucks and get those nets.

How to measure for a replacement trampoline net?

Before you get a trampoline net or replace your previous net with a new one, it’s crucial to measure your trampoline properly. Here are some easy steps to measure your trampoline correctly to get the right net for yourself.

Measuring a Round Trampoline

The first trampoline I am going to talk about here is the round trampoline. This is one of the most widely used trampoline shapes, and surprisingly most people think that round is the only shape available in trampolines.

If you own a round trampoline and want to get a safety enclosure net for it or replace your existing network with a new one, you first need to determine its diameter. There is no use in measuring the mat in this case. Follow the steps below for the right measurement.

  • Of all the sides of your round trampoline, choose anyone.
  • Using a measuring tape, start measuring from your selected side and measure all around the trampoline.
  • Once you measure the diameter along one side, repeat the process on the other.
  • Now is the time to get your math knowledge to use. Take out the average size of the trampoline using both the diameter readings and determine the right size of your trampoline.

Info: As the frame of the trampoline can get damaged or bent over time, taking an average will help you find the closest diameter to the actual one.

Measuring a Rectangular & Square Trampoline

If you are a fan of higher bounce and want the most even and comfiest bouncing experience, you must own a square or rectangular trampoline. Here is what you need to do to measure a rectangular trampoline rightly.

  • Take a measuring tape and choose either of the two short sides of your trampoline.
  • Measure the selected side first, and once done, repeat the same procedure on the other side.
  • Both these measurements need to be the same.
  • Now is the time to measure the longer sides.
  • Like before, choose any one of the two longer sides. Measure the selected one first and repeat the same on the other side.
  • Both the long sides should be identical.
  • Using your basic math knowledge, determine the overall area of your rectangular trampoline using all the measurements.

Measuring an Oval Trampoline

The last shape you need to measure here is oval. Like the round shape, this one is also more on the sturdier side and provides moderate level bounce.

  • Pay heed to all the steps mentioned below to measure your oval trampoline correctly.
  • Take out your measuring tape and measure the shorter side of the oval trampoline.
  • To measure the side correctly, keep the tape at its greatest width.
  • Once done, it’s time to move to the longer side. Measure this side along the greatest width too.
  • Doing all the necessary calculations, you can now easily determine the overall measurement of your oval trampoline.

Although measuring the trampoline is the most crucial part of selecting a safety enclosure net for your trampoline, this is not the only thing that will suffice you in getting the net. This process is lined by some other steps too.

The first is measuring the trampoline, as we have done in this guide. This is then followed by determining the style of poles on your trampoline. Like trampolines, poles also come in various styles.

They can be Straight, Straight curved, Arched, Curved, and Enclosure with top rings. Once you determine their size, move towards the next step, counting the number of poles on your trampoline.

I hope all these steps will help you get the right and best-suited safety net for your trampoline. Best of Luck!

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