How To Winterize a Trampoline?

Millions of people trust trampolines to add fun and joy to their lives. Usually, users enjoy having fun moments with their friends and family members. Conversely, this is possible primarily during summer if winter is not the best time for trampolines.

If you own a trampoline for a long duration, you must know that they need a lot of care and production during the cold seasons.

Winterizing is one method to keep the trampolines safe and protected in colder weather. If you are a beginner and have heard this term for the first time, I am here to elaborate on it for you.

What is the meaning of winterizing?

Winterizing is the process that is generally used for protecting your garden, home, and other possessions during winters. This procedure is not just limited to homes, gardens, swimming pools, or automobiles; you must also secure your playing instruments.

Trampolines are one of the things that need to be winterized. This will increase their life span and save you from the struggle of cleaning the entire mat, frame, and all components of your trampoline during all seasons.

Steps for Winterizing Trampolines

Here is a quick method for you if you are interested in winterizing your trampolines too.

Anchor the Trampoline to the Ground

It doesn’t matter what the weight of your trampoline is; whether your trampoline is heavy-duty or lightweight; it is most likely to flow with the air during a wind storm, especially if it is kept out in the backyard.

This blowing away with the air can cause noticeable damage to your trampoline, and you probably won’t be able to use it again.

For this, anchoring works best. You can either use a tie-down kit made for this purpose or try out some other method. In the tie-down kit, you will get straps, stakes, and other accessories needed to anchor the trampoline to the ground. You can buy a kit according to the size of your trampoline.

Although anchoring the trampoline is an effective method to keep it grounded during heavy rainfall season, it depends on the quality of your soil. If the soil is too sandy, anchoring won’t serve the purpose, and you have to use sandbags in this case.

Use a cover

Once you’ve anchored the trampoline firmly, it’s equally important to cover it. Usually, waterproof and heavy-duty covers are used for this purpose as they can surely keep your trampoline away from dust, snow, and other weather conditions.

While putting a cover on your trampoline, don’t forget to snug and secure it properly from all sides.

You can also get a trampoline cover from the market based on the size of your trampoline. These covers usually come with a drainage hole, so the rainwater doesn’t accumulate on them. Ensure to keep a check on the trampoline and sweep the snow or water off it quite often.

How much snow can a trampoline hold?

Winters are not the best for your trampolines as a lot of snow can accumulate on them, making them unusable for the entire season. Although trampolines can hold a good amount of snow without any damage, snow is still pretty devastating for it if not cleaned on time.

The effects of snow on a trampoline also vary depending on your area of residence. If you belong to a region where heavy snowfall is super common, it can be damaging to your trampoline and can even cause it to break.

If a lot of snow collects over the surface of your trampoline, this can lead to springs losing their elasticity. Conversely, if you reside in an area where the snowfall is not too heavy, there are fewer chances of it getting ruined. But regardless of the region, it is crucial to maintain your trampoline correctly, so it stays with you longer.

How to Protect your Trampoline from Snow?

Here are some things you can do to prevent any damage to your trampoline and protect it from snow.

  • Brush the snow off your trampoline
  • Disassemble the components of the trampoline and store them in a safe place
  • Use trampoline covers
  • Avoid keeping any heavy material for the support over the trampoline covers.
  • Keep a check on the trampolines for continuous cleaning

It’s not wise to let the fear of snow ruining your trampoline take over you and stop your children & kids from having fun during the winters. Instead, you can take all the necessary precautions and let your children enjoy all they want.

Another thing you can do not to keep your children deprived of all the fun on the trampolines is to buy a high-quality, weather-resistant, durable trampoline.

Though these trampolines are a little expensive compared to others, they will still save you from spending money on the maintenance of trampolines later on.

So, don’t miss out on the fun and do everything you can to keep your trampolines safe.

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