How to Remove Lichen From Trampoline Net?

As much as it’s hard to find the right trampoline for yourself, its maintenance is equally hard too. To make your trampoline last long and increase its durability, it’s essential to keep it clean. For this, it’s crucial to give a read to this guide on how to remove lichen from trampoline net. If you’ve not cleaned your trampoline for a long time and it has stayed as is during a warm moisture season, you will most likely see lichen growth over it.

It is quite common to see a green growth on your trampoline surface, especially its net. Just a little carelessness in maintaining your trampoline, and boom! Algae, mosses, and other green growths will find a new home for themselves.

Wash the mat and net with water to remove lichen from your trampoline net. Use a liquid trampoline soap or detergent and rinse the lichens using a soft brush. Once done, rinse the trampoline surface thoroughly with water.

I have elaborated the entire process of getting rid of lichens for you.

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Step#1: Preparing the Trampoline

To prepare your trampoline to bear a thorough cleaning process, clean its entire surface. You can use an old piece of cloth or any other fabric, and it’s better to wear a mask and gloves before moving on to the cleaning part.

To ensure that no such growth has happened anywhere else on the trampoline, it’s better to clean the entire trampoline. Start with removing the padding around the trampoline. This way, you can easily turn the mat over and examine it properly.

Till the mat to see what’s beneath it and look at its underside. You can also take someone’s help lifting the trampoline and tilting it so you can clean it properly.

Once you’ve looked at all the trampoline parts and have an idea of what needs cleaning, you can proceed to the next step.

Step #2: Cleaning the Mat

The first part of cleaning is the mat. Use a hose or a water bucket to rinse the entire mat surface. Climb the mat and ensure that you wear old clothes, as this process can ruin them. Begin the cleaning process from an area far from the net entrance.

Use a pressure cleaner (if you have one) for cleaning the mat, or you can just elbow grease it. Use a specialized trampoline soap or a detergent to clean the mat. A vinegar solution in diluted form can also be used for the cleaning process.

Never use bleach to clean the mat surface, as this can damage certain parts made from plastic. Clean the mat using either a nail brush or a soft brush but ensure that the brush size is a little big. Avoid using a wired brush as it can damage the mat surface.

Step #3: Cleaning the Net

For cleaning the safety net, it’s better to use a pressure washer. The water will go straight through the mesh.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, use the soft-bristled brush. You may need a ladder to reach the top part of the safety net. Get the one you found with your trampoline in use. Enjoy the cleaning process while it lasts.

Playing music on the side as you clean is also something to make the cleaning more fun and exciting. Another effective method for removing any accumulated dust from the net or lichen from its surface is using the clean steam method.

Steam cleaning is a little expensive and cannot be done easily by beginners. It may also require you to disassemble the trampoline. So, getting help from a professional is better if you consider this method.

Step #4: Finishing Up the Cleaning Process

Once you clean all the trampoline parts thoroughly, it’s time to rinse it all off. Use a garden hose or a water bucket to rinse everything well. Use water generously, so no detergent or soap particle is left on the trampoline. Let the trampoline air dry, or use a towel to get rid of excess water from its surface.

Can you put a trampoline net in the washing machine?

No, you can’t put your trampoline net in a washing machine for cleaning. It’s because trampoline nets are not too robust and can tear up easily if you put them in the machine. Moreover, there is no surety that all the green growths and lichens will be removed successfully in the washing machine. You also need to detach the net from the trampoline to be able to put it in the machine. So, it’s not a convenient option and can cause immense damage to the net.

That’s all about cleaning the net and removing lichen from its surface. Though cleaning is fun and is good for making your trampoline last long, it’s always better to do the cleaning often. This will prevent the lichen growth from happening on the surface of your trampoline, thus increasing its life span.