How To Put Springs on a Trampoline With Or Without a Spring Tool?

Spring installation used to be done by a pro, but now it can be done by you. Learn how to Put Springs on a Trampoline With or Without a Spring Tool.

A trampoline can last long, providing loads of fun and exercise. Even so, you can use it for fun or activity throughout the year, but if you wind up your trampoline, you should know how to reinstall it. 

Spring installation can be tricky if you try installing the springs yourself. But there’s a way to do it safely, even if you don’t have a spring tool. This article shows you how to put springs on a trampoline with or without a spring tool.

Using a spring tool to attach springs to a trampoline

The power of the trampoline comes from the springs connected to the trampoline frame. Here’s how to install springs on a trampoline with a spring tool.

The sequence of installing springs

  • To make the process of attaching springs to trampolines easier, we must consider the following steps:
  • Attach all the springs to the mats when you build the trampoline structure.
  • Ensure D-rings on trampoline mats should be rounded, and frame openings should be more open.
  • Now grab a spring tool and start attaching the springs as clock numbers. First 12 o’clock, then 3, followed by 6, and last 9.
  • Continue the process by starting it near 12 o’clock. This way, you can balance the tension between the springs and mats.

Process to install springs on a trampoline using a spring tool

At first, springs are easy to put on the frame slot, but as time goes on, you will find it difficult and require additional strength. A spring tool is helpful in this situation. However, follow these step-by-step instructions for installing springs on a trampoline or a rebounder using the spring tool.

Step 1: In case the spring ends are identical, place either end into the D-ring on the mat. Pull the spring firmly into the frame slot using the spring tool.

Step 2: Ensure the hook opening is facing downward before securing it to the trampoline mat.

Step 3: Connect the trampoline spring tool to the other end. Put two fingers on either side of the shaft at the top of the T-shape.

Step 4: Trampoline springs are grasped using the hook on the shaft.

Step 5: The spring should firmly pull back to hook together once, then be inserted into the frame opening.

Step 6: As the mat tightens on the frame, wrap both hands around the spring tool and lean backward to extend the spring sufficiently.

Step 7: However, last spring was challenging. Leaving the mat for a few hours will make it easier since it will stretch over time. Therefore, take a break and return afterward to hook up the last one.

Attach springs to a trampoline without a spring tool

Rather than relying on spring tools to accomplish your work, you should consider alternatives. 

Another trampoline spring

The spring contains a hook that is more likely to capture another one. You can easily extend two springs if you hold on to both shafts, even if one is difficult. However, if you are worried about the last spring, the following tools are also helpful.


Using a screwdriver shaft, hook the spring and extend it while holding the screwdriver horizontally to the hook. Apply pressure to the screwdriver by holding the pole with either hand and hooking the spring into the frame slot.

Caulking gun

By attaching a hook to the caulking gun, squeeze the trigger to stretch the spring and hook it up to the frame slot.

Easy ways to put springs on a trampoline?

Springs for a trampoline are an essential safety feature that can help prevent injuries. Springs can be added to a trampoline in easy ways by different tools. While there are several tools available to put springs on a trampoline, there are a few tools that will simplify the process.

Through spring tool

To put spring on a trampoline, using of spring tool is one of the easiest ways. However, it comes in handy with a trampoline. This tool looks like the capital letter “T.”

How to use

  • Attach all springs to the D ring of the mat
  • Place two fingers on each side of the horizontal shaft to hold them tightly with your hand
  • Put the vertical part, which has a hook at the end to the spring attached to the mat
  • Stretch out the spring and hook it into the frame slot


  • Remember to hook up the spring in sequence, such as the first four, like 12 o’clock 3,6, and 9, to keep the tension low between the spring and mat.
  • For safety hazards, use gloves to prevent pinching on hands and fingers.
  • Eye protection is recommended if spring pops up in the air and gets into your eyes.

Through Another spring

It is the most convenient way If you need a spring tool. You can easily attach springs to the trampoline with another spring.

How to use

  • Attach the springs to the mat
  • Hook it up with spring
  • Stretch out and place the spring into the frame slot


  • Use gloves to prevent pinching
  • Eye protection is a must to avoid pop-up spring
  • Get an extra spare spring for the last spring hook.


We’ve explained how to put springs on a trampoline with or without a spring tool. It requires a few steps to complete this task. Anyhow, be careful and ensure it’s done correctly.