How To Move a Trampoline Without Taking It Apart?

Many people think of disassembling a trampoline before moving it. However, this may ruin the trampoline. The question arises about how to move a trampoline without taking it apart.
Trampolines allow people to jump on the bed in their backyard. Moving a trampoline is not as easy as it seems, but it’s possible. The trampoline has a handle that allows you to transport it when strapped to the top of a car. We explain in this article how to make the best of this feature and still protect your trampoline when moving.

Reasons to move the trampoline.

It is necessary to move a trampoline for several reasons. Among them are the following:


A trampoline that stays in one place for a long time causes the lawn under them to expand excessively. Moving the trampoline after a certain period might be necessary to mow the grass underneath.

Backyard renovation

If you are thinking of renovating the backyard where the trampoline is located. Your trampoline needs to be relocated for this reason.


You will also need a trampoline to relocate if you plan to relocate to a new location. Or same applies if you sell it to someone else.

Purchasing from a neighbor

Possibly, you have bought a trampoline from your neighbor or someone who lives close to you or in your home neighborhood. Which requires you to transport it to your house.

How to move a Springfree trampoline without taking it apart?

Depending on the circumstances, there may be a need to move the Springfree trampoline over a short or long distance. However, it is quite easy to transport a trampoline over a short distance as opposed to moving one over a longer distance. There are a few ways to accomplish each one of them.

Move a Springfree trampoline a short distance.

A spring-free trampoline can be moved a short distance without the need to dismantle it. Here are some ways to move it.

Using Wheels

Trampoline wheels help you move trampolines without any hassle. They are easy to remove once you’ve finished. Online trampoline stores can help you find wheels that suit your trampoline. Check your manufacturer’s package to see if they include them.

Place the wheels on the trampoline’s legs and drag them to the desired location with the help of A friend or family member. You can easily remove the trampoline’s wheels after the move is completed. If the trampoline’s wheels are attached, never jump on them.

Manually Move it

You can move trampolines without enclosure nets and poles, but you must be strong. Using your back, go under the trampoline, put your feet in the middle, and gently lift the trampoline. However, you should do this very carefully to avoid injury.

This technique won’t work on heavier trampolines. In that case, the trampoline will have to be held at an equal distance from each other by at least four men to ensure it moves safely.

Rolling it

You can also relocate a trampoline, if it is a very small trampoline, by rolling it along the ground. The most suitable trampolines for rolling are usually small oval and round trampolines. Take the enclosure net off the trampoline structure and remove the poles from the frame before you begin the process.

When rolling the trampoline, ensure the legs will not be subjected to a lot of pressure. This will cause them to bend or damage if they aren’t handled properly.

Move a Springfree trampoline a long distance

Following are some tips for moving a Springfree trampoline without taking it apart.

Use a trailer

Using a trailer is a great option for moving a trampoline over a long distance. Before starting the process, you must ensure that the trailer size is the same as your trampoline’s width.

Thus, it is time to lift the trampoline from the ground and load it onto the trailer once you have verified everything. If you want to ensure that your trampoline is secured in place, use high-quality straps.

Moreover, be careful not to drive at too high a speed when you are driving. You will want to use a moderate speed to avoid causing any damage to the trampoline.

Move it by truck

In addition to moving a trampoline without taking it apart, using a truck is another easy and convenient method of doing so. It is important to use a truck that has the capacity to carry the entire trampoline while maintaining a good amount of space.

There are some techniques in which you will need to remove the enclosure and net poles prior to setting up the trampoline and then lock it in place with straps.

Hopefully, you now know how to move a trampoline without taking it apart. As you can see, there are different techniques that you must employ if you want to relocate your trampoline. You can see the methods according to the distance and which suits you best.