Is Jumping On a Trampoline Bad For Your Back?

When it comes to whether a trampoline is terrible for your back or not, there are two opinions in the general public. One part thinks that trampolines can harm the upper and middle back.

Conversely, the other group talks about its benefits for the spine and back health.

In simple words, there is no straightforward answer to this question, and you will seemingly get a reply that’s affirmative and other that’s negative.

For instance, muscle tightening will cause further damage for people suffering from herniated disc problems. In such cases, jumping on a trampoline can affect you badly.

On the contrary, there are some cases where jumping on a trampoline can provide you with relief from your back pain, e.g., if you suffer from spondylolisthesis (a disease where your ligaments and joints can’t hold your spine correctly).

To explain these answers a little better, I have made a list of all the benefits and adverse effects of a trampoline on your back health. This way, you will better understand the situation and decide which side to go for.

Pros and Cons of Jumping on a Trampoline

Here I have elaborated on some significant pros and cons of jumping on a trampoline for you.

Pros of Jumping on a Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline has many advantages and is known to be an effective method for relieving muscle and back pain. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • This causes an increase in the G-force, the gravitational force acting on your body.
  • Bouncing on the trampoline will make you experience acceleration and deceleration on every jump.
  • All the muscles in your body, i.e., 600+ in total, flex and relax one after the other, which ultimately tones your whole muscular system. Though different kinds of workouts exist that work to relax and expand specific muscles in your body, jumping on the trampoline is the only activity that targets all the muscles at once.
  • When you exercise and jump on a trampoline, your spine will be relieved from undue stress.
  • Jumping on the trampoline regularly can lead to the formation of a muscular corset. This corset will then work in supporting your spine and causes a significant reduction in the development of bone and muscle diseases.
  • For people suffering from osteochondrosis and arthrosis of the joints, bouncing on a trampoline causes a significant improvement in the blood circulation in the muscles. This then contributes to the relief of pain.
  • With regular exercising on the trampoline, the body posture improves both in adults and adolescents. It’s because joints get much more flexible, and a noticeable improvement in ligaments’ elasticity happens.
  • Jumping on a trampoline is also known to significantly reduce pain in the seventh vertebrae and lower back area.

You don’t have to jump too high on a trampoline to experience all the advantages, as even a simple bounce is packed with multiple benefits.

One thing to remember is that the higher you jump on a trampoline, the larger the G-force needed to get back to the mat. This will eventually affect all the muscles and cells in your body positively.

Cons of Jumping on a Trampoline

Cons always follow pros; if a thing has a lot of advantages, it doesn’t mean that it won’t have any disadvantages. Here are some things that lead to back pain from jumping on a trampoline.

  • You don’t possess the necessary initial skills to jump on a trampoline.
  • A lot of your jumping movements on the trampoline are improper
  • The skills to fall safely on your stomach as well as back are not possessed by you
  • A pain sensation is present in your lumber spine, or you are suffering from scoliosis
  • Some minor injury has happened to you during your initial training days
  • A lot of stress has occurred on a specific muscle group

If you don’t want to hurt your spine from jumping on a trampoline, it’s better to do a warm-up before getting on the trampoline surface. There are a couple of other exercises too that can strengthen your muscle frame.

How can you fix the backache caused by jumping on a trampoline?

If you are a heavy-weight adult and want to lose weight by commencing all the flips & tricks on a trampoline but your back constantly hurts, there are several fixes.

  • In this case, the first thing that needs to be done is to consult a physician and get your spinal cord examined adequately. This step is highly crucial for seniors and adults. Another thing you need to do is to spot the exact area where the pain happens and figure out if it’s the lower, middle, or upper back.
  • Once you complete the tests, it’s time to move to some tips to relieve the back pain. A hot shower helps with this. Ensure that the water is falling directly to the pain area. This will not only cause a significant reduction in your back pain but also relax your muscles.
  • Some low-intensity breathing exercises can also help in this regard. If possible, do this under expert guidance, as improper breathing exercises can worsen the pain.
  • As a final resort, head to a spa and get a relaxing body massage.

I hope that you have now got your answers and that the decision to get a trampoline or not has gotten more accessible for you!

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